Busy week

This week Miguel and I have been pretty busy playing with others….and ourselves.  We had a hot night out with the single guy who has the hot tub, and (Oh Shit!) he included a sexy playmate of his own.
It was a good thing too cuz once again I drank…
…..to much……
……..and couldn’t stay too long to play.
We did get some great action in the hot tub and super hot pics.
….unfortunately the guy hasn’t forwarded me the good pics yet.  As soon as I get them I will pass them on to you…
Tonight we have a date with a single guy.  This is a date I previously ruined with too much vodka, (yea I have a slow learning curve).  I am anxious to redeem myself.
Ready can’t wait to see him and I’ve been in the gutter all day thinking about the stuff him and Miguel will do to me tonight.
Should be a hot night!
I will have some sexy stuff to blog about tomorrow and enough time to do it too, unlike the craziness that has been happening this week.  I wanna take my time and give you all the juicy details.
Until then…..


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