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Good Night Gone Bad

So we went to the Hard Rock Casino Hotel last night. I was very excited, there was suppose to be 3 couples including us. It was suppose to be a real sexy time. It wasn’t. We jumped through a lot of hoops just to be able to go out last night. We drove all the way out there and we waited in lobby for the guy to meet us and take us upstairs….but wait! This guy did not look like his pics at all! It was a much older guy. On top of that, the guy claimed to be 42! Younger than Miguel? I don’t think so! Okay but so there was still suppose to be another couple there and possibly another that we had met before for a total of 4 couples including us, so we followed him up to his room.

We get up to the room and we are greeted by a very sexy blond. This is the unicorn that was suppose to be there. Yeah! She is really cute.  Then a brunette little hottie comes up and gives me a great big hug. She pulls me over to the bed before the introductions are even over and begins to kiss me. I like aggressive hotties so I just let it happen. She feels on my breasts and pulls them out of my shirt. I look around to see everyone is doing something else. Miguel is watching us, her boyfriend is looking very grumpy on the bed next to us and the sexy blond and our guy host are trying to get the radio to work. A bit awkward when I start talking to her and realize she is just blitzed out of her mind. Who fed her all this alcohol?

I finally get her to release me and we sit and talk so we can get to know everyone. Little hottie comes and sits on my chair with me. She is sweet at first, then drunk crazy comes out. I know she is just drunk, but saying “Fuck you, you fucking bitch!” is never gonna go over well. I just met the girl 10 minutes ago…. While our host runs down to get pizza for everyone sexy blond comes up and tells me that our host is a 2-min fuck. She is only seeing him short term until her real boyfriend can fly her out of state so they can be together. Ya, TMI. Then she tells me that they had to drive out to St.Pete to pick this couple up and she is really not looking forward to being stuck with them all night.The pizza doesn’t seem to help little hottie sober up at all and her boyfriend is as grumpy as ever at this point.

I am still trying to make the best of the situation, but it doesn’t look good. One more couple is suppose to come out. We met them previously, but didn’t get he chance to hook-up. I talk everyone into going down to the casino to pass the time while we are waiting for them. Long story short, (too late I know), they don’t show up and we make an excuse to leave.

At least now I know there is nothing special about the Hard Rock Hotel. It is the same as every other hotel, just getting to the casino is much quicker from there. I thought the rooms would be something special. They have nicer furniture, but they are actually smaller than most hotel rooms.

So anyways, last night kinda sucked! To top it off we get home and the little guy is still awake. In case you haven’t heard, my son is the most efficient cock blocker in my house. If he had been the first kid, he would have been the only kid. He only allows us, maybe, 2 nights a week alone for sex. We try to squeeze another one in by going out. I guess he knows we already had sex twice this week, damn it! Some day I will tell you the whole story about our son, he is really something special.

On to other stuff…

Digging deeper in my fetish fantasies, we ordered a leash to go with my collar. I’ve noticed lately that a dominating male is what really turns me on. The way Miguel looks at me when we are fucking, he is in control. All my fantasies lately include domination. We are going to the Halloween party at Eyz Wide Shut tomorrow night. I already have my costume all picked out. They are having the Fetish Party in the backroom on the same night. I am almost torn, wanting to wear all my fetish gear. That’s okay, I will wear my fetish gear next time. I think the costume I have picked out is really hot.

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Busy Weekend

I am exhausted! We had four nights out in a row this weekend….lots of sex with some old and new friends! Thursday was a meet and greet with a new couple. It almost didn’t happen and then when we finally met them I think we scared them off. I gotta remember that some people are not like us…the toys, the website, the web camming; it is just too much for some folks! Good thing I don’t care. I might have been bothered all weekend by their subtle rejection but we were too busy having fun with other people!

Friday Miguel called and said we were going to a house party. Yeah! I was so excited to be mingling in close quarters with another sexy couple and a single guy I am very familiar with! This guy’s pad is awesome and he is an excellent host. The other couple was suppose to be there at 4:30, we were the ones running late at first. We text out host to let him know and he said he hadn’t heard from the other couple, so it wasn’t a problem. Unfortunately, this couple just stopped communicating with him about an hour before the party. He showed us all the texts and confirmed that he had played with this couple 2 times before….WTF! They did call him the next day and said that they were just too tired. »»This brings up the etiquette issue. Don’t stop being polite people, this couple will not get another chance to make a first impression with us. They will forever be the no-shows!«« The host felt so bad, he promised us another couple and then it was only him. Last minute is hard to get others together. We had played with this guy a few times before, so I knew what a good time he was. Although it was Friday, we decided to stay put and use him for our entertainment. (Not that he minded at all!) It ended up being a very good fucking time and Miguel got everything on video. And yes Lovelies, I will be posting this awesome footage very shortly. Lots of oral and rough sex. This guy is in excellent shape and shows me his strength every time we play.

Saturday night was Eyz Wide Shut night. I had some new thigh high lace-up boots. These things were so nice. I got them last week by mail from SheVibe.










The corset is new too, we got it that night from the boutique store that sells sexy stuff at Eyz. The corset top has metal rings over the nipples. I love the look of this thing. I had a really hard time trying to figure out what to wear with the boots. We saw that leather corset and I knew it was a winning combo…now I just need a skirt to go with it. We brought the flogger along and I found myself strapped the bench again at playtime. I really loved it, especially since there were no giggly girls to ruin my scene. I am not going to devulge all the details, I will tell you that the boots did not come off during play….(insert imagination here).

That is all for now, I might tell you about our Sunday hook-up later. Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!


Late, I know, but I wanna tell you what happened last Saturday night. We went out to to Eyz Wide Shut, no big surprise there. This time we remembered to pack the flogger….

I’m gonna skip right over the dancing, drinking, games and potential hook-ups that didn’t happen to tell you about the sexy stuff that actually went down. We went over to the lodging side. I was sure we were gonna head straight over to the dungeon—but no! Miguel wanted an audience. We went into the “Hedo” room, which is full of beds covered in black leather and bondage furniture. The bondage furniture is not really a big attracting feature. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone play on the furniture. I had to admit I had not even noticed it really, (but you have to consider how much I usually drink). Miguel remembered seeing the benches there, though. He even remembered which one of the two benches had straps.

So he pulls the blindfold out of his pocket and puts it on me. There are at least eight other couples in the room. He helps me out of my skirt, shirt and bra. Then he leads me over to the bench and he straps me in. I am now strapped onto the bench wearing only my panties, my thigh high lace top fishnets and my high heels. I am blindfolded and he brushes the flogger over my back and ass. I am totally relaxed knowing what is coming next. I am finally going to get the flogging I deserve. He alternates hitting my left and right side as he flogs my ass, thighs and back. I would be in heaven at this point except for the stupid fucking girls giggling in the corner with their hook-ups. It gets quiet finally and all I have to listen to is the door opening and closing behind me, Miguel’s footsteps as he circles around me and the slap of the flogger on my skin. Now I can go to that place, the white sting of bliss. I am butter.

Miguel undoes my straps and helps me to stand up and guide me over to a bed. I lay back and open up for him. How long did I entertain, I don’t know. Miguel later tells me we had an audience of at least twenty people. This makes me happy. I know spanking is sexual, but it is also so much more than that. It is a quick release for all the shit I carry around. For countless minutes I let go, I gave him control. I blindly trusted him to deliver the sting of my redemption.

We had mad crazy sex after this. I was so ready for a good fucking. I was still blindfolded as he guided his cock in. I came on contact. He pulls the blindfold off of me so I can see how close we are to a couple engrossed in passionate sex right next to us, they are still fucking well after we are done. A stranger approaches and touches my leg, but Miguel pushes him away. It is just us tonight. Another man is 6 feet away jacking off while he watches us. Single men are not allowed in this room and I can only assume that he was invited by a couple and stayed after to enjoy the show. I don’t care if he watches. He asks if I will suck his dick after we get done, but I decline. He was uninvited. He gets dressed and so do we. This is the end to a great night.

It is nice to have a place so close by that we can play at. We are looking to purchase another flogger. Miguel really wants to florentine. I can hardly wait! It is Friday already, so we might have to go to Phoenix. Phoenix is another club, it is even closer to home. It is a true private club in every sense and they do not allow alcohol or sex on premises. I guess we’ll just wait and see where we end up tonight!

Till next time Lovelies, Keep it Sexy!

A Little Surprise

I gotta tell you about me lately. I am working my ass of trying to get some reviews done. It is really “hard” work but I love it! I am a bit behind right now but after this weekend I should be all caught up! I have been struggling with what to do next with my website . I wanted a safe place to put the really naughty stuff we have been acquiring and now I can share it here without feeling like I am just giving it away. I got a part-time job for the moment. I know it won’t last, so next week I am going to start earnestly looking for full-time work. I have had some bonus money come in and it is just in time for me to spoil my oldest two children for their birthdays this month! My son is getting a playstation 3 and my daughter is getting a big party with all her friends. My kids come before everything else, so I don’t mind spoiling them just a little bit for their birthdays.

One day this week Miguel got it in his mind to have a single guy over. We don’t do this often, mostly because I am so weary of people being in my home. It all worked out this time though because the guy ended up being totally normal. A single Dad that was enjoying his freedom since his parents had the kids for the night.

→I know it seems kind of weird to talk about my kids one minute and swinging the next, but that is my life. It isn’t normal!

He was pretty good looking and so I didn’t immediately kick him out when he kissed me. One of the most awkward kisses of my life! He was tight lipped and it just wasn’t good. I had very low expectations of his oral skills but he ended up being more of a tonguer, so it worked for me. The guy was covered in tattoos. We talked as bit about porn and clips4sale. We finally got past the uncomfortableness of being strangers to being two horny people sharing lust. Miguel took a bunch of pictures of him fucking me and then he video taped a portion of it for my new members only area. Yes, I am now doing amateur porn for my website. He had a nice thick cock and he lasted a long time. We started out missionary but he didn’t cum till he had me on all fours. Miguel was attentively pulling my hair, grabbing my throat and smacking my ass. All that stuff I need to really get off. When he finished off I was so spent. He sat around for another awkward hour….ummm, ya Miguel was so patiently waiting to get his. I just stopped talking and started watching television.

He finally left and then Miguel and I enjoyed some awesome sex. I only wish we could get some one to record the two of us. I would love to watch that! I think we are gonna work on that this weekend, since our new camera comes with a remote.

I gotta get back in the gym. Thanks to one of my facebook friends I have been really thinking about what people see when they look at me. Is it all the fun and good stuff or is it everyone of my flaws? I am just who I am right now, maybe I can change some things but I definitely don’t want to loose myself in the process. Okay enough rambling for now! Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!




Double Penetration

Monday was really rough for me at work. I was hungover and so tired from all our fun over the weekend. Saturday night was very nice, but I am going to skip right over it and tell you about our hot date on Sunday night. I almost said no, when Miguel asked if I wanted to do something Sunday night. I though I might have been too tired from all the partying we did over the weekend. I am glad I didn’t.

Miguel was online at craig’s list looking for a male that I could peg. See, I got this new strap-on from California Exotics and the dildo glows in the dark. I really wanted to fuck a guy with it. Miguel enjoys a bit of prostate massage from time to time so it would have been a turn on to watch me fuck him! Miguel actually found a great looking guy that had no problems with being pegged. Unfortunately, I didn’t even take the strap-on out of the bag, so I will have to review that some other time….damn, I know right?

We met the guy at his house and right away he was a great host. We brought a 6-pack, thinking it would be an early night. But Oh Shit! He had crown royal and cock, oops! I mean coke, a little Freudian slip there! He was in great shape! A runner too, how about that? Anyways, we had great conversation. He was intrigued about the website, instead of being intimidated, yeah! So after a few drinks I got comfortable enough to get naked. We all stripped down and went to the bedroom. I showed him all my toys and he pulled out some handcuffs. Since this was my show I put the blindfold and handcuffs on him. I had him on his back and handcuffed him to the headboard. I lubed up both my prostate massagers and alternated working them in his ass. Then I got out some of my favorite glass toys for anal play and fucked his ass with them. I stroked his cock and licked and sucked it so he would really enjoy himself. After about 30 mins of play, he asked for a break. It had been a while since he got ass fucked. So we went back and had another few drinks and stood around naked talking about …umm somthing, I don’t really remember, oh well!

We went back to the bedroom and then I handcuffed him back to the bed. I sucked his cock so it got good and hard. We had this great idea to have Miguel fuck his ass. Miguel tried to enter him while he had his legs up high but it was too tight. While they were working it out I sat on the dresser and worked the MiMi on my clit. I was so wet watching Miguel dominate another man I came almost instantly. Miguel said I looked like I needed so cock so they abandoned their efforts. Miguel helped him put the condom on him while I got ready to ride him. I rode his cock leaning way forward, he was a great kisser and I wanted that mouth. Miguel saw his opportunity and slide first one, two, then three fingers into my ass while I rode his cock. He then slid his cock into my ass. I got my first dp and it was ecstasy! Miguel said he could feel his cock in my pussy and it was such a fucking turn-on. Miguel had knee issues and so we un-cuffed him. We thought it would be easier if I rode Miguel’s cock while the guy fucked my ass. So I got ass fucked and cock fucked both ways, by both guys. I could feel both of their cocks scissoring my holes and I came and came. Miguel was laying on is back and I was riding his cock, while this guy fucked my ass. I sat up and had a great view in the mirror of all three of us in our lust. He was grabbing my tits and Miguel was telling me how hot it looked.

Then, he got a phone call…bad timing right? He stepped out to take the call and Miguel and I went to fucking. Miguel fucked me good, knowing all the ways to make me cum. Then the guy came back and apologized for the phone call, but he would love to suck Miguel’s cum out of pussy to make up for it…okay! Miguel came a big load in my pussy and I laid back and let him lick some of it out. When he couldn’t get anymore, he had me sit on his face so he could get it all. I rode his face and he cleaned all the cum out of me. I think we tried to fuck some more after that. He assured me that he needed help to cum so he laid on the bed and masturbated while I egged him on. I wanted him to cum so bad so I licked an pinched his nipples and when that didn’t work I licked his balls while he stroked his cock. This was what he needed and he came all over his stomach. He apologized for having whiskey dick, but umm we all came and it was a lot of fun! It was the fuck of my life! Miguel got his wish and it couldn’t have went better. I know we will be meeting this guy again for more fucking fun very soon!

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Two Cocks and One Pussy

We had an awesome time last night with a new FWB. A single guy we met via craigslist. He was not new to the lifestyle but new to us. He was staying in a local hotel, he just got in from out of town. Hopefully he will be staying around for a while.

We sat around and chatted for a little more than an hour before the clothes started to come off. I got naked first, of course. We turned down the lights and all three of us got on the bed. This guy was an expert clit licker! It was a great way to start things off. With me laying out on the bed on my back and him on his knees on the floor, his face buried in my wet snatch. Miguel saw an open opportunity and push his cock into my open mouth. I tried as best as I could to relax my throat and take it all the way in. After I came really good, the guy came up for air and re-positioned himself, opposite of Miguel on his knees, by my head so I started sucking his cock. The guy was a little bit smaller than Miguel but a big time pre-cummer, which I love! Miguel and him took turns rubbing my now drenched pussy and finger fucking me till I came loudly. While Miguel was playing with my pussy the guy reached over and gave Miguel a nice handjob. I stopped what I was doing to see this for myself. The guys and I were having so much fun that all inhibitions left us. Everyone in the room sucked and fucked and we were a tangle of bodies eager to please each other and be pleased.

At some point the guy got the condom on and he pulled positioned my body so he could put his cock in. We did with me on my back and him on his knees in between my legs. His strong arms grabbing my ass and breasts for support as he fucked me good! He pulled out and suggested that I ride Miguel’s cock and he could put his dick in me doggie style at the same time.

Two cocks at once! I didn’t even have that on my list of things I wanted to try, but now I can check it off anyways. It was fucking awesome, and we must do it again.

Miguel laid down beside me and I straddled him slowly lowering my drenched pussy onto his cock. I started to slowly fuck him before I felt the guys probing me from behind, slowly putting his cock in. Then he started to move. The friction of his cock going in and out against my pussy and Miguel cock was all we needed to get off. Miguel came after only a few minutes. I came again and again, I lost track. I un-straddled Miguel and the guy asked me to sit on his face so he could clean all of the cum out of me. He had me writhing and cumming and grabbing the headboard for support as he sucked every drop of cum of me. I came so much this night that I was shacking and when I couldn’t take it anymore I asked him to stop and I laid down next to him.

The guy pulled the condom off. He had cum, too. He was still rubbing his dick thou. He is kind of guy that can get instantly hard right after cumming (yummy!). He asked me where I wanted him to cum and I re-directed the question to Miguel, since this night was more for me I wanted to please him with this last sex act. Miguel told him to come all over my stomach and breasts. So the guy got up and I laid down, he straddled me with his cock right over my stomach. He rubbed his cock vigorously it was all red and shiny with cum and more pre-cum and shot his load all over my stomach. Then he reached down and rubbed it all over my breasts and stomach. It was so fucking hot I almost came again!

Sorry guys the only pics we got were with the blackberry, next time maybe we will get better pics…

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