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Lending a Hand


Last weekend Miguel and I went out to a swinger gathering. As usual, when we hit this type of venue, Miguel had several couples lined up that we were going to meet in person. Some of them for the first time after chatting online for months. The turn out at the venue wasn’t that impressive. We were one of the first couples to arrive and one of the last to leave. At the last moment a couple invited us back to their hotel for some after party fun. We were more than happy to oblige.

We got the hotel and they offered us drinks. It seems they were prepared for fun. The room was pretty nice with a separate sitting room and a king sized bed in the bedroom. Miguel found a great way to break the ice and whipped out the blindfold. We blindfolded her and I helped her out of her clothes. I led her over to the bed and had her lie back. I took off my corset top and kissed her. I tweaked her nipples and then her husband handed me some toys to play on her with. A bullet for her clit and a slim vibrator for her pussy. I rubbed the bullet all over her clit and slowly eased the vibrator into her. I am usually more oral, but this couple was a soft swap. I didn’t want to ruin everything by going too far. We hadn’t discussed if she was interested in playing with me, just that they weren’t interested in a full swap. I looked for cues that she was enjoying herself. She was very wet but almost silent as I played. Her man took pictures of the action. Miguel got up on the bed by her head and held her arms while I worked on getting her off. After a while I grabbed her hand so she could control the amount of pressure of the bullet and I handed the vibrator to her man. I took off my skirt and panties and got my own vibrators out. I stretched out next to her to work on getting myself off while her man and Miguel watched. We fucked like animals after that. It was a great night.


 Sinful Sunday is all about the image. See who else is playing.

Sinful Sunday



I have been aching for Miguel all week. The plan was to go to work and then we could have sex when I got home. I hate that we are at a place right now that we almost have to schedule sex. My work schedule sucks for us. He is sleeping when I get here, usually there is a child sprawled out on my side of the bed with him, and I am sleeping through our mornings together. The work week is finally over. I am in weird place right now, working a job that is only temporary. I assure you it feels more like a sentence (jail). I go in every day with the best intentions. “Tonight I will not loose my cool, I will do a good job and treat every patient as if they are the only one.” Tonight I had broke the recent record for work load, not just for myself, but for the whole establishment. I kept my promise tonight despite the unfair work load. I am mentally exhausted. This is just temporary. Can days just fly by so I can wake up from this nightmare and start my new job?!

As soon as I got the details of my assignment at work, my heart sank. The idea of coming home to get a bit of nookie seemed hopeless. I hustled my ass of to get done tonight and I left work just a few minutes later than normal. I envisioned Miguel sleeping when I got home, maybe I could make him re-think his slumber when he found me naked with my mouth around his cock. I drove home in such a rush to see him. Tonight I don’t have to feel bad about waking him up. My need for him is greater than the rest I will interrupt. He can catch up tomorrow.

There were no sounds in the house when I opened the door, everyone but me was asleep. I walked into the room and stripped off my clothes. He rolled over just waking up and pulled his pants off. I got on all fours and crawled up to him as he laid back on the bed. His cock tasted just as good as I thought it would. His reaction, of a sharp intake of air followed by a sigh, was just what I needed. It has been six days since I felt his cock. My need for him was overwhelming. I sat up to get some air and he took the opportunity to get up and come around to the other side of the bed.

He got himself into position and I guided his cock in with my hand. He fucked me all over the bed. He used his hand to strum my clitoris till I was shaking and moaning, breaking the sound curfew. It has been too many days since we had this. I dug my nails into his back and pulled his ass into me as we fucked. He moved me into positions giving him the best access to my clit. In the end he kept firm pressure on my clit giving me just what I needed, along with his gyrating cock, for a spontaneous orgasm. I came all over him, my muscles clenching him in involuntary spasms. He came into me with a moan right then that told me he needed this as much as I did.

It feels so good to be thoroughly fucked. Finally.

Now I am ready for the weekend.

A Swinging Good Time


I had such a good time Monday night out with another swinging couple. Things just clicked with this couple. J and K are great hosts and they made us feel right at home with them. We have met this couple on two other previous occasions, both times I was out of commission. Monday night I had no such issues and I knew going in that we were going to have a sexy fun time.

I brought with me a bag of toys, as I usually do when there is any kind of attraction between me and the female. K is a smokin hot vixen with long blond hair and a very sexy body. J is equally sexy and I couldn’t wait to fuck them both. After a drink and little small talk we all went into the bedroom. I stripped off my clothes and pulled out a strap-on and inserted the Fuze Wilde. I approached K and we made out standing up. My black silicone cock awkwardly hanging between us, the guys were behind us on either side of the room just watching. I explored her mouth with mine and my hands found her nipples and eventually my fingers wondered down to her pussy. I am a bit picky about women, this girl I could hardly wait to lick.

I maneuvered her over to the bed and I got on my knees between her legs. I licked her slit and sucked her clitoris before inserting two fingers. I instructed Miguel to get the lube out of the bag. I slathered my cock up and inserted it into her pussy. She responded with a moan as I reached under to turn on the vibrator. The Fuze’s flat base buzzed away on my clitoris and labia as I fucked her. The guys moved in closer. J laid back on the bed beside us and Miguel stood next to us on the other side. I fucked her for a few minutes and then J suggested she turn around so she could could suck his cock as I fucked her. I grabbed her hips and fucked her doggy style. I can see the allure for guys fucking doggy style. Her ass looked so good and her hips gave me something to hold on to as I tried to thrust into her. I grew frustrated after a few minutes though. I didn’t get the pleasure of the cock being thrust into me and I wet and ready for a good fucking. I took off the strap-on and she redirected her attention to Miguel while I took my place sucking J’s cock.

There wasn’t any awkwardness in this hook up. We all fucked and sucked each other. It was hot being there and it still makes me wet when I think about it. At some point, She and I were both on the bed on our backs next to each other. Miguel was fucking her and J eating my pussy, she sucked on my nipple and we made out. I was drenched at this point and J fucked me till we were a sweaty mess. She got some of my toys out to fuck me with them while the guys rested. J took a little break while I sucked his cock on my knees while she fucked me with the Tsunami? Miguel sucked her pussy while she worked the toys on me. The silicone cock filled my hole and worked my g-spot. She turned her focus back on Miguel and J put on a fresh condom on. I rode his cock really enjoying the view next to us as Miguel fucked her doggy style until she wore him out. I was a dripping mess having cum more times than I can count. J’s cock slide around inside of me and we fucked until I had to stop. I laid back on the bed and caught Miguel removing the condom so she could sucked him off again. She worked her mouth on his cock until Miguel came, she swallowed it all. I worked the Fresh on my clit as I watched and she came back over to me. She used a glass toy to fuck me. The cool glass felt so soothing to my now thoroughly fucked hole. J sat next to us to watch and encourage her to fuck me. After I came really hard we both focus on J’s cock. She got mouth full of cum and she then she kissed me. Her mouth was full of his cum so I got a good taste. I remarked on how much how much his cum tastes like Miguel’s and she agreed, their cum was tasted almost exactly the same.

I actually had some more firsts with this swap. First time I swapped cum with another girl, first time I fucked a girl doggy style with a strap-on, first time I used so many toys in one sex session, first time I came so many times with another couple. It was a really good time. I actually brought my stripper pole with me as well, but we didn’t get a chance to break it out. We also talked about getting some photos. Maybe next time….

e[lust] #40

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Wham Bam!

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Miguel had us almost over-booked this weekend. By Friday morning he was stressing it a bit and got something moved from Saturday to Friday night. This ended up working out perfectly. I had no idea really where we were going, Miguel just told me to “dress sexy” and so I put on some thigh high fishnet stockings and a short mini skirt and top, then we headed out.

One the way there I learned we were going to a nice hotel in Tampa. The couple we were meeting were visiting family and were from out of town. We met the couple in the lobby and they offered to hang out at the bar or in their room. We brought alcohol and they had some for themselves in the room so we skipped the bar and headed straight up to their room. She and I sat and talked a bit and then she asked what kind of swap we were looking for. I struggled to explain that we were flexible swingers, usually going with what the other couple was comfortable with. Miguel and I only have a few hard limits and she agreed everything was much easier with a couple that was experienced at the lifestyle. This swap wasn’t for show or to prove anything, we fuck strangers because we like it. New couples almost always want to start with girl on girl and then move on from there. Neither of us had really any interest in that. She and I both agreed that we were with a guy because we enjoyed the cock.

Eventually we were exchanging swinger stories and mishaps. They had been swinging for a few years and they had some really funny stories. I love to hear other people’s swinger stories almost as much as I love to share my own. The conversations ended up being a swap fest. Every story we had, they had another one even better. A little bit of patrón and her personality become a bit more aggressive. She had stories lined up to tell us. This couple had plenty of funny mishaps stories about their swinging adventures. We all laughed and drank until the conversation started to die and then the clothes started to come off.

She stripped down, got on the bed, and Miguel joined her. They were making out while he and I stripped down next to the bed. He approached me and we kissed. I reached my hand down to stroke his cock and then got on my knees to suck him. I licked and sucked the head and worked my hands on his shaft and balls. After a few minuted he asked me to stop so he wouldn’t cum right then in my mouth. We made our way over to the bed and we made out some more. I could feel Miguel and the girl next to us in the bed and heard the unmistakeable sound of cock sucking while Miguel moaned. The guy worked his hands all over my body while he ate my pussy. I laid on my back and lifted my stocking clad legs onto his shoulders. I fucked his face as he licked and sucked my clit. Meanwhile Miguel reached over to tweak my nipples.

After I came really good he reached over to get a condom. I quickly went into my bag and pulled out a condom for Miguel. The guy got into position with my legs over his shoulders and fucked me missionary style. I looked over and caught glimpses of Miguel fucking his wife while he fucked me. The whole bed was shaking as they fucked next to us. His style was a bit more sensual and he ground his pelvis into mine for slow deep fuck. He also sat back on his heels and fucked me fast while he stroked my clit. I came and came and felt Miguel’s hands on me a few times during the swap. Miguel and his wife finished about a minute before him and I. Miguel moved over to our side to watch us. I looked into Miguel’s eyes and I knew he enjoyed watching me getting fucked. He ended up pushing my legs to one side as he worked his cock into me when he came. I laid there for a few minutes and then I got up to get dressed.

We thanked them for a great time and then we left almost right after that. I know we had a good time with this couple and as strange as it sounds there wasn’t any awkwardness in us leaving right away. There was no need for us to make plans to see them again soon. We all got what we came for.

Performance Issues


We had an interesting weekend. We went to a party in Sarasota run by the great folks over at Florida’s Finest Couples. They throw parties once a month and they are always packed. This weekend was no exception, to the point where we were glad we got there early so we could find a place to park! I had a blast there talking to people and dancing. I don’t dance well, but I love to do it. I was super excited about this night because of a certain couple we met the week before.

The weird part about this night was how many couples we were suppose to be meeting there. We had a great table by the dance floor so were able to see a lot of people. We don’t make it down to Sarasota often, so this was a good chance to meet people we, (and by that I mean Miguel) have been talking to. Our table was crowded with people. We had a lot of couples talking to us: some because we talked to them, some recognized us from social profiles, and some where fans of my blog. It was fun but a bit overwhelming. We had a couple buy us shots and I got to dance with almost everyone. We don’t normally get so much attention, but I get super social after a few drinks and I might be the kind of person that invites all that attention. I even went off about it on twitter, (thank you after midnight twitter friends)! Anyways, there were a lot of people talking to us but….

I actually walked into the club with an agenda. I have cautioned against this so many times even here on my blog…please don’t try to live out some fantasy with strangers. I broke my own rule and it came back to bite me! We met a couple last weekend at Eyz that I really wanted to play with. We ended up leaving early last weekend and I was so hoping to get a chance this weekend with them. I have been thinking about them all week. I hoped they would show up, I hoped they would like us as much as we liked them. They showed up at the party and that was it for me. I made my choice and we were going home with them!

They are a very sexy couple. They were good hosts and we enjoyed some good conversation. We moved over to the bedroom and then…things went bad for me. There was nothing wrong with him at all, let me make that clear. I just had…issues. I just walked away feeling like I could have been so much better. I can’t recall ever feeling like this after a hook-up. I don’t even know if the guy would say it sucked, but I do. I had a bad night, and I didn’t even drink too much so I have no excuse. I think I built it up too much in my head. I kinda had this idea of what he would be like, and then it just wasn’t like that at all. I hate the feeling that this is the impression they are left with. Miguel and her seemed to hit it off well. She was very sexy and I focused on her for a bit. I tried to make it up, I am pretty sure I was able to get her off. Thank you shareable silicone toys. It just doesn’t make up for him and potentially ruining a good fuck. I wanted to call “do-over”, but that is not going to happen. This is a bad feeling. I told Miguel this must be how guys feel when they can’t perform, or when they cum too fast. This is a crappy feeling.

The good news is that I know where things went wrong and how I can avoid these issues in the future. I am truly humbled by this experience. I think this could have happened to anybody, and it is not the end of the world. I just think it is an odd thing for a woman to feel this way. I now understand, I fucking get how a woman can just totally ruin shit with performance issues. I hope I will remember this and be more fun next time. I hope I will be more understanding when a guy is having issues in the future.