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Erotic Pole Dancing DVD

The Erotic Pole Dancing DVD has sexy moves you can learn at home, and at your own pace. The DVD is made by LovingSex and has an intro by Dr. Patti Britton. Dr. Britton was the president of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) from 2006-2008. She has helped thousands of couples enhance their sexuality through her workshops, DVD’s, on ivillage.com and on her website yoursexcoach.com. The video features instruction by two professional dancers with their own studio in New York and 5 couples who are trying out pole dancing for the first time. I say couple’s here and not just women because the men make special appearances in the interview clips and in the last two chapters.

I got this DVD from FunWares for review and I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical. I have a slow learning curve especially when it comes to any kind of dance. Could a DVD really break it down enough for me to make it look good? Umm, well I am actually still working on it. In the meantime this Erotic Pole Dancing DVD is giving me a good workout. The instructors in the video are Wendy and Tracy Traskos. They break down all the moves at a really fast pace. The Chapters on the video are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Stretching and Warm-Up
  3. Transitions
  4. Tricks and Choreography
  5. Climbing
  6. Routine Workout
  7. Variations
  8. Pole Seduction
  9. Lover’s Climax

The instructional portion of the video goes really fast. Rewind and do that again for me, fast! To be honest, the instructors are intimidating. Both of them have 6 pack abs and perfect little bodies. While the two professionals are giving instruction, the video cuts to 5 women who are learning the moves as well. They are looking awkward and trying to catch up right along with the instructor’s neck-breaking pace, too. They are all at their supposed homes and they are all typical women. These woman do not look like they do porn at all. They are real woman, not perfect barbie stick figures! So after rewinding and playing the same move over and over(well that’s what I did anyways), you can see how these real woman make it look. I think anyone could learn these moves watching these women, I just needed to see it more than once!

The same women are all featured throughout every chapter doing every move. It looks like it is all done on the same day, since they don’t change clothes until chapter 8. I really loved this aspect… Chapter 8 shows the women doing the routine for their men. Some of them look really good and they are just using the moves taught on the instructional part. It is a bit awkward for some and really inspirational at the same time. After all of them demonstrate a bit for their men, it cuts back to Dr. Patti Britton and she tries to illicit inspiration for having fun with being sexy. The video then goes back to the women and interviews them with their husbands.

Chapter 9 shows the men’s reaction, and guess what…right after the erotic pole dance every couple has sex! This is real couple’s sex with people that know each other. Unfortunately, the jazz music in the background almost ruins the romance. I thought the sex looked genuine. It was almost soft porn with the only the guys getting some head and then straight sex. It was a turn on only because after watching the girls try so hard to get their man excited I wanted them to get some good sex!

This was the most original workout DVD I have ever seen!

The DVD is 70 minutes long. It has a few bonus items like: Sexuality Info which includes Tips from Dr. Patti Britton, General Sexuality Info and Help on the Web. It has previews of other LovingSex DVD’s available and a Bonus Scene that is over 6 mins long from Modern Tantra Workshop which is another DVD from LovingSex. Oh and this DVD includes an audio cd as well but all the music sounds like porn music from the 80′s. I only listened to one song, but it was enough for me to know it is not quite my style. While this DVD may not appeal to everyone, I really liked the genuineness of this DVD and the woman that starred in it. I like that it was entertaining and instructional.

I wanna thank FunWares for sending me this Erotic Pole Dancing DVD to review as well as the MiPole Professional Dance Pole so I could try to learn how to pole dance. FunWares has one of the largest inventories of Sex Toys and adult products on the web. Check out their discreet fast shipping and low, low prices!

Review Summary
A Sex Positive Workout DVD

I was supplied this toy free of charge from FunWares in exchange for an un-biased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.