Adventurous Play

There is something so thrilling about anonymous sex.

One night when we were at the club, Miguel got really adventurous. I was wearing my little black dress, which usually gets me a lot of attention. It was so packed that night, the club was really full. Miguel knew we had to get a room early if we wanted to play. So after mingling for a little bit, he took me into one of the rooms and had me undress and put on a blindfold. He told me in a stern voice to be a good girl and keep the blindfold on and to wait for him to come back, then he left the room. He was gone for a while and I took the blindfold off, and got my dress back on. Miguel was very disappointed when he got back and promised to punish me for not following directions. Miguel is definitely the dominate in our relationship and I love it. It turns me on so much when he does this.

So I took the dress off and put the blindfold back on. He smacked my ass in a playful manner and said I would now get my punishment. He then handcuffed me, had me lay down, and told me to keep my hands above my head. He then played with my tits and pussy. I was so wet and he told me that I was such a bad girl, I deserved to get punished with some big black cock. Then I heard the door open. Miguel was definitely sitting beside me. He told me to turn the other way and open my mouth for a big cock. He told me to suck it good and get it hard. I did too, I tried to give that cock my full attention as I felt other hands play with my ass and pussy and pull my legs apart to get me into position. I heard the unmistakable sound of a condom being put on, and then it mounted me. The first cock was nice and wide and fucked me fast and hard. I was moaning with a cock in my mouth as Miguel whispered in my ear what a bad girl I was, about to be fucked by a few big black guys. There was lots of sounds in the room and I felt the mattress being shifted as people moved around me. I was mounted by a few black guys and Miguel took his turn in my mouth before it was all done. I layed there with my blindfold on and my hands bound above my head in the handcuffs. At some point Miguel released my hands and told me to feel the guys muscles as he fucked me, which I did. I even reached around and felt and pulled his ass towards me as he fucked me.

When the last guy was through, and thoroughly spent, Miguel took the blindfold off. The scene was chaos in the bedroom. Miguel sat beside me still fully dressed. To the right of me lay a guy with a woman sucking him off and another licking her pussy. There was another guy sitting in the chair enjoying the scene. I got dressed and went to go get cleaned up a bit in the bathroom. When I came out Miguel reminded me that he had not cum yet and we headed home for more sex. Miguel verbalized the whole scene to me as he fucked me at home. It was another great night…

I don’t know who those guys were that night, but they really rocked me.

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  1. Big Daddy! says:

    She’s been bad lately; punishment to be repeated soon!!

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