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Hot night at home

Last night we had a unicorn over. The sexy Latin girl I was telling you about from last Saturday, she came over and made our night awesome. Miguel suggested I wear a mini skirt with no panties and a black top. Being the good submissive I am I was happy to oblige.  We invited her in our private entrance...

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An Invitation

Posted by BlueKaren | Posted in Blog Post, exhibitionism, video, voyeurism, webcam | Posted on 30-11-2011

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Jopen Intensity

Posted by BlueKaren | Posted in Blog Post, Contest, toys, vibrators, video, website, win | Posted on 23-11-2011

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The anticipation builds as this state of the art toy comes out in time for black Friday, or more appropriately, cyber Monday! This toy has been talked about for months! The story behind it is it was designed to help pelvic floor muscles in women. The women all reported having the most intense orgasms from the product, as a side effect. They tweaked the design a bit and the Jopen Intensity was born!

I absolutely want one of these. I almost have to have one to see it for myself! The Jopen site says this about the Intensity:

  • The first easy-to-use kegel exerciser that automatically strengthens and tones the pelvic muscles responsible for intensifying orgasms
  • Five incremental speeds of electro stimulation
  • Inflation pump operates with a gentle squeeze and deflates with quick air release valve
  • Includes Electrode Gel to intensify the electro stimulation
  • Dual Stimulating Contacts enhance pelvic contractions
  • Highest grade Safe and Pure silicone
  • State-of-the-art LED indicator with easy on/off button
  • Created, designed, tested, perfected and manufactured 100% in the USA
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries
  • Patents Pending

Intrigued? I know I am!This toy retails for $249.99! It has to be the best toy ever at that price! You can read more about Intensity and register for updates and the chance to win one for yourself here. The newsletter I just got says they have shipped out the fist ones to hit retail stores already.

I really, really have to see if this toy lives up to all the hype. This toy has been rumored about since 2009!






Stores I know are planning to have this toy available are:

NiteTimeToys (they also include a $75 bonus bundle)

FunWares (check out the price!)


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Eyz Wide Shut

Posted by BlueKaren | Posted in BDSM, Blog Post, lifestyle, swinger club, video, website | Posted on 22-09-2011

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Hey Lovelies!

I just had to share with you about my favorite club! Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, Fl is hosting a fetish party this Saturday. It is also Member appreciation night so members get in for $40! It is usually $60 or you have to be there before 9pm so this is a good deal.

I just realized that many of you have probably never seen the inside of this club. Maybe you are on the fence about a swinger club. Maybe you live to far away but are looking for the perfect anonymous city to get your freak on! This is a clip from the Eyz Wide Shut site about the club. It shows everything, (except my scantly covered ass playing there!).

If you decide to go, be sure to tell them Karen Blue sent you!

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Feeldoe -Review

Posted by BlueKaren | Posted in Blog Post, recommended, Reviews, toys, vibrators, video, website | Posted on 17-09-2011

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I got the Feeldoe Slim from Babeland. I was looking for something like the Share from FunFactory that I own currently. I wanted a toy like that, that was more comfortable. The Share is a bit heavy for me. The Share actually weighs about 1.5 lbs and the Feeldoe weighs only 1 lbs.  The Feeldoe delivered something that was not just more comfortable, but also had a bonus for the wearer. The bonus is the ridges and the vibrating bullet. It creates a wonderful buzzy sensation to the clitoris to go with the full feeling of the Feeldoe.

The Feeldoe is a total of 16″ of medical grade, body safe silicone. It is a double dildo, minus the harness. It is worn by inserting the bulb-like end which is about 3.5″ in insertable length. You hold it in by tightening your kegal muscles on the small end, and the dildo sticks out another 6.5″.  The shaft has a bit of a curve and is good for g-spot or prostate stimulation. It has a 2.5″ removal bullet that goes into the bottom and helps to vibrate the clit ridges for the wearer. It does work and it is very comfortable. I really enjoyed how it felt when I leaned in real close to the receiving person because it pushed the ridges and they rocked on my clit. The great thing about this toy is it’s versatility. It can be used anally on a male to perform double penetration. It can be used solo for double penetration and it can also be used by a woman on a woman, and they both get stimulation. Feeldoe was made by a woman, for a woman. It is the first of this kind of double dildo to hit the market. Tantus now offers a whole line of doubled-ended dildos that work similar to the Feeldoe Slim.

Silicone is such a great material for this type of dildo because it is easy to care for and clean. This toy can be boiled for 3-5 mins (once the vibrator is removed). It can be cleaned with soap and water or any sex toy cleaner. The silicone is a bit tacky so it will probably rinsing at least prior to usage. It tends to pick up any hair or lint that it can find. Since it is silicone I only use water-based lubrication. The vibrator is a small silver bullet about 2.5″ in length that goes into a small hole.  It is a pretty tight fit and did not threaten to fall out during play. It looks like it has a waterproof band where it unscrews but I haven’t yet submerged it in water. The vibrator takes 3 watch batteries. The hole seemed standard enough that if the vibrator died finding a replacement would not be that difficult.










Babeland carries this toy for only $115. It is a quality toy that is made to last a very long time!


I received this product from Babeland free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.



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Papaya Toys

Posted by BlueKaren | Posted in Blog Post, recommended, toys, vibrators, video | Posted on 20-08-2011

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I just posted a new video on YouTube

Check out why I love this new line of toys. Please share!

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Swinger Bracelets?

Posted by BlueKaren | Posted in Blog Post, lifestyle, musing, video | Posted on 29-05-2011

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I found these on the internet a few weeks ago. Swinger Wristbands The site gives out some advice on swinging and a definition for the 9 different color plastic bracelets they offer.

7946437 spells out the word “SWINGER”

All of the bracelets have the 7946437 digits on them. Anyways, I talked to the lady at the company that makes them and she offered to send me some at no cost. I haven’t seen anyone wearing them but…..I kinda like the idea. This video is a little experiment…let me know if you want more posts like this.

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