“Angel in Devil’s Clothing”

Well I guess some of you have noticed that I always post something by Sunday night about what happened when we went out on Saturday night…..I didn’t this week only because I knew I had a whole extra day this weekend.
Yeah for an extra day on the weekend!
We need more of these 3 day weekends to make up for all the crap we deal with during the week.
Can I get a “Hell Yeah!”?
Saturday night we got to the club waay tooo early! Miguel and I went for a long ass bike ride early Satuday morning,
soooo some of us were too sore to dance….sucky!
We ran into the “hot tamale” couple from a few weekends ago and made plans for the first weekend in March. If everything goes as planned I get to break my new toys in and use some of hers, too
….and we will get pictures of the whole thing! This couple is not shy at all, and sexy as hell!
Just read the post I put up about them if you missed it…. hot tamale
The newbie couple that we met last weekend made it up to the club too. They are so hot! She came in wearing this black net shirt with only tape covering her nipples, a little skirt, and devils horns. (It was angels and devils theme night) He looked really nice too and he smelled good. We chatted with them for a while and had a few drinks before we headed next door to the lodging.
Somehow, Miguel and I got there first, or maybe we weren’t sure they were ready to follow us…..Miguel and I played a bit in the dungeon, then we decided to find a room.¬† They were in the hallway looking for us, so we got a room together…..
We turned the lights down low and we all got naked. They were a bit younger then us and had nice firm bodies. She was a “10″ fully naked with smallish tits, but perfect little areolas. He had a nice body too and a pretty good sized cock. Miguel and I got right to fucking, with him standing at the edge of the bed and me laying back. They started out doggie style on one side and Miguel and I on the other side with our heads meeting in the middle. Somehow I got turned to the foot end of the bed but this gave me a great view of the two of them going at it.
We hadn’t really discussed boundaries with this couple so I let her make the first move and she kissed me…..

She had a sweet little mouth and her kisses gave me chills everywhere…

She eagerly grabbed at my breasts and so I did hers. At this point the guys switched and her man ate my pussy while Miguel went to licking and fingering hers. I reached my hand around to play with her clit and she played with mine. It was a hot night! They did not seem nervous or shy, and I hope they enjoyed their first swinging experience with us. Since we did not discuss boundaries there was no penis penetration from either of the guys but I know both of us girls got off real good with manual manipulation. When the guys switched back we all got a good fuck and they both came real good.

That was pretty much the extent of my action this weekend with the exception of some afternoon delight while the babies took a nap today.

Just as we got the kids to sleep last night, some idiot kids tried to break in my porch. Calling the police and waiting for them to show up took almost two hours…..a very effective cock block. DAMN IT!

The day just goes better when I get some dick the night before, ya know!
Oh well! Here’s hoping that Miguel and I can start the work/school week off right tonight

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