Anatomy Review

Seems that Miguel and I are getting popular. Today I got out of clinicals early. Miguel texted me and asked if I wanna play tonight. He said he would try to find something for us to do when he got home from work. He agreed to do all the “shopping” from now on since I hate it so much. A single guy that we have previously played with texted me and asked if we had plans thanksgiving night, and we don’t yet. I have been trying to hook up with this guy again for about a month and so I was glad to hear he finally made some time for me. We have played with him before and it was soooo good!

A different guy that is recently single (we had a soft swap with him and his ex a while back) texted me today and asked for Miguel’s number. He asked if we might be interested in him as a single guy…….yes of course! I am pretty picky, so this is just really lucky for us that we already know these guys. They have already been screened by both me and Miguel and are worthy of seconds, lol! The recently single guy is supposed to be coming over tonight….


(the next day)…..Well, that didn’t go as well as I had hoped. Sometimes things just don’t click I guess. He was too thin, too many tattoos, didn’t want pictures, had bad breath, and didn’t give me head. I don’t know it wasn’t so hot.  I played my part right. He was a little shy, so I got naked and kissed him. I helped him undress. While he was playing with my pussy he did something that totally turned me off, he spit on my pussy.

What? Yea, he really did that! It wasn’t hot like you might see in a porn either, it was just wrong. I am not 45! I get wet all on my own. Use your tongue, big dawg! I asked him, “What the hell was that? Did you just spit on me?” And he didn’t even touch my clit. He was down there manually playing for like 15 minutes and managed to avoid it the whole time! You got to know the anatomy of a female. Guys (and girls too!), there is a little button at the top of the labia, just underneath the folds, that when manipulated properly will drive a woman to ecstasy. It swells a little when you get her hot, and it is pretty sensitive. It may even turn reddish, and it will probably cause her to get extremely wet. You don’t need spit if you hit the button right! I am a bit naïve and just assume any guy who would call himself a swinger would know what gets a girl off. My bad!


Thank God for Miguel! He saved the night for me. I looked at him after the guy left, and he knew right what to do. He pulled his shorts off and I stripped down again. I went to suck his cock and lick his balls and he assured me that it would get hard on its own. I knew that but I really wanted the taste of his pre-cum in my mouth when he fucked me. He grabbed my vibrating bullet and handed it to me, and I laid back to get myself off. He laid down the opposite of me, so that our bodies made a “T” with him hitting me from under my legs. Then he helped support my one leg so he can gain a better view to his cock sticking me while I played with my clit. He has never cum in that position but I have, over and over. Just knowing that he is watching, is helping me to get me off all over his cock. I got off good too. When I was quivering I pulled the vibrator away, he knew it was his turn. He put my legs on his shoulders and grinds into my wet snatch. It didn’t take him long to cum last night as I had played with his cock a lot before and after our visitor was here.

So the night was not a total waste. Sometimes I wonder why we bother to swing at all when things are so good between us. I know it is because most of the time, it is really a good time.

Good thing we are not quitters…. We got a unicorn coming over tonight! I promise to give you all the juicy details.

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