Today I am going to talk about my addictions.

I have an addictive personality. Basically this means that it isn’t hard for me to become obsessed with something and I don’t know when to stop. I absolutely know this about myself, so I try not to do things that I know I might like and are really bad for me (like crack cocaine). On the flip side, this part of my personality means when I find something I like that isn’t bad, I can’t help but jump all in. I make my addictions work for me. I am addicted to things, so I obsess about them and try to make them part of daily life.

That could be the “why” for every single one of my addictions.

  • I am addicted to nicotine. I used to smoke, but now I vape. I have been vaping for over 4 years now. I have been vaping cotton candy flavor for 3 of those years. It satisfies my sweet tooth and gives me the nicotine rush I love.  I probably won’t quit until it is outlawed.
  • I’m addicted to books. Anyone surprised? I love books and stationary. I designated a whole room in my house to my favorite rectangular objects with pages and more of my money goes to books then I am comfortable admitting. I love escaping my world and getting into the head of a character.
  • I am addicted to my Miguel. I went over this a few weeks ago, and again a few days ago. He is the best thing that ever happened to me (besides becoming a mother, of course)
  • I am addicted to cheese. I am surprised at all the ways I can sneak cheese into my diet. Almost everything is better with cheese, even cake. Current obsessions include; cheese on crackers, cheese sicks, and cheese pizza. If loving cheese is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!
  • I am addicted to blogging. Seriously. I have been blogging one way or another since 2009. It is part of who I am and how I live. I am a bit obsessed with it. If this book blogging thing went away today, I can guarantee I will put up some other kind of site tomorrow.

Other things I am probably addicted to, but not ready to admit to; sex, beer, coffee, gummy bears, twizzlers, mascara, chapstick, The Walking Dead, and my hair.

That’s all the addictions I can think of.

What are you addicted to, and why?

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