Bzzz Buddies – Pocket Rocket Review

I got this product for review from Good Vibrations Sex Toys. The Bzzz Buddies is your basic pocket rocket, except funner!
It is cute and comes with a little story on the back. . .

This is Shivers Buzz Buddy, he comes with 4 different attachments for the “head”.

So you can see the different attachments are all made of the same plastic. They slide right on the end.

I enjoyed the smooth rounded end the best. He has pretty strong vibrations and he is totally waterproof. We used some of the other attachments for massage. I liked the one with the 1/8″ “spikes” as well! This one gave almost a tickle sensation that bordered on pain and it felt fabulous, although some may think it is a bit much! This toy is great for sensory play and nipple play.
Shiver’s is made of plastic and he has no smell or taste and he is smooth to the touch. He is compatible with water, oil, and silicone lubricants. There is only one setting thou, unfortunately. The back has a switch, and it is easily opened to insert the one AA battery that is required for power. (not included)

The Buzz Buddies toys are fun looking and collectible. They come in 4 different characters so far and they have their own web site with download-able games, polls, wallpaper and the like. I don’t know about my toy having it’s own twitter following, but whatever!
This toy is fairly small about 6″ long with 2″ being the toy on top. The toy on top does not detach. The toy top gives a nice gripper for play and my only issue was turning it off with lubrication on it…it was slippery! Since this toy is non-porous he can be shared with others…a bonus! Clean-up is a snap because he is waterproof. I used some anti-bacterial soap and water and he was good to go.
This toy is a bit loud…like can be heard through a door loud! It is not discreet looking either. I don’t know what a couple would think of us if I pulled this out to play on a “date”. I love this toy for massage and foreplay and I think it would make a cute gift!
The Shiver’s Buzz Buddy can be purchased here from Good Vibrations. It is an nice option for a pocket rocket and about the same price as the other “boring” looking ones I found.

I received this product free of charge from Good Vibrations in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. This review is compliant with FTC guidelines.


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