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This week everyone is discussing ways to stay organized and start the New Year off right. So it is the perfect time to talk about how to stay organized, how to stay on schedule. Having a blog is daunting sometimes. Having a book blog especially it can be hard to keep everything straight. If you look at my book pushers page you will see that I get my books a bunch of different places. Blog tours expect me to post on time (even by a certain time of the day), and some of them expect top post. I don’t just do tours though, I also have a few publishers that send me books, netgalley, edelweiss, and goodreads first reads. I also have some authors that send me books directly, and book clubs that I review with. Whew! I am overwhelmed just thinking about everything.

I use a paper calendar to stay orgainized. At the top, in messy handwriting that looks more like sand script, I write all the books that need reviewed soon. I also keep my upcoming reviews page up to date with the book title and author linked to goodreads and I label it with where it came from. So if you mouse over it you (and I) can see who I got the book from. I don’t add any books to this list until I have access to them, even if they are promised a review.

I try to write down every tour that is due on the calendar. I label the book title  so I can tell if it is a blitz, tour, guest post or release blitz, or whatever. Then I add the tour operator under the name. Here is what January looks like so far:

Yea, I guess you are right, it is a bit messy.

I try to write all my blog posts by title on the days, so I can keep track of weather I am consistent in posting. On the right side, I have room to write in possible tours that the dates aren’t confirmed yet. I just write in the name and the dates that I asked for. I find a paper calendar is easy to carry with me and at a glance I can see the whole month.

I keep new books that need to be reviewed on my nightstand. I have a nice big stack right now, it novitiates me to see them all there waiting to be read. My kindle is a bit of a mess. I don’t put my books into neat categories like I had planned to when I got the new kindle. Honestly, I still have to search for each book I need to read in there. I know there has to be a better way. At least I have lists organized…right?

I only try to do one meme every week, other than Read This, which I do every week. Doing on my Sunday Post, I don’t have to feel obligated to other posts. I participate when I can in memes I like but I leave my week open for whatever I feel like, or need to, post. I thought it might be a good idea to do certain posts on certain days, but I am too fickle to keep those kinds of commitments.

Well this is much more then you probably ever wanted to know about how I stay on schedule.

How do you stay on schedule?

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