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Us Lately


From Urban Dictionary:   Soft Swap- To share spouses/mates with another to the point of digital and/or oral copulation only Full Swap- sex with another couple where both couples swap partners, such as the guy from one couple with the girl from the other couple and vice-versa. This is often done in the same room

Communication Breakdown


Swinging won’t fix a broken relationship. I have to say this again because we keep running into couples that actually think it will. I’m sorry. If you are on the outs, or just getting back together from being on the outs, this isn’t a good time. A swinging relationship takes work, more work even then

Mojo Back

Adult_Dating_-_International_Swingers_Symbol_125x125_thumb.jpg 1265090033

We tried to do something different this past Saturday night. In case you don’t know, Saturday is our official date night. We almost always go out. Unless one of us is sick, or we have no money (actually, even then we still try). This Saturday we were going to try to go to a local

Sexy Single

We had a date with what was suppose to be a couple on Wednesday. I am not sure where we met this couple…craiglist, aff? Probably craiglist. The couple ended up not really being a couple. It was a married female and one of her boyfriends on the side. I am not going to assume I

On Rejection


One of the most awkward things in the lifestyle is rejection. Most swingers are friendly happy people. How do you say “no” to people you want to remain friends with? Not every couple is equally sexy. I am sure a lot of people could say that about Miguel and I. I have a whole list

The Duchess


Looking for a little rabbit that delivers strong clitoral vibes? I am always looking for strong clitoral vibes from a rabbit. Since my clitoris is the center of my sexual pleasure, I gravitate toward toys that know how to rock it. I was really excited to see what Cal Exotics sent me this month. The Duchess has strong clitoral vibes in a pretty package. It is part of the Precious Metals line. It is nice to look at and easy to use.


Materials: TPR (vibrator) ABS with Metallic Plating (controller) Silicone (buttons)

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 1.5″ (3.5” x 1.25”/shaft, 1.5” x 1”/stimulator)


The Duchess is a rabbit style vibrator with two motors. It has a special little bump on the shaft. For some reason, I think the bump won me over. The shaft “rotates” or more like moves in a circle. It is suppose to hit the g-spot, close but not for me. The clitoral vibration on this rabbit are a bit loud, but powerful. The powerful vibrations are just what I need. The bump is part of the texture of the shaft. The shaft has enough texture to make thrusting fun. The bump + the strong clitoral vibes make this rabbit a big win for me.


The clitoral arm comes to a soft point. The point carries vibrations well and is great for pin point stimulation. The clitoral arm will flex back with force, and it provides good pressure on the clitoris. The shaft also comes to a soft point that makes it easy to insert. TPE is safe to use with water-based and silicone based lubricants. The Duchess is waterproof.

The Duchess takes 3 AAA batteries. The bottom of the base unscrews to reveal the battery compartment which slides out. The Duchess has a two button interface. The top button controls the clitoral arm and the button controls the shaft. The motors for this toy work independently so you can pick the combo that works best for you. The clitoral arm has 5 functions and so does the shaft. The first three functions are increases in speed of the clitoral arm. I like the second level the best. the vibrations are very, very buzzy. The shaft rotates one way, the the other, then it alternates, and has two pulsing/alternating rotations.



The Duchess can be cleaned with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. I really like the look of this vibe with all the shiny metal. I can clearly see the pole in the shaft and the bullet in the clitoral shaft. I like that I can see part of the inner workings without it looking tacky. The clear TPR is part of the look for this rabbit.


The packaging for the Duchess is a plastic box. It is not discrete, but what ever is from Cal Exotics.


  • Strong Clitoral Shaft motor
  • Pretty design
  • Easy to use
  • Feels nice thrusting
  • Two motors can be used independantly
  • TPR cannot be steralized, not safe for sharing
  • A bit loud, will be heard through a closed door
  • Takes batteries
  • No storage pouch

The Duchess comes in purple, pink and blue. (I think the blue is nicest looking) I think this toy will work for most women. It is hard for me to like TPR but this toy (and the bump) really did it for me. The Duchess can be purchased here.


Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

©KissinBlueKaren 2010-2013


Charms Silk


Key is the new line of toys by Jopen. Jopen is known for their Vanity luxury line of sex toys and for introducing us to the Intensity. I am a fan of Jopen, but I think they are a bit expensive. Key by Jopen is a nice alternative luxury line, with a much better price tag. All the Key toys are made with the premium silicone and most of them take batteries.

Materials: Premium Silicone & Stainless Alloy

Dimensions: 3.5″ x 1″


First of all I gotta say that I really loved the packaging for this vibe. 1 The vibe came nestled in foam. Under the foam is where you find the instructions for care and the storage pouch.

Charms Silk


The storage pouch is black and was bit stiff but has a drawstring and keeps the silicone lint free. The pouch says Key on the tag. I like the tag since it will help me identify it in the draw amongst all the other black bags.


Charms Silk is actually a plastic bullet with a silicone slip sleeve over it. The sleeve is made of silicone and has a scattered line texture to it. I love the turquoise color of the Charms Silk, don’t you? It is a nice break from pink and purple. The pink and purple version of this toy has a different textures. The sleeve is a bit difficult to take off. I haven’t really figured out the trick to it. The bullet has a velvety smooth feeling and could probably be used without the slip sleeve. Why would you want to do that? I don’t know but thought I should mention it.

The Charms features a one button motor which is on the base. The vibe only has one high level of vibrations but has 5 different patterns. The strongest vibrations are located on the tip, which is right where they should be. To turn it off you have to hold the button down for 2 seconds. The button is flush with the toy so it wasn’t in the way during play. The Charms Silk takes one AA battery, which is not included. The battery compartment opens and closed with a slide lock. It is a bit inconvenient since the silicone slip sleeve ends at the exact end where the base disconnects.



I found the vibrations to be moderately strong. They were quite enough for me to get off. The Charms Silk can be used for shallow internal vibrations. It will only be able to go in about 2.5″, so….probably not gonna be hitting any g-spots. The texture feels kinda nice on the vaginal entrance. I prefer to use this vibe externally with a small amount of water based lube. It feels really nice all over the labia and especially on the clitoris.

Charms Silk

The Charms Silk is easy to clean with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. The vibe is completely waterproof. The slip sleeve can be removed for detailed cleaning or boiling. The Charms Silk is pretty quiet and can barely be heard across the room. It would not be heard through covers and definitely not through a closed door.

I really liked the Charms Silk. I am excited about what else Key by Jopen has to offer. This vibe is a good value for the money. It also comes with a one year warranty. The Charms Silk can be purchased here.

Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

©KissinBlueKaren 2010-2013

  1. I had beautiful pictures of this toy and it’s package but I “lost” them when my computer broke.

Computer Breakdown


My work schedule has kept me from writing anything useful this week. I used to be less understanding when people told me they had “no time” to blog. The past four days I have enjoyed less than 3 wakeful hours at home. Just to make things worse, one of those precious hours was wasted in “car circles” waiting for little people. I love my little people, but I hate car circles.) So now I get it when people say they have “no time”. I am enjoying a day off right now. I was a bit shocked by the amount of things I found in my e-mail related to my site.

While checking those e-mails on Tuesday, my computer went black. It shut off and decided not to come back on. My Asus died on a Tuesday and there was nothing I could do about it. I am in a serious sweat to try to extract my content from my old hard drive. The fact that I could pull the hard drive out shows me how much I have evolved since I started this blog.

Okay, so Asus has recovered from a virus and held thousands of images and dozens of videos for me. It was witness to various encounters and my place to vent about crazy folks. It was a place I found my socially awkward self a place to be cool in the online world. I was recently diagnosed with a panic disorder. I have to confess that I am actually a socially awkward shy person. People who have met me would probably not believe it. I mask this unflattering world view with alcohol and feigned confidence. I worry about what people actually think of me, although their opinion is really none of my business. I fret over getting all the details of my appearance just right, and I am seldom happy with the outcome. I want to be honest with you, so you know who you are dealing with.

I bought a new laptop, a Sony Vaio. It is a bit of an upgrade since it features Windows 8 and a touchscreen. Windows 8 is totally different. I have been using Windows 7 for a long time. (Please don’t try to talk my into a Mac, I will never go there) I am in the process of recovering pictures and music. I will let you know how it goes.

I got a lot of reviews to do. Loads of contests just ended. I got more giveaways coming up as well… Oh and another website asked me to do a “class” with them next week. It is a Swinger intro class, so I will be answering questions and talking about my experience. I am a bit nervous. I promise to share all my awkwardness here for you to enjoy/laugh at.

I found myself on twitter this week. Trying to get some inspiration and maybe see if anyone else has suffered computer death and lived to tell the tale. I found some nice people who are trying to help me. @DomSigns from Molly’s Daily Kiss. (Yes folks, the #1 blogger from the top 100 sexy blogs 2012) I am so grateful for the time they have taken to try to help me. I am hopeful that I can get some content recovered. If not I guess that is all the more reason to the camera out…

Tantus Charmer Winner


I picked a winner for the Tantus Charmer giveaway, (actually rafflecoptor picked one, but whatever). Thanks to everyone who played and shared my contest and and content around the web! I loved all the extra comments you left for extra entries….and you are welcome for the free entry option, I will have that on every giveaway, from now on!

Also a big THANKS to Vibrations Direct for offering up the Tantus Charmer for this giveaway!

vibrationslogo (1)

If you didn’t win, don’t be sad. I will have another giveaway coming soon…


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Bondage Giveaway Winners!


Thanks to everyone who played and shared the contest. You made this contest popular and I really appreciate all the places I saw it advertised!

Congratulations to the winners!

Sex T. will be getting the bed Bondage Restraint Kit…I hope she reviews it for her website SexToyReviewLand!

John P. will be getting the Spread the love Bar, I hope they have fun with it!

Thanks again to Play Passions for allowing me to host the giveaway! Be sure to check out their store and see their hand picked merchandise. They only carry the best toys and accessories!


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Girl on Girl

Adult_Dating_-_International_Swingers_Symbol_125x125_thumb.jpg 1265090033

I had a really interesting few days off. I slept all day Thursday after working Wednesday night and then we went out. Miguel had scheduled what we both thought would just be a meet and greet with a local couple. He mentioned they were “new”. When we met the couple at a local bar they explained that they had only been with one other couple. She was a bit experienced, but for him this was all new. For this couple the interest really was in girl/girl and soft swap due to his apprehension. Interesting since it is usually just the opposite. Anyways, we chatted for about 4-5 drinks and then they took us home.

Once we got to their place they offered us a drink and we made some small talk. I would try and run down all the details but they are a bit foggy. Fast forward to naked on the king sized bed. Once we got there it was all lips and labia, nipples and tongue, fingers and frigging. We kissed and explored each other, the guys watched with their cocks in their hands. I can remember that she tasted very good and I licked and sucked her clit while I finger fucked her. I enjoyed fucking her and she seemed happy fucking me. Like we couldn’t get enough of each other. We both lent a hand or a mouth to the guys so they wouldn’t feel left out but then rushed back to each other. I sucked Miguel’s cock as if I only had this night to enjoy it while she licked and sucked me. Miguel had to push me off of him more than a few times so he didn’t cum right then. The sexual depravity that occurred in this room was a rare event. I came on her thigh, her fingers and her face. She was drenched and came as I fingered her g-spot while I licked and rubbed her clit. This went on for a few hours until we finished the night off by each fucking our men until them came real good.

It was a really hot night. No pictures sorry, you will just have to use your imagination. I wish I had it on video, I know it would have been hot to watch. I enjoy being watched, knowing Miguel is enjoying the view. I am sure her man didn’t mind the scene this night either. I can tell you that I was actually sore from all the girl on girl that occurred. My nipples were sore the whole next day. They usually don’t get that much attention. Shame really, because I do enjoy nipple play. Of course my pussy was sore as well, but I am a bit more used to that.

This experience is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind when we started to swing. It is unfortunate that all encounters are not like this. I think we may have made them both want to explore more with swinging together. He expressed that he had a great time and was very happy no boundaries were crossed. I tweeted wrong when I said I enjoyed showing this couple how to swing. I doubt I taught her anything. I just hope he feels better about swinging now. After this experience, I know I do.