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Girl on Girl

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I had a really interesting few days off. I slept all day Thursday after working Wednesday night and then we went out. Miguel had scheduled what we both thought would just be a meet and greet with a local couple. He mentioned they were “new”. When we met the couple at a local bar they explained that they had only been with one other couple. She was a bit experienced, but for him this was all new. For this couple the interest really was in girl/girl and soft swap due to his apprehension. Interesting since it is usually just the opposite. Anyways, we chatted for about 4-5 drinks and then they took us home.

Once we got to their place they offered us a drink and we made some small talk. I would try and run down all the details but they are a bit foggy. Fast forward to naked on the king sized bed. Once we got there it was all lips and labia, nipples and tongue, fingers and frigging. We kissed and explored each other, the guys watched with their cocks in their hands. I can remember that she tasted very good and I licked and sucked her clit while I finger fucked her. I enjoyed fucking her and she seemed happy fucking me. Like we couldn’t get enough of each other. We both lent a hand or a mouth to the guys so they wouldn’t feel left out but then rushed back to each other. I sucked Miguel’s cock as if I only had this night to enjoy it while she licked and sucked me. Miguel had to push me off of him more than a few times so he didn’t cum right then. The sexual depravity that occurred in this room was a rare event. I came on her thigh, her fingers and her face. She was drenched and came as I fingered her g-spot while I licked and rubbed her clit. This went on for a few hours until we finished the night off by each fucking our men until them came real good.

It was a really hot night. No pictures sorry, you will just have to use your imagination. I wish I had it on video, I know it would have been hot to watch. I enjoy being watched, knowing Miguel is enjoying the view. I am sure her man didn’t mind the scene this night either. I can tell you that I was actually sore from all the girl on girl that occurred. My nipples were sore the whole next day. They usually don’t get that much attention. Shame really, because I do enjoy nipple play. Of course my pussy was sore as well, but I am a bit more used to that.

This experience is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind when we started to swing. It is unfortunate that all encounters are not like this. I think we may have made them both want to explore more with swinging together. He expressed that he had a great time and was very happy no boundaries were crossed. I tweeted wrong when I said I enjoyed showing this couple how to swing. I doubt I taught her anything. I just hope he feels better about swinging now. After this experience, I know I do.

Lending a Hand


Last weekend Miguel and I went out to a swinger gathering. As usual, when we hit this type of venue, Miguel had several couples lined up that we were going to meet in person. Some of them for the first time after chatting online for months. The turn out at the venue wasn’t that impressive. We were one of the first couples to arrive and one of the last to leave. At the last moment a couple invited us back to their hotel for some after party fun. We were more than happy to oblige.

We got the hotel and they offered us drinks. It seems they were prepared for fun. The room was pretty nice with a separate sitting room and a king sized bed in the bedroom. Miguel found a great way to break the ice and whipped out the blindfold. We blindfolded her and I helped her out of her clothes. I led her over to the bed and had her lie back. I took off my corset top and kissed her. I tweaked her nipples and then her husband handed me some toys to play on her with. A bullet for her clit and a slim vibrator for her pussy. I rubbed the bullet all over her clit and slowly eased the vibrator into her. I am usually more oral, but this couple was a soft swap. I didn’t want to ruin everything by going too far. We hadn’t discussed if she was interested in playing with me, just that they weren’t interested in a full swap. I looked for cues that she was enjoying herself. She was very wet but almost silent as I played. Her man took pictures of the action. Miguel got up on the bed by her head and held her arms while I worked on getting her off. After a while I grabbed her hand so she could control the amount of pressure of the bullet and I handed the vibrator to her man. I took off my skirt and panties and got my own vibrators out. I stretched out next to her to work on getting myself off while her man and Miguel watched. We fucked like animals after that. It was a great night.


 Sinful Sunday is all about the image. See who else is playing.

Sinful Sunday

Friday Night at the Club

Eyz Wide Shut

So we went out on Friday night to Eyz Wide Shut and we went as a soft swap couple. We drank and danced and had a great time. Fridays at the club are sort of hit or miss and the club was not packed with people we knew. I gave the DJ my preference for songs and hit the dance floor. Sad to say that most of the club had voyeurs and not too many people were bold enough to dance. I didn’t really care if I was the only one out there at times. I love to dance. After a few really good songs a sexy chic in a black dress came out and danced with me for a bit. She danced close and we kissed a few times. Miguel did what he does best and went over to talk to the guy. This couple was very sexy. I think this was really fate, they were soft swap only as well.

This couple was alot of fun. They sat and chatted with us for quite a while. We did go outside with them a few times. She bummed a cigarette and we talked about quitting and how sometimes it just sucks. I am still vaping, but I must admit that I bummed a cigarette too. I just needed a reminder, cigarette smoking is part of this routine I have at the club. Hopefully not anymore. The cigarette tasted awful honestly. I don’t think I will have another.

Eventually, we finished our drinks and headed over to the lodging side together. We ended up in a private room, just the four of us. Some how we have never been in this room. I swear I thought we had been in every room. Anyways, it was a small room with two beds side by side and lots of well placed mirrors. We got in the room and all took our clothes off. She started out by sucking her man’s cock, and I sucked Miguel off. She had an amazing body. This girl was pretty amazing. She was so sexy and sensual.

We had some great girl/girl play. She licked and sucked my pussy so well. She had a neutral taste and I enjoyed playing with her and eating her pussy as well. I could have swore that they said they were “newbies” but she had no shyness about her. She explored every bit of my pussy with her tongue and then she went back to fuck her man. Miguel ate out my pussy while she kissed me and played with my tits. There was alot of touching and stroking while we all had sex. She even ate me out while her man fucked her from behind, Miguel had a nice view of that. Miguel fucked me so good. I got on top of Miguel at one point and I was going to use a toy on my clit. It ended up that the toy was completely dead. How the fuck? Oh well! I was so mad about the toy that I threw it across the room. (I didn’t break it, thankfully) I got off plenty when Miguel used his finger to rub my clit while he fucked me. I reached over and rubbed hers while her man fucked her. I think her man ended up coming on her beautiful tits, but the details of that are a bit foggy. We both came home exhausted and I fell right to sleep. I know we all had a great time.

Us Lately


From Urban Dictionary:


  • Soft Swap- To share spouses/mates with another to the point of digital and/or oral copulation only
  • Full Swap- sex with another couple where both couples swap partners, such as the guy from one couple with the girl from the other couple and vice-versa. This is often done in the same room but applies also when separate rooms are involved.


Miguel and I have decided to take a small step back and consider only soft swaps at this time. The toll of moving and other life stressors have strained our once wonderful relationship. We have spent too many days lately with very separate agendas. I know neither of us is ready to call it quits on this love. The solution, which has been very good for us, is to take other people out of the sexual equation. This small shift has narrowed our focus and greatly improved our communication.

Maybe this sounds obvious to an outsider. It was not completely obvious to us. Miguel and I have been swingers since about a month into our relationship. We have always done this, so it was really hard to make this decision. I know we don’t want to remove “the lifestyle” from our lives. We have made some good friends in the lifestyle and neither of us is willing to go back to only vanilla settings. How awkward only going out to regular bars would be after all the swinging we have done. Although we do occasionally hit a local pub to play some billiards, it would be somewhat less exciting if that is all we did anymore. Almost all of our good friends are swingers. I am a big advocate for this lifestyle. The lifestyle for us has made almost all of our sexual fantasies reality! We have grown as a couple and explored things together. I know that I trust Miguel more than I have ever trusted before. I have overcome fears and shyness that have plagued me my whole life. The swinger lifestyle is fun and exciting, every weekend we can explore something new. For us, it has been great sexy fun. It is something we always look forward to. Our sex life has never been boring.


I think our experiences lately have been a bit less than exciting for at least one of us. We tend to focus almost entirely on what the other couple is comfortable with, so we are not getting as much out of what we give. Since sometimes we don’t have sex at home as much as we would like, (due to kids, work, whatever), our weekends out have become our main event. If our weekend involves a full swap, we might lose our weekly chance to be together. I know for a fact we are not alone in this. I have heard similar complaints among swinger friends. This along with all the extra stress, has been putting a strain on our relationship. The solution, for us, is to be soft swap only. This way I can focus on him and not feel slighted by a less than glamorous hook-up.

Communication is such an important thing for any couple. Swinger couples have to be extra careful and keep those lines open. I don’t want to ever be that couple that hook-ups without my partner being a part of it. I know couples in the lifestyle that unless someone told you, you would never know that they are together. They don’t have any physical contact with each other. To an observer, it looks like this is their escape from sex with their partner. That is fine for them, but I don’t ever want to be in that relationship. The best part of swinging for me, is watching Miguel in action. Looking over and seeing him watching me. We always talk about it after, and it enhances our sex at home. I think I am really lucky that Miguel and I can be so honest with each other. First to try swinging as a couple, then to remove ourselves from it a bit to focus back on each other again.

Sexy Swap

This weekend we only went out on Saturday night. The crowd at the club was pretty thin for a while and then it slowly picked up. Here is what I remember: A lecture on the way there about not leaving Miguel hanging with a couple. Apparently, I have a bad habit of meeting a couple, taking them over to meet Miguel, and then disappearing. Miguel saying we should talk to a sexy couple across the room. We have talked to them before and I left him hanging. Oh, and I did that with another couple last weekend (I vaguely remember that). Here’s the thing, I really hate cling-on couples. We are at a swinger club, I shouldn’t have to hold your hand all night and introduce you to everybody. I drop a hint to let you know I am interested. If you are ready to go when we are, great! If not call us…here’s our card. I know a lot of people and I love talking to everyone. Plus, I am a smoker, so if I disappear, I am probably engaged in conversation outside.

I don’t know, maybe I am no good at this thing.

Anyways, there was a couple we have tried to hook-up with a month or so ago there at the club. They choose us, and they were very sexy in their pursuit. I really liked this couple. We tried to hook up but mother nature reared her ugly fucking head right in the middle of everything, so I backed out. Awkward! I was pretty lit and probably didn’t handle it so well. Miguel was kinda pissed, he said it seemed like I didn’t like them. A few weeks ago I saw them at the club and I apologized. I didn’t expect to be forgiven right away so we didn’t even try to hook-up that night. They said it was cool and they figured as much, so I left it alone.

Fast forward to Saturday night. We see the couple, they smoke so we have lots of chances to chat. They seem like they are still interested. When it comes time to go play, we can’t find them. So we head over to the lodging without them. We went to “Lover’s Lane” which is also known as the orgy room. I have never witnessed an orgy there. It has enough space for about 20 or more couples to play and watch, or be watched. Mostly it hosts couples getting it on in the presence of strangers. Single men are not allowed. We head into the room and there is the couple…on a four post bed already fucking. We walk over to watch. Miguel is rubbing my pussy threw my jeans. They see us standing there. She gets on her knees and starts to suck his cock. She mumbles something about us still being dressed so we both take off our clothes. There is plenty of room, but we ask to share the bed with them. They oblige us some space….

Let me just say here that the girl has some awesome oral skills! Miguel almost busted a nut in her mouth. I came a few times with her eating my pussy and fingering my g-spot. She had some good oral skills. I wanna give you the play-by-play of everything that happened. Miguel went down on me, while she sucked her man off. She came over and took over what Miguel was doing. Miguel fucked my face as it dangled from the bed while she ate me out. Her man played with her pussy till she told him to stop because it was distracting. They sucked and fucked, we did the same. At one point, her and I both sucked her man off. She had her hands on my clit and g-spot while Miguel tongue fucked her. She decided to suck Miguel off and I kept working on her man. She took her time and seemed to really enjoy her work. She looked so sexy sucking Miguel cock. We did not exchange partners for penetration, it was more of a soft swap. The playing went on for a long time, then Miguel came….. Miguel is so careful to rub my clit to orgasm as he fucks me. I came like gangbusters that night and I didn’t even have a toy. I was exhausted when it was over and very well spent! I wrapped a towel around myself and grabbed my clothes to go get dressed in the bathroom. I looked a hot mess. We went back to the club to have another drink and eat before heading home. Porn stars could have approached us at this point and we still would have turned them down, we were done for the night.

I fell asleep on the way home. When I did get home I merely stripped off my clothes and passed out. It was a fucking hot night. After nights like this, I am so happy to have joined the lifestyle. It is just sex. When four people come together for a common purpose and it works, it is fanominal! There just isn’t anything better!

Till next time, keep it sexy!


Poppin Newbie Cherry

Friday we went to meet a couple we have been talking to for almost a year.  This couple Miguel and I have both chatted with on yahoo and they are super friendly people.  I had actually gave up on an actual meeting with them for a date, thinking we would eventually run into them at some point.

Miguel set up the date, he is the scheduler after all.  I had no idea who we were going to meet, but I trust Miguel completely.  We headed out around 9:30 for a vanilla bar,  for a no-expectations meeting.  We met them at a pool-haul type bar and as soon as I glimpsed them I knew who they were.  I was relived not to have to go threw the whole thing about how many kids we have, etc.  She admitted she was a bit nervous.  Despite the fact that we had been talking for so long, they had never “played’ with another couple.   So they still had rules and everything to work out.  We sat at the bar talking for a little more than an hour,  the date was going so well.  She expressed that we ad put her at ease.  She excused herself to the ladies’ room and texted him she wanted to take us home.  This was so slick and a smart un-intrusive way to let her partner know she approved of us, really, and was not just trying to be polite….take mental notes people!

Okay, so we headed to their place.  We chatted for about another hour or so and ackwardly got to the naked part….

At this point, they pulled a “rule” out of their butts and said there would be no exchange of kissing, from the neck up.

I gotta stop at this point and mention that we did say that we go with the flow and pretty much let the mood dictate how much partner involvement will be included.  I was very disappointed that kissing would not be involved.  Yes, Miguel is a great kisser.  Yes, sex is more than just kissing.  I think it is a cornerstone to lust thou …just look at the title to my website, (kissinbluekaren)!

Other than that,  I have NO complaints about how this evening progressed!  We went into the bedroom and we each played with our own partners to set the mood.  We cautiously touch and kissed the other couple.  We did not want to overstep our bounds or make them uncomfortable.  She was so sexy, grunting and moaning as he ate her out.  She was a very vocal woman and I find that to be such a turn-on.  She was a bit petite, with nice full curves and plump breasts.  Not by any means BBW,  just the right amount of full-ness to make her seem deliciously sexy!   He was almost a foot taller than her and in great shape.   He had a really sexy smile and his cock had a nice curve to it.  It almost pointed up towards him, which made sucking a bit of a challenge,  but I bet it would have hit a g-spot without even trying!  We did not actually get to fuck them, but I am confident we will get a re-match with this couple.   In fact,  I didn’t even get to taste her puss.  I could tell by the flavor of Miguel’s mouth after some oral that her pussy was good.  This was pretty much a soft swap, with some oral play.

I take back my no complaints comment and I want to say that I wish I would have gotten a chance to do that for her.   I am so thinking about licking her pussy and clit,  just to hear her sexy noises and to get a taste of her.  Whether or not she would want to reciprocate,  I wanna do that with this sexy chic!  I know we both will enjoy it,  not to mention the guys would get a sexy show!

The next day they texted us that they had a great time and have decided to dismiss the silly “no kissing” rule.  I respect what-ever rules a couple puts into play,  but I was really looking forward to some passionate kissing, it just helps to get the ball rolling…  This makes me especially eager to meet up with them again!!

I think what happened on this night is that we smitten this couple by surprise. *patting myself on the back for putting them at ease*  They had no intention of taking us home and panicked with the kissing rule.  Really, no big deal.  I was very glad to have popped their newbie cherry!!!  We gave them a nice certification on SwingLifeStyle and I think they are gonna be so glad that they have chosen the lifestyle for their relationship. Even if they never full swap, they are so in love I know that this will only add to their passion for each other!