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Sex Toy Day 11/3/2011

I love sex toys and I spend time everyday talking about them and/or playing with them. I am so excited to tell you about Sex Toy Day November 3, 2011.

My Pleasure is giving away 30 free sex toys on that day. They even have a reminder e-mail they can send you so you don’t miss out. Go now and check it out! I wanted to participate and they wanted to hear the answer to the question….

How Have Sex Toys Changed Your Life?

I started off with one bullet. I went to a sex toy party and I bought the most modest toy I could find. A small silver bullet from Cal Exotics. I didn’t know it yet, but that toy changed my life. Going from being ignorant about my body, to owning my sexuality. It was an eye opener. I didn’t need a man to feel good. I could take over and own it myself. It was awkward at first but then it was awesome. That may sound crazy, but it is true. I remember walking into the store after my first bullet died and buying it’s replacement. I was so scared and intimidated. It was before I had a home computer. I was on my trek to owning my sexuality and I wasn’t gonna let my intimidation stop me from getting what I wanted. I waltzed right in there and found another one just like it. I have had a silver bullet in my collection ever since. With this sex toy I can orgasm whenever I want. I control my pleasure.

Fast forward to last year….I started my blog and I was approached by a sex toy company to write a review. My collection was a bit modest then. I had branched out to other kinds of toys and even a strap-on, but it was still very modest. I was hardly qualified, but I guess I seemed honest in my writing. It was enough that they trusted me to do it. To use it and to tell about what I thought. I got hooked. Today my collection includes over 50 toys, erotic books, porn, lubricants, and fetish gear. I am more open in my sexuality now. I have given toys away, traded them, sold them and talked others into doing reviews. My hobby of talking about sex has morphed into something that even makes me a little money on the side.

I love getting new sex toys. When I use a sex toys I take control of my sexuality. When my partner and I use sex toys together it takes our sex lives to a whole new level. It is not awkward anymore, it is awesome. I cannot imagine a fulfilling sex life without it. Miguel knows just how to touch me because he mimics the sex toy to get me off. I wonder sometimes if I ever would have truly orgasmed without that bullet to show me how. I don’t want to wonder, I am just thankful that I have discovered sex toys. They changed my life for the better.



Masturbation Month and My First “O”

May has been Masturbation month since Good Vibrations started it in 1995.


Earlier that same month the Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, was fired for suggesting that masturbation should be included in sex education….what? Yes that is a fact! We live in a society where being open about sex can get you fired. Things have not changed that much since then.


It is a bit late, but I am telling you now and challenging you to celebrate this masturbation month by doing it every day!

Hey some of you already do, just do it because it is fashionable now!


I have always been curious about other people’s masturbation stories.  Or rather, the first time they achieved orgasm by themselves.

I’ll tell you my story.

I was pregnant with my first child.  Although I was a bit promiscuous in my youth I had never had the big “O”.  By the way, cuming and orgasm are not the same thing.

I didn’t know that…until, well back to my story.

The guy wasn’t with me for various reasons, mostly because he was not ready to be a father.  Anyways, my sister had a friend who sold sex toys at private parties and we held one at my house.  I made one single purchase that changed my sex life forever….a silver bullet from California Exotics.  It was a curious thing, but the girl with the toys said every woman should own one. A few days later I found myself playing with the bullet.  I didn’t know what to do with it really.  It had a cord, which suggested it was not really for insertion, so I played around with it a bit on my labia.  I gotta be honest and tell you that I felt pretty stupid.  Then I found my clit.  It felt pretty good there and so I played with it there.

And then….Oh My God!  What was that?  A shuddering orgasm.  I spasmed and got the warm tingely feeling all over my body.


It was all downhill from there.  I used that bullet daily, sometimes twice a day, to bring me to orgasm.  That was my sexual awakening.  I guess for most guys this will seem strange.  Some girls need clitoral stimulation to achieve the orgasm.  I don’t know how everyone else figured it out.  I fumbled my way into my first orgasm.  I can tell you now that a silver bullet is the one toy I would want on a deserted island…well that and a shit load of batteries!

I am very interested in your feedback.

So I put together some polls for you….





Although, I would really love you comments too!