Well I may be a few days late but I am still going to jump in and join Jesse at Novel Heartbeat as she hosts Horror October!

For those of you who don’t know what Horror October is, it’s a full month of celebrating Halloween and everything horror! It’s not a readathon or a blog hop or anything. If you want to participate, you can do whatever you like! I personally try to read as many horror books and watch as many horror movies as I can/want, and try to fit in some other spooky themed things as the month goes on as well.

Here’s how I am planning to participate…

  • My Spooky TBR

Fear the Drowning Deep

  • Scary Shows I Will Devour

I can’t wait to see who got Lucille’d! Wait, yes I can. I am so conflicted and scared!

Admittedly, we are on season 9 of this show, (I think). It doesn’t matter, they are all pretty creepy.

  • Scary Movies I Plan To Watch

  • Scary Shares

I am totally going to share the costumes me and the fam are sporting this year. Get this, Miguel and I are going as bride and groom. We are so exciting, okay not really. Not sure what my kids will be. I can almost guarantee it won’t actually be scary, but I’ll share those pictures anyways.

I might do more than just this scary list. So check back for more!

Like for example; Belle said she keeps spotting clowns around town. Yes! Actually clowns just walking around town. I am going to be observing her for any other freaky symptoms. If she happens to be able to provide proof, as in a photo or something, I will totally share them. Clowns are really terrifying for some people, (not me of course, I am totally convinced Belle is loosing her now adult mind).

Are You Participating in Horror October?

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