Review: CRIMINAL ZOO by Sean McDanielCriminal Zoo by Sean McDaniel
Published by Rare Bird Books on November 15th 2016
Pages: 352
Genres: Fiction, Psychological
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Like millions of children, Samuel Bradbury comes from a broken home. Yet he still enjoys the everyday activities of being a kid: playing basketball, shooting his air rifle, and hanging out. Something else, however, exists inside Samuelsomething that sets him apart from other children. He enjoys killing. Samuel's murderous impulses follow him into manhood and his lethal actions ultimately land him in the Criminal Zoosociety's final answer to a problem as old as mankind. His days are filled with suffering, as visitors with revenge in mind are allowed physical interaction with the inmates. He exists in torturous misery and all hope is lost. Death, an unattainable early release, becomes his only desire. An unexpected guest, however, changes everything; a surprise visit will decide Samuel's fate. This is his story."

Reading time 2 mins

What did I just read? This is a book about a really messed up individual who thinks he is becoming a God. It started out kinda sad and I felt bad for the main character Samuel. Then I felt a bit disgusted, then I just felt terrified.

The Criminal Zoo is a new option for criminals because the death penalty is no more. The Criminal Zoo is for the most disturbed inmates who now can’t use insanity to get out of trouble. It is open to the public and allows people to inflict pain on inmates. It’s a place where people can pay to take out their frustrations on a human being deemed unworthy to enter back into society. For those inmates, the Criminal Zoo is hell on earth. Samuel is an exhibit in the Criminal Zoo.

Samuel thinks back on his childhood, his failing marriage, and the acts he committed that sealed his fate. Samuel’s story is really heartbreaking, but then it is really disturbing too. Is his behavior due to his childhood, or was it in his nature? That’s for you to decide as you follow Samuel down the rabbit hole.

This book scared me but I was unable to put it down. I was uncomfortable reading it but felt compelled to follow Samuel into the dark. Criminal Zoo is well written for sure, to draw these emotions out of me. I think how well you enjoy this book will really depend on how squeamish you are. I am not really so enjoyed this book a lot, but it definitely is not for everyone.

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Sean McDaniel, born in Durango, CO, grew up on the plains of southeastern New Mexico. At the age of twenty-five, he founded Plaza Fitness Health Club, and is also a contributing editor for MuscleMag International. He lives in Billings, MT.

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