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Wham Bam!

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Miguel had us almost over-booked this weekend. By Friday morning he was stressing it a bit and got something moved from Saturday to Friday night. This ended up working out perfectly. I had no idea really where we were going, Miguel just told me to “dress sexy” and so I put on some thigh high fishnet stockings and a short mini skirt and top, then we headed out.

One the way there I learned we were going to a nice hotel in Tampa. The couple we were meeting were visiting family and were from out of town. We met the couple in the lobby and they offered to hang out at the bar or in their room. We brought alcohol and they had some for themselves in the room so we skipped the bar and headed straight up to their room. She and I sat and talked a bit and then she asked what kind of swap we were looking for. I struggled to explain that we were flexible swingers, usually going with what the other couple was comfortable with. Miguel and I only have a few hard limits and she agreed everything was much easier with a couple that was experienced at the lifestyle. This swap wasn’t for show or to prove anything, we fuck strangers because we like it. New couples almost always want to start with girl on girl and then move on from there. Neither of us had really any interest in that. She and I both agreed that we were with a guy because we enjoyed the cock.

Eventually we were exchanging swinger stories and mishaps. They had been swinging for a few years and they had some really funny stories. I love to hear other people’s swinger stories almost as much as I love to share my own. The conversations ended up being a swap fest. Every story we had, they had another one even better. A little bit of patrón and her personality become a bit more aggressive. She had stories lined up to tell us. This couple had plenty of funny mishaps stories about their swinging adventures. We all laughed and drank until the conversation started to die and then the clothes started to come off.

She stripped down, got on the bed, and Miguel joined her. They were making out while he and I stripped down next to the bed. He approached me and we kissed. I reached my hand down to stroke his cock and then got on my knees to suck him. I licked and sucked the head and worked my hands on his shaft and balls. After a few minuted he asked me to stop so he wouldn’t cum right then in my mouth. We made our way over to the bed and we made out some more. I could feel Miguel and the girl next to us in the bed and heard the unmistakeable sound of cock sucking while Miguel moaned. The guy worked his hands all over my body while he ate my pussy. I laid on my back and lifted my stocking clad legs onto his shoulders. I fucked his face as he licked and sucked my clit. Meanwhile Miguel reached over to tweak my nipples.

After I came really good he reached over to get a condom. I quickly went into my bag and pulled out a condom for Miguel. The guy got into position with my legs over his shoulders and fucked me missionary style. I looked over and caught glimpses of Miguel fucking his wife while he fucked me. The whole bed was shaking as they fucked next to us. His style was a bit more sensual and he ground his pelvis into mine for slow deep fuck. He also sat back on his heels and fucked me fast while he stroked my clit. I came and came and felt Miguel’s hands on me a few times during the swap. Miguel and his wife finished about a minute before him and I. Miguel moved over to our side to watch us. I looked into Miguel’s eyes and I knew he enjoyed watching me getting fucked. He ended up pushing my legs to one side as he worked his cock into me when he came. I laid there for a few minutes and then I got up to get dressed.

We thanked them for a great time and then we left almost right after that. I know we had a good time with this couple and as strange as it sounds there wasn’t any awkwardness in us leaving right away. There was no need for us to make plans to see them again soon. We all got what we came for.

Mojo Back

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We tried to do something different this past Saturday night. In case you don’t know, Saturday is our official date night. We almost always go out. Unless one of us is sick, or we have no money (actually, even then we still try). This Saturday we were going to try to go to a local swinger house party. Let me just say here that the location was all wrong. Not that we live in a great neighborhood or we are fucking snobs or anything, but somethings you can just tell by the location. So we scraped that plan when we realized where it was and went to Eyz Wide Shut.

We have discussed how we never really play that much when we go to Eyz, like maybe we lost our mojo. The truth is that we, (and by we I mean me) get so fucking caught up in everything swinging just falls to the side. I have been trying to figure out how to get my mojo back. We talked to other couples who frequent the club and I realized it is not just us. Sometimes it is just like that. Yo can do “all the right stuff” (be available, talk to people, invest time with a couple…) and still not end up swinging. I decided to just have fun, and try not to be so hard on myself about it. So when a couple we have seen a few times started to dance with me, I just had fun and let it happen. Of course, when they asked if we wanted to play we said yes.

>>Fast forward through a few drinks and some dancing. We all went next door to the lodging side to play.

I was wearing a corset and a little black skirt. We got a room right away and as soon as we were all in I stripped off my panties and pulled my skirt up. The girl was wearing a low cut top, skirt and fishnet stockings. What I didn’t realize is that underneath her top was a peek-a-boo bra, and her stockings were crotchless. (Thinking now how I have to get a pair of crotchless fishnet, She looked so hot!) She had nice full breasts and a clean smooth pussy. I buried my face in her snatch and worked my fingers on her g-spot.

I almost forgot about the guys in the room until Miguel stuck his fingers into me from behind. I decided to give Miguel a taste of her and I moved out so Miguel could move in. He went to town licking and sucking her pussy. Her man took his opportunity to go down on me and we enjoyed our first full swap in over a month with this couple. His cock was long and pretty thick. Try as I might I could not get all of it in my mouth. I did my best licking and sucking while working my hands on the shaft. I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me with this monster. I was practically begging him to fuck me. He instructed me to lay back and then he impaled me with his cock. Miguel and the girl were busy fucking right next to us. I was so turned on I came after a few thrusts. He fucked me good. Like a jackhammer he drilled his cock into me.

Miguel took a break after a while but this guy just kept going. He finally came and we decided to watch Miguel and his wife. It was hot to watch and we made out. He licked all over my neck and shoulders. “Pull my hair”, I told him. He kissed me then real nice and deep while he pulled my hair. I felt him get semi-hard again while we made out and I worked my mouth on his cock again getting his cock back to life. I got on my knees in anticipation and placed my ass near the end of the bed. The bed was really high and my thighs were almost flush with the bed as he fucked me again. He fucked me slow and then fast. He stopped a few times to tell me how hot my ass looked as his dipped his fingers into my rosebud. I came again. I looked over and caught the last few seconds as the wife orally manipulated Miguel into cuming into her mouth.

It was a great night. It seems like my mojo is just fine!

For an audience of One

We went for a long drive last night to meet a single guy. I have been chatting with this guy for a few days now. Our schedules finally meshed and he gave my Miguel the directions to his home.

He was a good host, didn’t waste too much time with the chit-chat. He was aggressive and kissed me before I even thought about how to break the ice. He was an excellent kisser. He used lots of tongue without being sloppy. This guy had a really athletic build, lots of muscles. I would say he was ripped and I couldn’t wait to see him put that body to good use. He helped me out of my bra and shirt while we made out in his living room. He made me feel comfortable.

He directed us over to the bedroom and we both got undressed.  He directed me to lay back on the bed and planted his face in my pussy. Lot of tongue as he licked and sucked me. I twisted and turned into his face as he got me nice and wet. He wasn’t in a hurry and he took his time, reaching his hand up to squeeze my tits, moving my legs so he could get better access. He got up after about 15 minutes and he pulled a condom out to put on his cock. His cock was long and meaty. He twisted my leg over and he pulled my ass to the edge of the bed. He slid his cock across my slit to get it nice and wet before he impaled me with it.

He fucked me like a champion. I fucked him back as best I could. He was covered with sweat as he fucked me and then flipped me over and held my back down while pulling my hips up to meet his thrusts. I love being manhandled. My biggest turn on is a guy who takes charge in bed. I used my kegel muscles and squeezed his cock. He fucked me sideways and doggie style before taking a break for some water. He didn’t come yet at this point, and I wasn’t quite sure he would be able to continue. To my delight after a few minutes he manipulated me back onto the bed and buried his face again. This time he licked me from front to back with earnestness. I told him I really wanted to suck his cock. He stood up and presented his cock to my face. I sucked him until he was hard again. He slipped a condom on again and fucked me missionary. Miguel encouraged me to squeeze his cock and to make him cum. I did as I was told. He was really good the way he rubbed my clit while he fucked me. I was a sweaty shaking mess before he finally came with a groan.

Miguel asked if he could take some pictures and then he was clicking away the whole time we fucked. I can tell from the sheer amount of pictures that Miguel got, he thought it looked hot. Not too many guys could stand to just watch their women get fucked like I did last night. Miguel looked so happy for me, every time I looked over. He gave my hand a little squeeze or he pulled my hair the way he knows I like it. I was so into being fucked like that and having Miguel watch. I love being watched and making a good show for him. I really wanted him to join in and put his cock in my mouth.

I talked to my new friend today. We talked about setting up a remote camera next time and having Miguel do more than watch.

Dungeon Play

Saturday night found us at the club. It felt good to be there on a Saturday night. I have really missed going there. I have to say that now that I have my weekends back, it feels more like when we first started going. I looked around the club and saw lots of possibilities. I seem to be remembering why we go to a swinger’s club….and it is not just to dance. I noticed more than a handful of interracial couples. It is nice not be the only ones for once.

We ran into people I almost forgot about playing with. We don’t play with any one couple for too long. Playing with one couple or single only for any length of time would probably feel more like a relationship. We have enough trouble managing each other. It is not uncommon to run into people that we have played with and I can’t remember their name(s). It happens so often and it is something we can joke about. I remember the dynamics most of the time (she had a red dress on, we danced slowly then made out, he fucked me doggie-style) but not their damned names. I am worse at this than most people, just ask Miguel.


We had a great time at the club and met some new people. When it came time to play we headed straight to the dungeon. It was just me and Miguel at first. He placed the blindfold over my eyes and strapped my arms into the St.Andrew’s cross. He hiked up my skirt and pulled off my panties. I love this moment and the anticipation of my punishment. Miguel moved my feet apart and then started smacking my ass. Miguel was especially rough with me smacking more me more than usual. I heard other voices and the equipment in the room being shifted, someone else was getting strapped into the suspension cuffs. Then the creaking of the beds as people moved about throughout the room. Miguel didn’t let the audience deter him. He used his bare hands and smacked my ass really hard. He finger fucked me between smacks. His fingers jammed into my g-spot as his body held me firmly to the cross. Miguel told me over and over to cum for him as his fingers reamed me. I did. Then he smacked me some more. He released my hands from the cross after about 20 minutes. I started to pull my skirt down, but Miguel scolded me and led me backwards with my hands behind my back and directed me to sit on the couch. He then unbuckled his belt and pulled his cock out. He ordered me to keep my hands behind my back as he fed his cock into my mouth.

I sucked his cock with my eyes closed. He encouraged me to suck it good before he fucked me. He pulled his cock out and I submitted as he pushed me back on the bed. I moved my hands around to his cock to help guide him in as he moved into position. He hiked my legs up over his shoulders and held my hands together over my head as he fucked me. His eyes closed slightly after a few minutes. He looked like he was going to cum so I told him to stop. I told him I wanted finish in a private room. As I got up off the couch I got my first good look around the room. This room that had been completely empty when we started now help no less than 10 people. There was a scene going on with a bound woman getting fucked. Behind me on the same couch was another couple with the woman on all fours and the guy fucking her. There were people standing all around the entrance enjoying the show. I know I wasn’t the last girl strapped to the cross that night.

Miguel and I found a private room down the hall. I got my Mia vibe out and turned it on the highest setting. I used it on my clit and Miguel took his clothes off. Miguel laid down across the bed positioned his body under my legs and fed his cock into me. I love this position with Miguel laying sideways so I can look him in the eye as I cum all over his cock. I didn’t last very long before I came. The orgasm was still washing over me as he moved into a missionary position to fuck me. His eyes were closing as he told me how wet I was, how good it felt to fuck me. He came with a grunt and it seemed I could feel his cum shooting into me. We both laid there for a while before we cleaned up and got dressed. We left the lodging after that and went back over to the club. The crowd was much thinner at this time and we got something to eat before we made the drive back home. I know we both had a great time. The best part was that the weekend wasn’t over yet…

More Please


Sinful Sunday is all about the image. These images take me right back to that moment…

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Sinful Sunday

That’s Not Pretty

I woke up around 9 today. We were out until after 2 am so I guess it’s no wonder really. I think I have been drinking too much lately. I have started taking shots of vodka after we get to the club along with all the beer and that has complicated everything for me. I am not exactly a nice person when I get too drunk. I feel great because the social filter comes off and my anxiety is completely gone. The next day I wake up feeling guilty or mad because last night some crazy took over. I tried expressing this to Miguel, but he didn’t understand. He bought me a shot anyways. I drank it and well, I probably shouldn’t have. Fucking hindsight is always 20/20!

I dance a bit more when I mix my liquor. I don’t seem to care if I look silly or drunk and I think dancing maybe the only thing that keeps people from realizing just exactly how drunk I really am. I am not talking enough for people to hear me slurring my words or losing track of the conversation. I managed to make it through the game last night and I genuinely had a great time, and then we went over to the lodging.

We met with a couple we had been dancing with all night. They were already naked and we joint them, shedding our clothes. I got my Life vibe out and went to work on her clit. She squirted right away with that vibe on her clit. Then she went to work on me. She had me lay back and she started licking, sucking, smacking, and rubbing my clit. I was writhing on the couch and Miguel came around and put his cock in my mouth. It went like this for a while and then she would come up and we would both be sucking his cock, until he pulled away panting and trying to keep from cuming. She was close to brutal with her manipulations on my most sensitive spot. I loved it and I wanted her to stop. She alternated between pleasure and pain until Miguel sheathed his cock in a condom and started fucking her from behind. She worked her way over to her man and sucked his cock while Miguel fucked her. She was reaching out to me, but I deflected and told her that I liked to watch. It’s true that one of my favorite things is watching Miguel fuck somebody else. I go back and forth between lust and jealousy. I know this girl, and I trust Miguel so it was really not an issue. If it had been anyone else, it might have been a bad night. I had just the right chemistry mix of alcohol to turn a sexy time into a nightmare. I need to stop mixing alcohol, and drink less on play nights, that is all. Eventually I did get Miguel and the Life, which gave me a good orgasm. I rode his cock for a short time before…well, I don’t really remember why we stopped. I just know that I was a bit upset that Miguel didn’t even cum last night.

I feel bad now thinking about how her man didn’t get as much attention as he should have. I almost had tunnel vision the whole time. Work schedules, kids and lack of good sleep has kept us from fucking at home like we used to. When we do have sex lately it is incredible, but not happening often enough. Not enough at all! The thing that is different lately, we used to go to the lodging once or twice just the two of us then we would find someone to play. We haven’t been doing that at all lately, and so my focus is on getting from Miguel what I am missing at home.

Now that everything is sort of falling into place with the new job and we got the car situation sorted out. We need to get back to having sex more often. I know some people think that is what happens in a long term relationship, the sex starts to drop off. I don’t want that for us. I deal in sex too much on a daily basis to not be getting it enough. Plus Miguel is such a great fuck, it is a shame to not make him put his skills to work. I know some of you might say a sex toy could take care of that, but no…no no no! It is not even close. I did some math and we are only having sex 30% of the time. Those stats suck! Since we have this whole commitment thing, and we are committed to swinging as well. I demand more sex! I have to have it, now let’s just see if I get it…I know I should be embarrassed to admit all of this here, but in reality secrets keep me feeling bad. So I will air out all my laundry here in the hopes that you guys will keep me honest. Honesty may be the last solitary virtue I have.