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Us Lately


From Urban Dictionary:   Soft Swap- To share spouses/mates with another to the point of digital and/or oral copulation only Full Swap- sex with another couple where both couples swap partners, such as the guy from one couple with the girl from the other couple and vice-versa. This is often done in the same room

Communication Breakdown


Swinging won’t fix a broken relationship. I have to say this again because we keep running into couples that actually think it will. I’m sorry. If you are on the outs, or just getting back together from being on the outs, this isn’t a good time. A swinging relationship takes work, more work even then

Mojo Back

Adult_Dating_-_International_Swingers_Symbol_125x125_thumb.jpg 1265090033

We tried to do something different this past Saturday night. In case you don’t know, Saturday is our official date night. We almost always go out. Unless one of us is sick, or we have no money (actually, even then we still try). This Saturday we were going to try to go to a local

Sexy Single

We had a date with what was suppose to be a couple on Wednesday. I am not sure where we met this couple…craiglist, aff? Probably craiglist. The couple ended up not really being a couple. It was a married female and one of her boyfriends on the side. I am not going to assume I

On Rejection


One of the most awkward things in the lifestyle is rejection. Most swingers are friendly happy people. How do you say “no” to people you want to remain friends with? Not every couple is equally sexy. I am sure a lot of people could say that about Miguel and I. I have a whole list

A Good Match


We met them at a hotel, just north of were we live. Miguel didn’t give me details.  “We have a date tonight. We are leaving at eight. Can you try to be ready by then?” My only question for him was “Couple or single?” He and I both agree that details for me are not necessary. He understands my taste. He also understands that I can ruin a whole night with questions. I will question us right out of having a good time. Blind trust is best.

“A couple, new people”, he said. New surely meant new to us, not to the lifestyle. He only told me their names. I jumped in the shower and got myself ready. Shower, shave, lotion, make-up, hair…what to wear? I honestly never know what to wear on these dates. A few times we met couples and I dressed up, really sexy attire. Only to have them be very casual. I felt so uncomfortable on those dates. It seemed better to be a bit over dressed and at least comfortable this time. It was chilly outside so I wore jeans, a nice blouse, and sneakers.

We arrived at the hotel a bit after nine. It was a bit of a drive but we arrived right on time. They were a cute couple. A bit younger then us, I suppose. They had a new baby in the house. They were “seasoned swingers.” There were no stupid rules of engagement, no jealousy here. She wore a black and white spandex dress which covered only one shoulder. The guy was dressed as casual as Miguel in jeans and a dress shirt. Neither of them were wearing shoes.

They were nice. We chatted for a bit and agreed this was a good match. The talking rambled on. This was the type of nervous chatter of people not sure how to proceed. I wish we had brought cards, or something to ease us into it. Seasoned doesn’t always guarantee aggressive. Someone had to move this to the next level. I made a bold move. I went to the bathroom and came out wearing only bra and panties. I returned to the conversation, and they all started to remove their clothes. Everyone relived we were making sexy progress. Miguel and the woman were on the bed, getting closer. The guy was sitting on the chair facing the bed. I moved to my knees in front of him and I kissed him. No more talking, just kissing.

He had a broad chest with no hair. Sexy, smooth. He kissed really well. Enveloping me into the kiss with force and just enough tongue to leave me wanting more. His lips soft on my skin he kissed down my neck. I removed my bra and panties, he slipped out of his shorts. I got down on my knees and put his cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked his already hard cock. I took my time and deep-throated, letting him know how bad I wanted it. How turned on his tongue had made me. How turned on I was to have his wife sucking Miguel’s cock just a few feet away.

We moved to the bed and he got down on his knees between my legs. I laid on the foot edge of the bed with my legs drawn up to give him better access to my pussy. The girl moved over and started to play with my nipples, licking and sucking them. Miguel walked over and smacked my face with his cock. I turned toward him just in time to see her take Miguel’s cock and engulf it right in front of my face. I licked his balls and under shaft when she pulled back. She and I took turns sucking and licking his cock. Miguel enjoyed this for a while and then he moved so her man could take his turn being sucked off by both of us.

We all shifted around after that and ended up laying next to each other. Me with the guy and Miguel with her. The guy got on top of me and grabbed my legs and spread them, bending them at the knees next to my head. I grabbed his cock and guided it into me. It slid all the way in. He pulled back almost all the way and rammed his cock in again. He fucked me like that for a while, all the way in and then pulling back slowly. Then he pulled in close for a slow fuck. His cock sliding in and out, it was all smell and sweat and sensation. His cock felt much like Miguel in length and girth. It wasn’t the same since his fucking style was different, but it was equally enjoyable.

Looking over I saw Miguel fucking her fast and furious. He had her flipped over doggie style. Her face making a perfect “o”. Miguel had one foot cocked up on the bed and his hands on her hips. The guy asked me where he wanted me to cum. I told him to cum all over my stomach. He thrust a few dozen more times and then pulled out, pulling the condom, and squirted cum all over me.

This was a very good match. I wiped my stomach off and got dressed. Miguel and the girl finished up. We left the hotel a few minutes before they did. With kids at home, neither of us could have stayed all night. Miguel and I got home and had sex again. Not because we needed to make up for a bad match, but because it was such a turn on to be so close with a great couple.

Writer’s Block Sucks


If I had courage, I would write about all the things that have been on my mind lately. I would tell you about our last hook up and how little sex Miguel and I have had together lately. My courage escapes me. It is almost non-existent these days. I have fear about my fears and I am struggling with keeping my scattered life together right now. I am unhappy with my schedule, but happy about my work. I am distancing myself from those I love and that is painful. I feel alone mostly these days, because I am alone. I am isolated in this life right now.

If I was witty at all, I could write up about the sexy things rolling around in my thoughts. I have sex on my mind, but the words don’t flow right. I feel dry not being able to express my sexuality. I feel disenchanted with toys lately. I want the flesh. I want the closeness of my lover on top of me. The scent of him all over me. It is not for lack of desire. I know we both want to be together, but time and schedules keep us apart.

I have to keep reminding myself it won’t always be like this. Even if it doesn’t change much, it isn’t all bad. But it will change, it has to. When I summon the nerve, I will write about everything. I will tell you about my battle with this silence and how I won.

Once upon a time the only thing that kept me from writing was time. Now the inspiration is not there. Writer’s block sucks.

I am sure I am not alone. As a blogger, I struggle sometimes to say what I mean and keep it interesting. As a sex blogger the shit is even more complicated. Keep it sexy, always. Sometimes it is easier to say what really happened, sometimes I get bored with that. I hit a brick wall this week with my creative writing. It has been too long since I had sexy inspiration. I have been reading other blogs and feeling less than adequate. I started out just looking for inspiration and I did feel inspired to blog something. But then what is it that you want from me? I might change my whole style. Then again I might not. HowToDefeatWritersBlock

I can’t blame blogs entirely. I have been studying a whole lot as well. I have found a new religion in the sciences of the mind and of the world around me. This awareness has me mentally awed at what I am missing. It’s is like finding something new in my backyard. The thing was there the whole time, I just never noticed it. I need to get back to questioning everything. I take so much for granted, even my pattern of thinking. Complacency needs to stop right here, right now. No more faith without absolute proof. No more taking someone’s word for it. Question everything!

Anyways, that is where I am at right now. I am hoping to publish this and send these thoughts out to you. Hopefully it will give me the release I need.


Comet G Wand


Beautiful and functional this g-spot toy is a wonderful surprise. The Comet G Wand is the best g-spot sex toy I have ever used. Admittedly, I am not a g-spot girl. I have only a few toys that work for me hitting my g-spot. But, I use this toy every chance I get. This g-spot gem works for me every time.

Materials: Glass dipped in silicone, Stainless alloy emblem

Dimensions: 7.5″ x 1.5″ (5″ insertable)


Glass dipped in silicone? I didn’t get it at first. This is the perfect toy for anyone wanting to try glass, but too nervous to commit to buying. I love that this toy combines my two favorite materials for sex toys. As far as I know, the Comet G is the first toy that combines these materials. There is an indention where the materials meet making me think the glass under the silicone must be thinner. The glass gives this toy a firm shape under the silicone. The handle and the silicone end have a bit of lined texture, it was nothing I could feel in use. The silicone has the slightest bit of drag. Add a little bit of water-based lubricant and this toy slides right in. I like the look and feel of this toy.

Both Silicone and glass are easy to clean and care for. Key by Jopen toys come with a lint free storage pouch. The toy will still need to be cleaned before and after use. I use soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. Glass and silicone are both materials that do not harbor bacteria. With a bit of care this toy will last a very long time.


Like the Charms Silk from Key by Jopen, the Comet G comes in a deluxe package. The Comet G is nestled in foam. There is informative slide box over the cardboard box. The black box is discreet-ish. The Package contains a lint free storage pouch under the foam that will help to keep this toy lint free. Like with the Charms Silk, the pouch is stiff and has the key logo on it.




It is hard to look at the Comet g and not mention how closely it resembles the njoy Pure Wand. It is similar but the difference is what is making this toy my preference. The weight for one thing. Although both the Pure Wand and the Comet G are both weighted toys, the Comet G is about 1/2 lb lighter. It weighs 1 lb. The Pure Wand can be used at either end, and the Comet G cannot. I prefer the smaller end of the Pure Wand, while the large size of the Comet G works perfect for me as well. I cannot explain this, my g-spot has it’s own preferences.

I found that the Pure wand required a bit of practice to get it to work. I didn’t need any practice with this toy. This toy found my g-spot very easily and worked well with other clitoral toys. The firmness of this toy is great for adding pressure to the g-spot. I like a bit of pressure and I found manipulating this toy was much easier than the Pure Wand. The curve in this toy is great for rocking/thrusting. The head is rounded and comfortably hits g-spot. The large bulb shaped head gives this toy a bit of pop at the vaginal entrance. I really liked this because it creates a bit of a “pop” at the vaginal entrance.

The Comet G is a large toy. I don’t consider myself a size queen and I had no trouble using this. I always warm up a bit first with a clitoral toy. The thing that saves this toy for me is that it is so curved. I didn’t have a problem with it being too big because I don’t have to insert all of it to enjoy the g-spot action. The fact that it is so tapered means it slides in easily after you get past the head. Admittedly, the glass doesn’t work so well with lubrication. The handle will be really slick if you get lube on it. I didn’t even come close to getting lube on it, so this wasn’t really a problem for me.


The pictures don’t show it well, but the handle has a purple tint to it. The Comet G comes in blue, purple or pink. The Comet G comes with a year warranty. You have to register the product first to enjoy the warranty. I would recommend this toy to any girl who want to enjoy g-spot play. The Comet G can be purchased here.


Review Summary
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

©KissinBlueKaren 2010-2013

Carrie’s Story Blog Tour Giveaway

cleis press

Cleis Press has agreed that I should host a giveaway for this BDSM story. I loved this book and I want you to win a paperback copy for yourself. Please check out my review and see why I loved this book. For more Carrie’s Story reviews please check out the blog tour.


Carrie’s Story is regarded as one of the finest erotic novels ever written—smart, devastatingly sexy, and, at times, shocking. In this new era of “BDSM romance,” à la Fifty Shades of Grey, the whips and cuffs are out of the closet and “château porn” has given way to mommy porn. Carrie’s Story remains at the head of the class. Imagine The Story of O starring a Berkeley Ph.D. in comparative literature who moonlights as a bike messenger, has a penchant for irony, and loves self-analysis as much as anal pleasures. Set in both San Francisco and the more château-friendly Napa Valley, Weatherfield’s deliciously decadent novel takes you on a sexually-explicit journey into a netherworld of slave auctions, training regimes, and enticing “ponies” (people) preening for dressage competitions. Desire runs rampant in this story of uncompromising mastery and irrevocable submission. 

Molly Weatherfield, the pen name of Pam Rosenthal, is also the author of Safe Word, the sequel to Carrie’s Story. A prolific romance and erotica writer, she has penned many sexy, literate, historical novels. She lives in San Francisco.

carrie's story

This contest is open to US residents only and ends 4/11/2013.

Good luck!

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Carrie’s Story -Blog Tour Review

cleis press

I am a big fan of BDSM. The players, the clothes, the scenes …makes my mind wander. I am intrigued by the lives of people that deal absolutely in pain and pleasure. I have read loads of BDSM, even before I knew what the letters stand for. I knew about Carrie before I read this book. I have read the reviews and I had an idea. Like flocks of others, I even read Fifty Shades. It made me think I knew what the book Carrie’s Story would be like. I didn’t. This book is different, it is the original tale of a woman who decides to become a slave.

Carrie’s Story is brilliantly written. The character of Carrie is strong and willing. She submits beautifully to a world I hope really exists.

carrie's story

Things about this story seem fake, too good to be true, too harsh to be tolerated. This is fiction though. As fiction goes Carrie might be the heroine I have always wanted. She is cool. The author portrays Carrie as a young brave woman discovering her sexuality and exploiting her submissiveness. I adore her. I want to be that cool. The book is written in first person. We see inside Carrie’s mind as she submits.

Carrie meets Jonathan at a party. Jonathan invites Carrie to be his slave and opens her up to a world she never knew existed. The relationship progresses and Carrie’s training takes a new twist as Jonathan begins to train her for the next step in submission. She goes into pony training for a spell. Although I didn’t think I would enjoy it, I found I had to follow Carrie there. Carrie’s Story delivers on the secret world of pony-training and makes it seem not only believable, but also quite bearable. Carrie’s journey doesn’t end there. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but Carrie’s journey takes us for an unforgettable ride into slavery as I never imagined it.

There is an interesting thing about Carrie’s Story that is very different then other BDSM I have read. Carrie submits without regard to who or what she is submitting. She is a slave entire. There is not selfish gain in her slavery. The “relationship” she has with Jonathan is not the focus of her submission. She submits for her own growth. There seems to be no end to what she endures and no need for her to be validated from him alone. I find this sort of submission so alluring and frightening at the same time. This sort of submission is dangerous, in reality, but very entertaining.

Carrie’s Story is a bit explicit in its sexual detail but it doesn’t not read like smut. I found this book sexy and smart. It gave my erotic reading a smart story line and a character I could admire. Carrie’s Story is written by Molly Weatherfield (the alter ego of an award winning romance writer). The author brilliantly allows us to peer into Carrie’s thoughts to see her way of thinking. I highly recommend this book as well as the sequel Safe Word.

I received this book from Cleis Press for review. Soon after I started reading it, I came to the conclusion that I needed it on my kindle as well, so I could read it at work. I have this book in paperback and in digital format. I liked it that much. Carrie’s Story can be purchased here and here.

Molly Weatherfield, the pen name of Pam Rosenthal, is also the author of Safe Word, the sequel to Carrie’s Story. A prolific romance and erotica writer, she has penned many sexy, literate, historical novels. She lives in San Francisco.

You can find Molly on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MollyWeatherfield and on Twitter at @PamRosenthal (https://twitter.com/PamRosenthal).

Blog Tour Schedule

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I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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An Open Book -My Life In Chapters



This week the TMI Tuesday blog had a fun challenge. I accept. I was really excited about this particular TMI because I have often thought about writing out my story. I broke it up into lessons. I was going to write out the years, but they don’t describe the lessons as much. Some lessons had to go back and be repeated. I want to share my story because I know some of you can relate. This is just a fun little snippet.


If your life were a book, what would the parts or chapters be titled?


Chapter 1- The Abuse. 

I wish it could start out happy. It didn’t so I can’t. My childhood was full of scars. Death and abuse marred my innocence. I learned not to rely on people to save me. I ran into a theme of loss and abuse over the years, but I eventually was able to break the cycle. This painful chapter would give you a clue about my survival.

Chapter 2- The Rebellion.

This is where I put my stubborn pride and things I did selfishly. I wanted to show the world I wasn’t afraid. This part of my life was also pretty painful but I learned more control. I hurt people who loved me but I also learned to be selfish enough to cut painful things out of my life. My shameful secrets would be here, some had no purpose.

Chapter 3- The Miracles. 

These segments get a whole chapter because my whole world changed. My focus shifted from self preservation to self sacrifice. I dodged more than a few bullets in my life. I have witnessed miracles and some years I spent in complete awe of how close it was. My self-confidence came from here. Surprise that it could happen to me, and then again why not me?

Chapter 4- The Love.

I have loved foolishly and in marriage. I have loved without hope of reciprocation. I have loved faithfully and in secret. I have loved in sin. I can’t regret any of these because they proved that I am very capable and worthy of true love. I looked in all the wrong places. When I finally decided to set parameters I found someone worthy of the best and worst of me.

Chapter 5- Vindication.

I am a survivor. I have lived through good and bad things. I have overcome shame and self-doubt. Like a phoenix from the ashes I rise again and again. I have reached unimaginable goals. Actually, I have reached every goal I set for myself. Even surprising myself at times. I didn’t quit even when things quit on me. I am proud of the person I am and the freedom from my past I have achieved. I have every right to believe that the best is still yet to come!


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