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Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. 

~Robert Frost



Sinful Sunday is all about the image. See who else is playing.

Sinful Sunday

Yes, this…



Sinful Sunday is all about the image. See who else is playing.

 Sinful Sunday

Valentine’s Lingerie Giveaway!


I love a good giveaway. I was elated when Madame Liberty wrote and asked me if I would like to host one for them. They have offered up a set of Pleasure Slate White Label lingerie for the winner. How awesome does a sexy set of bra of panties sound?

♥Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day!♥

No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day there is no doubt that winning something will make you feel even better. The three options for the winner are all courtesy of Madame Liberty and from their Pleasure Slate’s White Label collection. I was floored by these sexy unique sets. Take your pick from these options….

White Label Empire Plunge Push-Up Bra and Thong


White Label Porcelain Plunge Push-Up Bra and Thong


White Label Spice Bazaar Push-Up Bra and Thong

Spice Bazaar

Madame Liberty says this on their site:

Being glamorous is not only about what people can see on the outside but also how you feel on the inside. It can be electrifying to know that underneath your clothes you’re wearing exotic and sensual lingerie, which has you walking tall all day. Who says sexy lingerie has to be for a partner?  The tantalizing fabrics and excitement can also be for you to enjoy.

I couldn’t agree more! Being sexy is a state of mind and wearing sexy can make you feel sexy. Inspire your self-esteem this Valentine’s Day with sexy lingerie from Madame Liberty!


Madame Liberty has a very nice collection of luxury toys and lingerie on their site. They don’t try to stock everything made, just the best toys at competitive prices. Their stock of sexy lingerie is diverse and includes a large selection of Baci lingerie, Pleasure Slate and sexy costumes. They have a great layout which makes selecting the perfect item easy. Please check out the links and see the Pleasure Slate White Label options in more detail. Then come back here and let me know which set appeals most to you. All of the other giveaway entries are optional but will increase your chances for winning. I will announce the winner on Valentine’s Day here and send the winner an e-mail. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize or I will pick another winner. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sexy Single

We had a date with what was suppose to be a couple on Wednesday. I am not sure where we met this couple…craiglist, aff? Probably craiglist. The couple ended up not really being a couple. It was a married female and one of her boyfriends on the side. I am not going to assume I know/understand how this works. The girl text me early yesterday. She had to cancel at the last minute but she highly recommended I still go meet the single guy. I had no doubt she was sorry she couldn’t meet him herself. We have had tons of fun with single guys. I was excited about the date.

We met the guy at a local hotel, a nice one downtown. He was better looking in person than in the picture I saw. Nice eyes, nice ass. We met at the hotel bar and he bought me a few drinks. I let Miguel know right away that I was interested. He made a good impression on me and I felt comfortable proceeding. He invited us up and after only a few minutes he made a move and kissed me. I loathe the awkwardness of the first move but this guy made it feel like a natural progression. We kissed and he helped me out of my clothes, while I helped him out of his. He sucked on my nipples and then I got down on my knees and took his rather large throbbing cock in my mouth. I licked his cock head and up and down the shaft before taking him int my mouth. He was hard as a rock and I gagged as I tried to get it all in. I felt the tears coming as his cock hit the back of my throat. He cock was long and pretty thick.

Miguel took lots of pictures…


We moved over the the king sized bed. We kissed a bit more before he pulled me into position. I was on my back with my head on a pillow. He put his face in my muff and flicked my clitoris with his tongue. Miguel took a few pictures and then he moved in beside me. The guy continued to work his mouth on me. He moved his hands all around my inner thighs. He pulled his face up and slid his hand over my slit. He didn’t put a finger in me and I was soaking wet. The guy went back to work on my clit while Miguel fondled my nipples. I reached out my hand to find his cock. I tried to stroke his cock, but the position mixed with the distraction meant I could only squeeze the head a bit. I found his cock was wet with pre cum and I worked the head with my hand. The guy pulled his face up one last time and worked his hands over my labia. Then he sat up and I held onto his cock and stroked it. Miguel moved up and took this…


He slipped a condom on and then he slid his cock into me. I adjusted to the length right away. He fucked me and I squeezed my muscles around him. He fucked me fast and ground his cock into me. It was a great fuck. I came quick and he continued to fuck me. I looked over at Miguel and loved knowing he was there to see it all. He moved my legs apart putting my feet on his chest and his hands on my knees. This gave his cock maximum impact as he trust into me.


Miguel said “squeeze his cock, make him cum” and I clenched down as hard as I could. The guy moved in close and asked me if I wanted him to cum. I said yes and then he asked me “where do you want it?” I told him to cum on my stomach. He fucked me for another minute before pulling out and pulling the condom off. Then he stroked his cock over me until he came a gooey mess all over me.

Miguel and I went home and fucked like rabbits after this encounter. He loved watching me get fucked. I loved knowing he was there, too. This guy was actually from out of town, but he is thinking about moving here. Let’s hope so!

Black Chandelier Pasties


I love wearing things that make me feel sexy. I was really elated when House of Kandies asked me to review a pair of nipple pasties for them, especially when I saw their selection online! They have many really beautiful pasties to choose from.

House of Kandies is based out of Los Angeles, CA. They sell a large selection one-of-a-kind handmade pasties and unique bustiers. I had a really hard time picking out which ones I might want to try. I finally decided on the Black Chandelier Pasties. The Chandelier style I got for this review comes in white, green and black.


I am very happy with this selection. They look just like they did n the website. The pasties came to me in a discrete envelope and wrapped in pink paper. These pasties are handmade with lots of love in the details. The are really pretty and look expensive. They are lighter than they look and look really great on. The backs are vinyl and rounded to fit on the nipples.




They are made for more than one use. The pasties do not come with adhesive, so that is really the only downside. I used a bit of lingerie tape for the review. The tape I bought at target for about $8. It held the pasties in place for a good while without showing signs of wanting to come off. The pasties are detailed, but not heavy at all. If I was going out wearing these I would use some spirit gum for a good secure adhesive. Spirit gum has a bit of a learning curve, but there are spirit gum removers on the market that make removal painless. The House of Kandies website says you can use eyelash glue as well. Eyelash glue is made for use on the skin, but I am unsure about how to remove it without creating ouchies.


I really wanted to wear these to the New Years even party, but it just didn’t happen. There are plenty more events coming up… Most of the venues we attend require the nipples to be covered. These black chandeliers are a great way for me to feel sexy and revealing without actually breaking the rules. These pasties add a lot of flair to the pastie look. I have seen woman wearing lots of styles of pasties, but I have never seen anyone wear pasties with this much wow! They are not only comfortable to wear but really original. I think these will work for any woman wanting to add some pizzazz to their look.

I am storing these pasties in the envelope they came in until I find something safer. I have handled and worn these quite a bit and I am happy to say that nothing looks like it is coming apart. With a bit of care these pasties can last for a long time. The lingerie tape I used came off clean without leaving any sticky residue. Vinyl can be cleaned with a bit of soap and water.

You can purchase this and many other really pretty pasties and bustiers at House of Kandies.

I received this product from House of Kandies free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

A Swinging Good Time


I had such a good time Monday night out with another swinging couple. Things just clicked with this couple. J and K are great hosts and they made us feel right at home with them. We have met this couple on two other previous occasions, both times I was out of commission. Monday night I had no such issues and I knew going in that we were going to have a sexy fun time.

I brought with me a bag of toys, as I usually do when there is any kind of attraction between me and the female. K is a smokin hot vixen with long blond hair and a very sexy body. J is equally sexy and I couldn’t wait to fuck them both. After a drink and little small talk we all went into the bedroom. I stripped off my clothes and pulled out a strap-on and inserted the Fuze Wilde. I approached K and we made out standing up. My black silicone cock awkwardly hanging between us, the guys were behind us on either side of the room just watching. I explored her mouth with mine and my hands found her nipples and eventually my fingers wondered down to her pussy. I am a bit picky about women, this girl I could hardly wait to lick.

I maneuvered her over to the bed and I got on my knees between her legs. I licked her slit and sucked her clitoris before inserting two fingers. I instructed Miguel to get the lube out of the bag. I slathered my cock up and inserted it into her pussy. She responded with a moan as I reached under to turn on the vibrator. The Fuze’s flat base buzzed away on my clitoris and labia as I fucked her. The guys moved in closer. J laid back on the bed beside us and Miguel stood next to us on the other side. I fucked her for a few minutes and then J suggested she turn around so she could could suck his cock as I fucked her. I grabbed her hips and fucked her doggy style. I can see the allure for guys fucking doggy style. Her ass looked so good and her hips gave me something to hold on to as I tried to thrust into her. I grew frustrated after a few minutes though. I didn’t get the pleasure of the cock being thrust into me and I wet and ready for a good fucking. I took off the strap-on and she redirected her attention to Miguel while I took my place sucking J’s cock.

There wasn’t any awkwardness in this hook up. We all fucked and sucked each other. It was hot being there and it still makes me wet when I think about it. At some point, She and I were both on the bed on our backs next to each other. Miguel was fucking her and J eating my pussy, she sucked on my nipple and we made out. I was drenched at this point and J fucked me till we were a sweaty mess. She got some of my toys out to fuck me with them while the guys rested. J took a little break while I sucked his cock on my knees while she fucked me with the Tsunami? Miguel sucked her pussy while she worked the toys on me. The silicone cock filled my hole and worked my g-spot. She turned her focus back on Miguel and J put on a fresh condom on. I rode his cock really enjoying the view next to us as Miguel fucked her doggy style until she wore him out. I was a dripping mess having cum more times than I can count. J’s cock slide around inside of me and we fucked until I had to stop. I laid back on the bed and caught Miguel removing the condom so she could sucked him off again. She worked her mouth on his cock until Miguel came, she swallowed it all. I worked the Fresh on my clit as I watched and she came back over to me. She used a glass toy to fuck me. The cool glass felt so soothing to my now thoroughly fucked hole. J sat next to us to watch and encourage her to fuck me. After I came really hard we both focus on J’s cock. She got mouth full of cum and she then she kissed me. Her mouth was full of his cum so I got a good taste. I remarked on how much how much his cum tastes like Miguel’s and she agreed, their cum was tasted almost exactly the same.

I actually had some more firsts with this swap. First time I swapped cum with another girl, first time I fucked a girl doggy style with a strap-on, first time I used so many toys in one sex session, first time I came so many times with another couple. It was a really good time. I actually brought my stripper pole with me as well, but we didn’t get a chance to break it out. We also talked about getting some photos. Maybe next time….