topTop Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted over at TheBrokeandBrookish.

This week we are talking about the authors we have read the most.

1) Anne Rice- 23 books (the last one is a trilogy)

2) Stephen King-11 books

3) Randy Wayne White- 8 books

4) J.K. Rowling- 7 books

5) R.A. Salvatore- 6 books

6) Clive Barker- 4 books

7) Orson Scott Card- 3 books

8) Suzanne Collins- 3 books

9) Marissa Meyer- 3 books

 10) M. Peirce- 3 books

Some authors that should be on this list I read so long ago I can’t remember which of their books I had read, just that if it had their name on it, I read it (Dean Koontz, Kevin J. Anderson, Roger MacBride Allen and a few others).

I went through a Star Wars faze and read all the books I could find about the Star Wars Universe. Don’t judge me!

Can’t wait to see your lists. Have you read any authors on my list?

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