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Sexy Swap

This weekend we only went out on Saturday night. The crowd at the club was pretty thin for a while and then it slowly picked up. Here is what I remember: A lecture on the way there about not leaving Miguel hanging with a couple. Apparently, I have a bad habit of meeting a couple, taking them over to meet Miguel, and then disappearing. Miguel saying we should talk to a sexy couple across the room. We have talked to them before and I left him hanging. Oh, and I did that with another couple last weekend (I vaguely remember that). Here’s the thing, I really hate cling-on couples. We are at a swinger club, I shouldn’t have to hold your hand all night and introduce you to everybody. I drop a hint to let you know I am interested. If you are ready to go when we are, great! If not call us…here’s our card. I know a lot of people and I love talking to everyone. Plus, I am a smoker, so if I disappear, I am probably engaged in conversation outside.

I don’t know, maybe I am no good at this thing.

Anyways, there was a couple we have tried to hook-up with a month or so ago there at the club. They choose us, and they were very sexy in their pursuit. I really liked this couple. We tried to hook up but mother nature reared her ugly fucking head right in the middle of everything, so I backed out. Awkward! I was pretty lit and probably didn’t handle it so well. Miguel was kinda pissed, he said it seemed like I didn’t like them. A few weeks ago I saw them at the club and I apologized. I didn’t expect to be forgiven right away so we didn’t even try to hook-up that night. They said it was cool and they figured as much, so I left it alone.

Fast forward to Saturday night. We see the couple, they smoke so we have lots of chances to chat. They seem like they are still interested. When it comes time to go play, we can’t find them. So we head over to the lodging without them. We went to “Lover’s Lane” which is also known as the orgy room. I have never witnessed an orgy there. It has enough space for about 20 or more couples to play and watch, or be watched. Mostly it hosts couples getting it on in the presence of strangers. Single men are not allowed. We head into the room and there is the couple…on a four post bed already fucking. We walk over to watch. Miguel is rubbing my pussy threw my jeans. They see us standing there. She gets on her knees and starts to suck his cock. She mumbles something about us still being dressed so we both take off our clothes. There is plenty of room, but we ask to share the bed with them. They oblige us some space….

Let me just say here that the girl has some awesome oral skills! Miguel almost busted a nut in her mouth. I came a few times with her eating my pussy and fingering my g-spot. She had some good oral skills. I wanna give you the play-by-play of everything that happened. Miguel went down on me, while she sucked her man off. She came over and took over what Miguel was doing. Miguel fucked my face as it dangled from the bed while she ate me out. Her man played with her pussy till she told him to stop because it was distracting. They sucked and fucked, we did the same. At one point, her and I both sucked her man off. She had her hands on my clit and g-spot while Miguel tongue fucked her. She decided to suck Miguel off and I kept working on her man. She took her time and seemed to really enjoy her work. She looked so sexy sucking Miguel cock. We did not exchange partners for penetration, it was more of a soft swap. The playing went on for a long time, then Miguel came….. Miguel is so careful to rub my clit to orgasm as he fucks me. I came like gangbusters that night and I didn’t even have a toy. I was exhausted when it was over and very well spent! I wrapped a towel around myself and grabbed my clothes to go get dressed in the bathroom. I looked a hot mess. We went back to the club to have another drink and eat before heading home. Porn stars could have approached us at this point and we still would have turned them down, we were done for the night.

I fell asleep on the way home. When I did get home I merely stripped off my clothes and passed out. It was a fucking hot night. After nights like this, I am so happy to have joined the lifestyle. It is just sex. When four people come together for a common purpose and it works, it is fanominal! There just isn’t anything better!

Till next time, keep it sexy!


Birthday Spanking

Where do I begin about last night…?

So much occured that I am having a hard time putting it all into words without getting lost in the details.

Last night we went to Eyz Wide Shut to celebrate my birthday. The placed was packed with sexy people. My favorite hostess made me a beautiful “Boobie Cake”. I don’t know how she does it folks, but the cake was a pair or boobs with big nipples and margarita flavored. The hostess called me out onto the dance floor and I got a few birthday lap dances. It was a lot of fun. After the lap dance people all over the club were wishing me “happy birthday” all night. A fellow blogger showed up with her entourage and she brought me a present, nipple jewelry. It was actually some rhinestone stick-on meant to adorn my nipples. We danced, drank, and socialized so much last night! I gave out about 4 cards last night, (calling cards). Who says they don’t work? We had a call today already from one couple and we got lucky last night with this approach.


At some point we decided to go next door to the lodging. We did take a tour of the place and it was packed with people. Miguel took my hand and headed straight to the dungeon room. He wanted to make sure I got my birthday spankings…this time tied up on the St.Andrew’s Cross. I approached the cross and Miguel placed a blindfold on me. He then strapped only my arms in place allowing me to move my feet. I was wearing all black last night. A black shirt with a little black skirt and my black fishnet stockings with my black high heels. I removed my shoes and he helped me out of my skirt. Then he smacked my ass a few times before rubbing my pussy threw my black thong panties. I heard other voices at this point (the dungeon door stays open for other’s viewing pleasure). I heard Miguel ask them if they wanted to help him out and give me some birthday spankings. Then I got the birthday spanking I deserved.


Many different voices and hands caressing my buttocks one by one before smacking my ass. I lost count as each person stepped up to give me a smack. Miguel encouraging each person to smack me as hard as they could. He made sure no one showed me mercy. When they smacked me lightly, he gave them another turn to smack me. I was lost in the intense pain and pleasure as they caressed and then smacked me each in turn. A few smacks were so hard that I saw white and then the stinging pain across my bottom. After so many I thought I could take no more and I begged for mercy. Miguel undid my straps and teased that I was done with my spankings for the night. I took the blindfold off and realized that we had quite a crowd in the hallway. It looked like people were lining up to smack my ass. I put my skirt back on and hurriedly grabbed my shoes. I wanted a minute alone in the bathroom to collect myself. Once I got in the bathroom I examined my bottom in the mirror.  My ass was welted and bruised and almost bleeding in places. I was feeling humiliated and upset at Miguel for letting it get so carried away. Can anyone say “safeword”? Ya, I guess we will have to work on that now that spanking is a regular occurrence in our sex play.


It was over thou. I let Miguel know about how I felt and then we moved on….


We began to look for an open room because at this point, I was just ready for a good fuck! A couple that I had given a calling card to earlier that night was in the hallway also looking for a room. So we agreed to share one. It was so packed last night that they opened the other big common room next to the dungeon. The other common room was packed with bodies and since all the rooms were full, that left us no where else to go. The room we got was huge and it had it’s own bathroom (bonus!). We had a nice soft swap with a sexy couple before going back to the other side to say our goodbyes. I am not giving a lot of details about this since it is all a bit hazy to me at this point…..sorry! I am sure, had it not been for all the spanking to help sober me up, I would of ended up being sick!


So that was pretty much our night. Today I was suppose to take the kids for a swim. I am not really fit for a bathing suit today thou…


If you think that is bad, you should have seen it last night. It actually looks better today!



Poppin Newbie Cherry

Friday we went to meet a couple we have been talking to for almost a year.  This couple Miguel and I have both chatted with on yahoo and they are super friendly people.  I had actually gave up on an actual meeting with them for a date, thinking we would eventually run into them at some point.

Miguel set up the date, he is the scheduler after all.  I had no idea who we were going to meet, but I trust Miguel completely.  We headed out around 9:30 for a vanilla bar,  for a no-expectations meeting.  We met them at a pool-haul type bar and as soon as I glimpsed them I knew who they were.  I was relived not to have to go threw the whole thing about how many kids we have, etc.  She admitted she was a bit nervous.  Despite the fact that we had been talking for so long, they had never “played’ with another couple.   So they still had rules and everything to work out.  We sat at the bar talking for a little more than an hour,  the date was going so well.  She expressed that we ad put her at ease.  She excused herself to the ladies’ room and texted him she wanted to take us home.  This was so slick and a smart un-intrusive way to let her partner know she approved of us, really, and was not just trying to be polite….take mental notes people!

Okay, so we headed to their place.  We chatted for about another hour or so and ackwardly got to the naked part….

At this point, they pulled a “rule” out of their butts and said there would be no exchange of kissing, from the neck up.

I gotta stop at this point and mention that we did say that we go with the flow and pretty much let the mood dictate how much partner involvement will be included.  I was very disappointed that kissing would not be involved.  Yes, Miguel is a great kisser.  Yes, sex is more than just kissing.  I think it is a cornerstone to lust thou …just look at the title to my website, (kissinbluekaren)!

Other than that,  I have NO complaints about how this evening progressed!  We went into the bedroom and we each played with our own partners to set the mood.  We cautiously touch and kissed the other couple.  We did not want to overstep our bounds or make them uncomfortable.  She was so sexy, grunting and moaning as he ate her out.  She was a very vocal woman and I find that to be such a turn-on.  She was a bit petite, with nice full curves and plump breasts.  Not by any means BBW,  just the right amount of full-ness to make her seem deliciously sexy!   He was almost a foot taller than her and in great shape.   He had a really sexy smile and his cock had a nice curve to it.  It almost pointed up towards him, which made sucking a bit of a challenge,  but I bet it would have hit a g-spot without even trying!  We did not actually get to fuck them, but I am confident we will get a re-match with this couple.   In fact,  I didn’t even get to taste her puss.  I could tell by the flavor of Miguel’s mouth after some oral that her pussy was good.  This was pretty much a soft swap, with some oral play.

I take back my no complaints comment and I want to say that I wish I would have gotten a chance to do that for her.   I am so thinking about licking her pussy and clit,  just to hear her sexy noises and to get a taste of her.  Whether or not she would want to reciprocate,  I wanna do that with this sexy chic!  I know we both will enjoy it,  not to mention the guys would get a sexy show!

The next day they texted us that they had a great time and have decided to dismiss the silly “no kissing” rule.  I respect what-ever rules a couple puts into play,  but I was really looking forward to some passionate kissing, it just helps to get the ball rolling…  This makes me especially eager to meet up with them again!!

I think what happened on this night is that we smitten this couple by surprise. *patting myself on the back for putting them at ease*  They had no intention of taking us home and panicked with the kissing rule.  Really, no big deal.  I was very glad to have popped their newbie cherry!!!  We gave them a nice certification on SwingLifeStyle and I think they are gonna be so glad that they have chosen the lifestyle for their relationship. Even if they never full swap, they are so in love I know that this will only add to their passion for each other!

Sexy Dance-ing

Last night we went to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL. I love going to this place cause the clientele is so damned sexy.

Miguel and I danced a lot last night, and got some nice compliments…..he makes me look good dancing. I am so fucking Caucasian, so having my Latin lover for a dance partner is awesome!
Some thing I can barely stand is when women ask me to dance….a pet peeve of mine. Dancing with other women always feels so forced, and I feel awkward. Worst thing is when she is only doing it to please her partner, and look sexy to him….grrrr! There are lots of girls who can do this shit effortlessly and put me to shame. I dance just because I love the song, or I wanna get closer to Miguel, not to try to look sexy. Cause lets face it, dancing ain’t really the thing I am best at, lol! Maybe this seems weird? I have actually ruined hook-ups by not dancing with the ladies.
Maybe they should try harder to turn me on and ask my man to dance, now that would turn me on! This could play out for both players too cuz what swinger wouldn’t want to see his chick dancing sexy with another guy? Sex is a form of dance right, between players?? Also, watching my man dance would make me more likely to wanna look sexy for him, by dancing with you.

….I think I am really alone on this thought trail….so I am gonna leave it….

So a girl asked me to dance with her last night, a smoking hot dark skinned girl. She radiated sexy from across the room. The first time I saw this fox, I had to try to talk to her. I felt plain jane in a room full of sexy competition, but I wanted her to see me. I hoped to get a glimpse of Miguel fucking her…her man was really hot, too! I gave her a card and tried to express to her that we were interested. She was doing all the talking at the table but I complimented her man too.
This was a few weeks ago….she remembered us, and when she saw me she asked me to dance. I obliged her request and after the dance,(which really wasn’t that awkward after all), I politely told her that I do not normally do that, and why…She said she had a hall pass that night and she wanted to use it on me. But just me. Her man likes dark skinned girls, and Latino girls….(should I mention here that her man was white?). Okay so she wanted to hook up with me and made it pretty obvious all night. But I didn’t want a hook-up last night with just a woman, especially if Miguel would only be a watcher. Last night I just really wanted some cock. I am regretting this now…..I missed out on all that sexiness. We were unprepared, I had no toys to help me out. The thing that really, I think, made it a “no” for me last night, was when she mentioned that she spied the blog and she thought I could teach her a few things……OMG the pressure! I don’t handle pressure. Yes people I am a bit of sex talker, yes I have had some fucking awesome experiences, but I am not an expert or over experienced at all. Like I said, I am almost a boobs lesbian and full of insecurities when it comes to women.
I don’t know, am I a bad swinger? I know there have to be other female swingers that are with me on this. I am with a guy because I love his cock. That’s how I get off. When we swing, I am not insecure with another man. I know how to use my mouth to please. I know how to get a guy to cum, usually….women are trickier. Our anatomy is pretty specific, and I still have yet to find my own g-spot… blah, blah, blah!

Okay, so Miguel and I went over to the lodging, sans company. I wanted to play in the dungeon. This is something that really turns me on lately….mmm, being tied up!! After a momentary confusion as to where to play, we ended up in the dungeon. At first we were alone, and got to pick where we wanted to play. We choose the cross and so I took off my shoes, pants and my panties. Miguel strapped me in. First my arms, then my legs, then he rubbed my clit, and tuned me a bit so he could smack my ass, then he kissed me aggressively…..yes that did get me a little wet.
Two more couples walked in at this point. One couple got right up on the table with stirrups (like at a doctors office), the were a young bi-racial couple. The black guy mounted the blond girl as she lay back on the table. His pants around his ankles and her dress bunched up around her waist. The were fucking and smacking the shit out of each other. She was smacking his ass and face and and he was smacking her back. It almost looked painful, but they were so fucking lost in the lust of their fuck.
They were fucking like animals.
As I watched them, Miguel went to slapping my clit and pussy, which made me even wetter. The other couple sat down across from us on the bed with the straps, and just watched. We were so ready for a good fucking session after all this sexy play. Miguel grabbed me a towel to wrap around me and undid my straps, we got in the first room we could find open. I sucked his cock, realizing how much I missed sucking his cock. It has been like two weeks. I got it so deep in my throat, I wanted it completely. He had me lay in the middle of the bed and then we fucked like animals, sans all the slapping….After an exhausting, earth shattering fuck with my legs wrapped around his waist and him hammering his cock into my tight pussy, he pulled out and came on my stomach.
After we got cleaned up and went back to the club, we met some people and I got the actual invite from the sexy girl that had been pursuing me all night…but alas, we went were fucking spent. The couple we went were super nice, and we almost went next door with them, (they were newbies!!). It wouldn’t have been our best thou, at that hour. We gave them a card, referred them to the blog, and hopefully we will be seeing them soon. We are getting up too early these days to make it an all-nighter……someday we will get back to that, hopefully!
I gave Miguel an awesome blow-job in the car. His cock was so hard it was level with his abs. I wanted him to pull over and stick it in me, but he just kept on driving. I argued with him in my mind, but he won, cuz it was really late and we were both really tired…so I layed the seat back and passed out for the rest of the ride home. I am such a bitch!

Friendly Friday

This weekend we did not go to the club.
I know, WTF?  Money is kinda tight right now so we decided not to go.
We did have some fun Friday night thou….

I invited my best friend over since she had a recent break-up with her loser boyfriend of two years and it was her birthday weekend.  A single guy I know wanted to meet her, so we went over his place.  This guy is good looking, a great host, and he has a hot tub, so it didn’t take too much to talk her into it.  (I have never actually had sex with my best friend right there, and I am pretty sure this was her first swing with another couple.)  I tried not to think too much about it and I went with the flow…..had a few drinks, got naked, got in the hot tub….played with Miguel….rode to orgasm on one of the jets…..had sex with Miguel with both of them watching.
I got right up on Miguel and rode his cock in the hot tub. He was sitting in one of the corners of the tub and I fucked him like a frog.  Ahhh slippery sex with an audience, I loved it!
I am such a slut!
I noticed that they were getting to know each other better, too. I couldn’t see it cause of all the bubbles but there was definitely some manual manipulation going on under the water.
I decided we should go in the house and fuck on his king sized bed.  I sat down and sucked Miguel’s cock, not that it needed and help from me…he was rock hard and I could taste his pre-cum.  When I stopped Miguel motioned for me to lay back, so when the two of them walked in that was what they saw.  Miguel’s face buried in my pussy, and me writhing to his titillating tongue.  I heard them talking in low whispers and then the guy appeared on the bed next to me.  He was on his knees with his cock in my face and I engulfed it into my mouth.  It was difficult to concentrate with Miguel working on my pussy but I did my best to suck his cock and lick his shaft and balls.  Then I felt warm breath on my face and smelled the cigarettes on her breath as my best friend got as close as she dared to the cock I was loving with my mouth.  The guy told me later that she was extremely wet from watching me and totally ready to go after this.  He pulled his cock out of my mouth and buried his face in her pussy, just as Miguel was getting his cock ready to enter me.  When we re-positioned, he had her bent over the bed and was fucking her from behind.
Miguel and I fucked like we hadn’t had sex in a week with grinding and moaning and hunching to relieve the pressure of our stressful lives.  I got what I needed to feel whole again as he fucked me.  He had his eyes closed every time I looked at his face, the fuck face that tells me he is enjoying the feeling too much to look.  We were both getting exactly what we needed with this fuck.
I looked over again and she was fucking him while he lay on his back.  She had her knees hiked up for better leverage and she had her eyes closed, off somewhere else as she rode his cock to orgasm.  She came with a loud moan and Miguel and I climaxed together shortly thereafter.  Later the guy told me that after I left the room to get cleaned-up, he had just talked her into letting Miguel have a try.  Sexy whispering into her ear that double penetration would be so fuckin hot, and she said yes.  Miguel didn’t know, and he was spent anyways, as he walked out of the room. Missed opportunity, maybe next time…..

So that was our Friday night excitement.  We got traditional Taco bell on the way home and my best friend stayed the night with us.
Saturday and the better part of today were spent trying to get one of our vehicles fixed, and we were successful.  I feel so good that I was able to help Miguel with this endeavor.  I found time to go to the gym with all my kids in tow and I actually got some homework done.  We might have something with a single guy lined up for tonight so stayed tuned. The weekend isn’t over yet!

I have got some interesting comments on the masturbation blog and the poll. People are seriously getting off, by themselves, a hell of a lot more than I expected.  Glad to know we are all perverted and into pleasure.

The results were that most people masturbate 1-3
times a day. Shocking! Okay, maybe not so much considering the content of my blog….. I only masturbate about once a week now but when I was single it was at least once everyday.

An equal amount of people like newbie and experienced couples. I like experienced a bit more, but I have had some great newbie hook-ups so I don’t really have a preference.

And most people use AFF or SLS or “none” to hook up with new people. I would say we have used AFF for some and SLS and some we just meet at clubs. I am gonna assume my audience is about the same slutiness as me……yum!

I got some new polls up, so get your vote in.
Want more pics? How would you like daily pics? How would you feel about some pics of me suffering “jungle fever?”
Leave me a comment and tell me what you more of, (or less). If you are reading me on your kindle (thank you!) and feel free to contact me I would love to hear from you.

Hot Newbie Couple

We have been with a few newbie couples. Our main focus when we meet a new couple is to put them at ease. We don’t try to pressure people. We are in no hurry. We talk about things other than sex. Miguel and I are really social people. We talk about our kids and some of our past experiences. We keep it light, with humor. No hurry, really I am going to get laid whether it is with them or not. This is great for a newbie couple. There was a time when all we kept meeting were newbie couples. Miguel was really loving me breaking in all these new girls to how hot girl on girl can be.
This one couple we met at the club were new. I don’t even know how they got there. She was so shy and cute. A short haired blond, in a black mini-skirt. He was good looking too, but they were just looking for girl/girl action. We were so happy to oblige. After talking for a while with them, Miguel mentioned the handcuffs and blindfold. Her guy suggested that this would be great for her since she is so shy…..
Well Miguel was only happy to put his handcuffs to work. We took them in a room and put on the blindfold and handcuffs on her. She loved it! All that shyness went away. I kissed her softly at first and then with more wanting. She was juicy and I helped her out of her top. I licked all over her breasts and nibbled on her nipples. Then I traced a line to her belly button. She had goosebumps all over at this point. I got down between her legs and pulled up her skirt and pulled off her black lace panties. She was so wet already and I went to work licking her pussy, paying special attention to her clit. I got two fingers in and finger fucked her. I wasn’t there very long and she was making little sounds that told me she was really enjoying herself. Miguel was slowly working me out of my clothes and I was almost naked. Her man then suggested that I sit on her face. I got the rest of my clothes off quick and got into position. I crawled up her body and lowered my pussy right over her open mouth. I was pretty wet too and she must have liked it, because she ate me with such eagerness that I came all over her face a few times. I have been told that I taste really neutral so it is not an overly offensive taste for a newbie. She liked it a lot. I don’t believe that girl was as inexperienced as she claimed, she was tongue fucking me so good. I was cumming so much I was trembling and riding her face.
It must have looked so great to the guys with me riding her mouth I was gripping onto the wall in ecstasy for support. Her man had been fingering her the whole time, so as I rode her face she was juicy all over his hand. He kept saying that she must love it cause she is so wet. Her man got between her legs, slid his cock in her juicy hole, and started fucking her. I wanted to watch that so I got off her and sat over by Miguel. He got naked and we fucked real good. Miguel fucks me like a jackhammer and I like it rough, he grabs my hair and he tells me how good my pussy feels as I clench my muscles around his cock. Apparently, this girl liked it rough too. When I looked over he had her bend over and was fucking her from behind with a handful of hair in his hand. She loved it. Her tits were bouncing and she was really moaning loudly.
That was a really hot night and every time I hear “newbie” couple I think of them. I heard that they went on to have fun with some other couples we hooked up with. I bet she is really wild now…I wouldn’t mind running into them again.