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Mojo Back

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We tried to do something different this past Saturday night. In case you don’t know, Saturday is our official date night. We almost always go out. Unless one of us is sick, or we have no money (actually, even then we still try). This Saturday we were going to try to go to a local swinger house party. Let me just say here that the location was all wrong. Not that we live in a great neighborhood or we are fucking snobs or anything, but somethings you can just tell by the location. So we scraped that plan when we realized where it was and went to Eyz Wide Shut.

We have discussed how we never really play that much when we go to Eyz, like maybe we lost our mojo. The truth is that we, (and by we I mean me) get so fucking caught up in everything swinging just falls to the side. I have been trying to figure out how to get my mojo back. We talked to other couples who frequent the club and I realized it is not just us. Sometimes it is just like that. Yo can do “all the right stuff” (be available, talk to people, invest time with a couple…) and still not end up swinging. I decided to just have fun, and try not to be so hard on myself about it. So when a couple we have seen a few times started to dance with me, I just had fun and let it happen. Of course, when they asked if we wanted to play we said yes.

>>Fast forward through a few drinks and some dancing. We all went next door to the lodging side to play.

I was wearing a corset and a little black skirt. We got a room right away and as soon as we were all in I stripped off my panties and pulled my skirt up. The girl was wearing a low cut top, skirt and fishnet stockings. What I didn’t realize is that underneath her top was a peek-a-boo bra, and her stockings were crotchless. (Thinking now how I have to get a pair of crotchless fishnet, She looked so hot!) She had nice full breasts and a clean smooth pussy. I buried my face in her snatch and worked my fingers on her g-spot.

I almost forgot about the guys in the room until Miguel stuck his fingers into me from behind. I decided to give Miguel a taste of her and I moved out so Miguel could move in. He went to town licking and sucking her pussy. Her man took his opportunity to go down on me and we enjoyed our first full swap in over a month with this couple. His cock was long and pretty thick. Try as I might I could not get all of it in my mouth. I did my best licking and sucking while working my hands on the shaft. I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me with this monster. I was practically begging him to fuck me. He instructed me to lay back and then he impaled me with his cock. Miguel and the girl were busy fucking right next to us. I was so turned on I came after a few thrusts. He fucked me good. Like a jackhammer he drilled his cock into me.

Miguel took a break after a while but this guy just kept going. He finally came and we decided to watch Miguel and his wife. It was hot to watch and we made out. He licked all over my neck and shoulders. “Pull my hair”, I told him. He kissed me then real nice and deep while he pulled my hair. I felt him get semi-hard again while we made out and I worked my mouth on his cock again getting his cock back to life. I got on my knees in anticipation and placed my ass near the end of the bed. The bed was really high and my thighs were almost flush with the bed as he fucked me again. He fucked me slow and then fast. He stopped a few times to tell me how hot my ass looked as his dipped his fingers into my rosebud. I came again. I looked over and caught the last few seconds as the wife orally manipulated Miguel into cuming into her mouth.

It was a great night. It seems like my mojo is just fine!

About the Size of It

Humble apologies as I know I will not be blogging much this week. We are moving next weekend. I got the keys this weekend so we will be making daily trips after work trying to get as much done by moving day. Gah! I don’t really know what else to say about that, it is what it is. I promise to be posting more after next weekend.

We had a different kind of weekend. Friday we went to a couple’s house and had a full swap. They were great hosts, and very sexy. We played strip poker, it was fun. I even mixed beer and vodka and managed to not get sick. We had fun, well kinda… She was really cute and sexy. He was not bad looking but I initially had some reservations. They seemed like alot of fun so I went with it. I should have trusted my instinct.

We started off playing strip poker. Miguel won, as he still had clothes long after we all lost ours. We got a bit uninhibited as we got to know each other better. She tried to share her toys with me, since we were at her place. Oh man! I just said no thanks when I realized they were all jelly and/or TPE. I bring my own toys, thankfully, so nothing was shared. We moved into the bedroom after the game. Miguel and the chic and me with the guy. I didn’t look at his size, and I guess I should have. Really though, you can’t know for sure until it is hard. I hate to sound shallow, but cock size is a bit important. I am not the type that asks, but I may just make it a policy in the future. The guy was small, like too small to enjoy. I gotta give him credit for trying to work it, though. His chic was pretty hot and she seemed to be really happy with Miguel’s equipment. No wonder, really. Miguel isn’t the biggest guy, but his is thick and long enough to get me off. Gah! I am talking about cock size! I never wanted to be that chic that calls for big cock. The best thing you can do, if your cock is really too small for enjoyment, is to try to get off faster. Believe me when I say, nothing is worse than prolonging something I am not enjoying anyways. Don’t fucking give me some shit about not knowing if I am enjoying it, you have to know. Guy obsess about cock size, much more than any woman I have ever met. You know your dick is small, like I know my tits are small. Having to apply lube every 8-10 mins should give you a clue. I realize that some of the longevity can be attributed to condom use. Maybe it was me, my body type or smallish tits, whatever. I don’t know. I walked away from that experience and I wonder why I even bothered. I did get some great glimpses of Miguel enjoying himself. There was even some talk of double penetration, but it just didn’t happen. That would have been cool to watch.

So the hook up wasn’t that great.

Moving on…

Yesterday we had a birthday in my family. These parties are mandatory fun if I want to not be disowned. 120 miles to go to a birthday party! Miguel and I managed to get through it, but by the time we came home we were too tired to do anything and we just fell asleep. Major suckage as I haven’t been laid properly at all this weekend. There is still tonight, and I mean to make it count. We spent most of today taking trips over to the new house. I am exhausted, and the day is not over yet. I am looking forward to a hot shower and a cold beer and some sexy time with Miguel. It is my turn for a good time.

Hey Jealousy

On Friday we had another date with the couple from Monday night. They were excellent hosts and put us right at ease in their home. Drinks, laughs, ……oh and orgasms!

We haven’t had a full swap like this is so many weeks I almost forgot how to act. They had this  “L” shaped leather(?) couch and I couldn’t get warm. We went outside a few times, so I could have a smoke. It took a few hours to get to the point of comfortably. We were all drinking and story telling. It was fun getting to know this couple.

The guy brought a fuzzy blanket out to put over me. There was like, an awkward moment when I looked over and saw Miguel and the girl kissing and groping each other I thought…”I had better be the one to initiate this.” Then I leaned over to kiss the guy. It was a bit weird for me. This couple was really into kissing. The kisses were nice and the guy knew how to touch me to turn me on. I shed my clothes and he did too. I gave him head and he licked my pussy. Miguel and the woman were actually a bit of a distraction getting really rowdy next to us on the couch. The guy came after only a few minutes while we fucked missionary style and then he went to working one of my bullet toys on me. I came so many times listening and watching Miguel and her fuck on the couch next to me. Miguel reached up a few times while he was fucking her and pulled my hair, which sent me into orgasm. I came so much I felt shaky. I am sure it was entertaining to watch me writhe on the couch, but I had to tell him to stop.

Miguel and her were all over the couch fucking. She had a nice tan body body to match her golden hair. He did her missionary, then she got on top, and finally he fucked her doggy style. Miguel gets this sexy look on his face when he fucks. I actually felt jealous. I wanted to be her, getting fucked so good. She was very vocal as well. It was really hot watching them. Miguel ran out of steam after about an hour and they quit. I don’t think he actually came. It was so late when we left to head home. I was totally spent, all out of juice from cuming so much.

We chatted for a few minutes on the drive home, about the hook-up and then I passed out. It seems that we have yet to find a couple that really fulfilled both of us in the same night. Looking back, one of us has always had a better time than the other. Eventually, I am sure the stars will align and we will, all 4 of us, have a fantasic fuck on the same night. It is not impossible, it just seems that lately one of us always has more fun than the other.

The night was not a totally loss for me. I did have multiple orgasms, I just prefer them with cock instead of toys. The next day I could not stop thinking about Miguel fucking that girl. I saw it all day in my head, her long blond hair hanging down over her naked back as she rode his cock. How hot it looked and the sexy sounds she made. It made me so wet to think about.

I was sure to tell Miguel the next day about my jealousy and he took care of my lust all weekend. Sometimes I think the best sex we have is with each other.

Newbie Play

Eyz Wide Shut

Saturday was Eyz Wide Shut night. I do not usually pursue couples at the club. I found some friends and settled in to what I though would be a nice repeat of swaps past. A very sexy female is having a birthday next Saturday and we mused about how fun and hot it would be to make a video. The couple is getting a hotel next Saturday near Eyz so it should be a whole lotta fun!

Anyways, I was sure our hook-up would be with them. Then a very sexy couple walked in. I got a bit bold and approached them. I was very interested in the guy, she was very hot as well. I am not as suave as Miguel. My approach is basically this; “Hey, we think you are hot! Here’s our card. No pressure, but I wanna play with you both. Contact us if you are interested.” Don’t tell me how bad this sounds, I already know. I am not the social butterfly when a hook-up is on the line. Turns out they were brand spanking new, or at least she was, to swinging. Mmm, newbie couple! I literally gave them our card, and told them I hoped they had a good night. It is amazing that this approach produced anything at all

I tried to blow it off. I probably just blew it with them. We danced and drank and socialized with all the regulars. I looked over about an hour later and they were sitting with another couple. This produced a bit of lecture from Miguel about how I need to follow-through a bit more. “Ya, ya I know Babe. I see that now.” Damn it! Oh well! I was still standing next to the sexiest man in the room, I was going to get laid regardless.

We headed over to play, just the two of us. We really haven’t been having as much sex at home, so our sex at the club was so fucking hot. Miguel tried to stop short of cuming, pulled out and everything. “Let’s go back and have some more fun.” “Ya, okay. I just want to cum one more time. Could you rub my clit, Oh yeah! Just like that!” I wanted to taste him so bad, he wouldn’t let me suck his cock. He knew he would explode in my mouth, that I would not stop. I gave him a hand job as he dittled my clit to multiple orgasms. “Please let me taste it. I want you to cum all over me.” He came with a few grunts, standing next to me his cum landed all over my torso. His hand was slick with my cum, as well. It was kind of early, but we had some awesome play time. We headed back to the club to get something to eat. We ended up there for almost an hour. We were pretty spent.

Then the newbie couple approached us. “We want to take you up on your offer.” Oh shit! I looked over at Miguel, but we were already walking over to the other side. I was happy that they felt comfortable enough to approach us. Another round of play, hell yes! Round two actually didn’t go so smoothly. I did make him cum, which kinda pissed her off since when they came over to play earlier he couldn’t cum with her. He didn’t get me off with the sex and he knew it. I think it was the whole pressure of the situation, he had a hard time getting it back up for another round. He had a hard time getting it up the first time, too. Never mind that Miguel had similar problems, this guy was younger than Miguel. Much younger. I only will exert so much into trying to get a guy hard before I just give up. He was pretty determined but I was done. He was pretty embarrassed about it. I kept telling him that it was okay. That there was alot of pressure in the room. He was such a good kisser. I could have spent all night with his mouth. The fact that a dick was part of the package was just a bonus. She was very hot. Despite her saying she had no desire to be with a woman, she had an eager mouth. Her hands explored my body freely. I did not press her for more, I just let it happen. She definitely would have allowed more, but I really wanted her to have control with this first swap. Come to find out she was only 22! I wish I had been so bold at that age.

They have our card. Maybe we will get a chance for a re-match with this sexy duo. I wish Miguel would have been able to rock her more. I would have loved to see that. We watched them for a bit, but performance issues got in the way. Blame it on the condom, the location, the instability of the relationship (they seemed to not know if they were a “couple” or not), the stranger factor, the alcohol, or the fact that another man was in the room. There are so many reasons why he might not have been able to get it up. I will not hold it against him. I think he had too much else to offer and I would welcome another chance to let him rock me. I know he could.

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

6-Some Fun!

Miguel and I headed out to Eyz Wide Shut on Saturday for their Halloween Party. Swingers have the best Halloween parties. The place was packed with sexy people, most were in costume. Miguel and I were dressed up as well.

We both agreed that we needed a full swap for tonight. We don’t usually head out with an agenda other than to have a great time, this night was different. Last week we met a couple at the castle, this week they showed up at Eyz to meet us a again. As soon as I saw the guy I knew we had our play couple for the night. I really like this couple. She is a blond super fun and very sexy, a bit on the wild side but not overly aggressive. She almost reminds me of a porn star, or what I think they would be like anyways. He is very handsome as well and he has a devilish smile, very sexy. I wanted him bad and I told him as much. I made sure to keep tabs on where they were all night, no way we were going to miss playing with them!

A funny thing happened though, another couple that we had previously soft swapped with were there. She is a brunette. They are a very sexy couple, (read all about our last hook-up with them here). We have had much fun playing with this couple, but they were only soft swap. They obviously wanted to play with us as well, so we had a bit of a dilemma. We danced all together to get everyone a bit acquainted. I knew the first couple was down to play. I spoke to the man in the soft swap couple and he said they had never full swapped but that she was very interested in a full swap with us. Okay we had our players, so we headed over to the lodging play.

The details are very clear to me. The place was packed so we had to wait a few minutes in the hall for a room. The room we got had a bed and a lover’s couch in it. I had Miguel bring my bag of toys but we didn’t use any of them. After a few awkward moments everyone stripped down and the fuck fest began. The blond and I were still wearing our stockings, her in white thigh highs and me in lace top fishnets. I can only really tell you my part here, there was so much swapping going on it was hard to keep up with everyone…

I started out by sucking the blond’s man off. I really wanted him. I laid down to give someone better access to me and then I was laying back and I had the guy eating me out and fingering me to orgasm. I looked over and Miguel was playing with the blond -fingering, eating and then fucking her. The brunette and I were making out and her man was eating her out. I laid there for a long time while the players moved around me. Despite Miguel’s best efforts to get over to her, the other guy got to fuck the brunette first. The girls came up each one to me kissing sucking, eating, fingering. I was in heaven! At one point I had four people on me. The brunette found her way down to eat me out, she has such great oral skills and I tried to suck her man off at the same time but I could barely concentrate on it. Yes, She is that good! I fucked the blond’s guy first, then the brunettes man. He is so sexy but he seemed a bit distracted by his chick. I had to remember that this was their first full swap. Although the brunette was a bit used to playing with others with him in the room, he was not. I really didn’t wanna take anything away from him getting to watch her, and I got a feeling we will get to play with them again.

Miguel fucked me after that. I could tell where Miguel was at all the time because he really fucks hard and with him there is always the sound of bodies slapping at a furious pace. The brunette and I played and kissed for a long while, then she went to fuck her man. At this point, Miguel was laying on the lover’s couch with the blond sucking his cock and her man was fucking her from behind. That was such an awesome sight with the big mirror behind them. The brunette was riding her man in a slow orgasmic fuck. The blond had to stop for some reason and I got on the edge of the couch and laid back so he could fuck me. Miguel watched and cheered me on. Then he had me flip over so he could get me doggie style. I sat up and looked at myself in the mirror. Damn, I am turned on just thinking about how hot it looked. I love getting fucked from behind.

There were used condoms and wrappers all over the room. I am pretty sure everyone sucked and fucked each player. This was our first full swap with two couples at the same time. It was hard to pay attention to everyone and I would really like to play with each of these couples again, individually. A 6-some is something I didn’t even know was on our list of things to do, but I can cross it off now anyways! This Halloween party was pretty with legendary, I can’t wait for another chance to play! Yesterday I was still so turned on thinking about the 6-some I couldn’t stop playing with Miguel. This resulted in impromptu mid-day sex and a blow job. (I really love sucking his cock!)

Happy Halloween Lovelies!

Birthday Spankings and a Full Swap

We went out to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa last night to meet a couple.

This couple drove from over 2 hours away to meet us.  I hope we met their every expectation and blew it out of the water.

It was a pretty fun night.  I started out early drinking rum and pepsi before we even left the house,  (I have decided it is better than rum and coke, lol!). I decided to wear a risque little outfit that is mostly see threw black nylon with a g-string.  I also wore my fishnet stockings and my black high heels.  I am usually a bit more conservative, but last night I felt a bit frisky!  When we got there the couple was also pulling up and so we met them in the parking lot.

He was very handsome and tall, with a nice fit frame.  She was a sexy brunette, with a nice ass.  She seemed a bit conservative in her appearance.  She was wearing jeans and a nice dress shirt.  I felt really under dressed!  It turns out that she was just a bit shy, so the fact that we met her criteria  was awesome.  She was such a hot number!!!  We had a few drinks and gave them the tour of the club and the lodging.  The DJ did a great job and he played all our favorite songs so we got to dance quite a bit.  She did something really cool and danced with Miguel.  I knew we were going to have a whole lot of fun with them once we got them next door…..and I was right!


We picked out a room after a few hours of partying at the club.  As soon as we got in we all got down to naked and swapped partners.  She really liked the lovers couch they had in the room and I chose the bed with mirrors strategically placed above and beside it.  The guy and I started off kissing  (he was pretty good at that)  and fondling each other before he planted his face in between my legs to taste my pussy and flick his tongue over my clit.  The view of him in between my legs might have been enough to get me off,  but he had great oral skills so I came all over his face a few times.  When I glimpsed over at Miguel he had his face buried in her pussy too.  She had her labia pierced but was not ultra sensitive there and Miguel really looked like he was enjoying himself.  The next time I looked over she was on him and sucking his cock like a champ.  About the same time my guy was pulling his face out of my pussy and he stood up, so I could have access to his cock.  After a few minutes the guy started fumbling around for a condom.  At this point, I got to watch Miguel and her get into a more accommodating position,  side ways on the couch,  and him begin to fuck her with gusto.  I laid back and the guy had his now condom-ed cock ready for entrance.  He was a bit longer than Miguel but his cock was thinner.  I told him to go easy on me since I was not quite used-to something so long in my pussy.  I am sure this stroked his ego and he did go easy on me,  at first anyways.


At some point Miguel and her stopped fucking and she came over to the bed.  I think she went down on me first.  She was damned good at licking clit!  I learned later that I she normally doesn’t do that,  but she wanted to for me.  *blushes*  Miguel had brought my pink paddle along and he had me lay on my stomach so I could get my birthday spankings in.  He gave me few nice swats before he gave the paddle to her.  She went really easy on my and lightly caressed my back and buttocks with the paddle before giving me a light swat.  Then she kissed and licked my back and butt, it was very sensual and a huge turn-on.  She was really fucking hot!!  When the spankings were over I got her to sit on my face a bit before turning her over so that I could finger fuck her and lick her clit at the same time.  She was shaved clean and smooth and her pussy tasted neutral.  I could have licked her clit all night,  but I know Miguel wanted to finish fucking her,  and I wanted to watch!  Afterward we learned that she likes her labia ring to be pulled,  a missed opportunity to please her!!  She was too shy to tell us, and he didn’t say anything until after the fact.   Anyways,  Miguel went back to fucking her on the bed and the guy went to fucking me doggie style…my favorite.  I had a nice view of Miguel slamming his cock into her drenched pussy.  I wish you all could of heard the sounds, it was so fucking sexy!   Miguel didn’t last long fucking her,  she was pretty vocal and such a hot chick!  The guy licked my asshole and pussy from behind then he put his cock in and he fucked me doggie style.  I had Miguel get my little vibe out of my purse and give it to me.  I rubbed that vibe on my clit and had a really awesome orgasm as he fucked me.


It was a really awesome night with a really sexy couple!  I know that Miguel and I had a great time!

Today is my birthday and we are suppose to go out to Eyz Wide Shut again.  My favorite party host is bringing in a cake for me and I think the rumor is that I might get a sexy lap dance….?  We’ll see in a few hours!!

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!