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The Original Accommodator -Review


This is what California Exotics send me this month for review as a Sexpert. At first I was a bit horrified. It is made of latex. It does not smell half as bad as I imagined, though. After cleaning with a spray toy cleaner, I had to put it under my nose to even smell it at all.

Materials: Latex

Dimensions: 5″ x 1.25″ (dong)

Pros: Easy to use, Easy to clean, Satisfies partner, Can be used on thighs, arms or face.

Cons: Latex material, Straps are not adjustable.

I wasn’t in a big hurry to try this out. The more I really thought about it though, the more I liked the idea of this product. Hands free oral sex, so your partner can do other things….like tweak nipples, stroke his own cock, penetrate you anally…whatever! Miguel looked seriously crazy wearing this thing. Once I got past the image it worked really well. Miguel is by no means a small guy. This fit him, just really snug. Would have been nice if the straps were adjustable.

The straps seemed to curl really easily when he put it on, but it stayed in place the whole time. He reported that it didn’t feel like it was slipping or anything. He did say his jaw hurt after using this the first time. He is not used to thrusting anything hands free during oral sex. I think it is something you have to get used to. I enjoyed the feeling of this latex cock during oral sex. It beat him having to move his face out of the way in order to use a dildo. If it was curved it would have been even better.

The inside of the dong, the part hitting the chin is soft. It is more squishy than the dong itself, which has a firm feeling to it. The dong does have texture, but still an overly smooth feeling to it. It is more bumpy smooth than textured.

The squishy part that hits the chin.

The straps had some sort of glue on them. It was unsightly and made the whole thing seem cheap.

See the glue on the right strap?

The material of this toy does cause me concern. I do not have a latex allergy or anything, but latex is very porous. You can save life on this toy by using a condom on it, but I hate putting condoms on my toys. Latex should be cleaned with mild soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. With this toy you can use both water-based and silicone lubricants. Aside from the glue and the material, I have no complaints about this product. It is small enough to be comfortable but big enough to stimulate me. Once it gets a good cleaning to get rid of the scent, it is fun and easy to use. I store this toy in the plastic bag it came in. The retail value of this toy is $26.99. California Exotics backs all their products with a warranty. For information about their warranty click here.



Review Summary
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product from California Exotics free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Impulse Triple Tease


This month California Exotics send me something new from the Platinum Collection, The Impulse Triple Tease! The beads rotate around for extra stimulation and like the Wild Orchid, the shaft also features a g-spot vibrator. The shaft is bend for g-spot stimulation.

Materials: The impulse triple tease is made from TPE and ABS with metallic plating and stainless steel beads.

Dimentions: 9.5″ long x 1.75″ wide, 4.5″ insertable – (Clitoral shaft 1.75″ x1″)

Functions: 7 Functions of vibrating, pulsating and escalating. 3 speeds of shaft rotations. 3 rows of rotating metal beads (non-jamming) and a bonus random function

The Triple Tease has plenty of cool functions to get you off! The base has an easy to understand control pad. It has a dedicated on/off switch which controls the clitoral and g-spot vibrators. It also has (ν) and (Λ) arrows which control the three levels of shaft speed. The (7) button controls the clitoral vibe variations. The Control Pad also has a (HOT) button for random functions.



This vibe has two bunny looking ears and a smaller nub on the clitoral shaft. They vibrate intensely when the clitoral shaft is turned on. I like a flicky sensation and that is exactly what these provide. The clitoral shaft has a sturdy bullet inside of it so you can also just hold it on the clitoris for steady vibrating pressure.

The Triple Tease was a real win for me. It did everything I thought it should and it was surprising quiet about it. I was very surprised to find it so quiet. The triple Tease is waterproof which makes it very easy to clean. I use a spray-on sex toy cleaner, but antibacterial soap and water will clean it as well. The material is a bit tacky so it will attract lint and dust if left out. One day I hope California Exotics will remember this about TPE and send it with a nice satin pouch for storage!

The bottom of this toy screws off to reveal the battery compartment. The battery compartment comes out for easy loading and storage. I try not to store batteries in my toys to save on battery life so this is a plus. This toy runs on 4 AAA batteries.

I thoroughly enjoyed this toy. The beads combined with the buzzy vibrator on the shaft worked. I think the curve in the shaft aided this toy hit my g-spot very well. Since it had so many functions I just put it in and played with the control panel. The clitoral shaft was wonderful on my clit. It gave me just enough pressure, and then I could just back off and let the bunny ears tease my clit. I found I needed lube to get this inside since he material is so tacky and it has a large diameter. I recommend water-based lubrication with this vibe but you could also use a silicone based lubricant with this product. This toy could work for thrusting but I didn’t need to use this toy like that at all to enjoy it. The Impulse Triple Tease retails for $78.99.

Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I was supplied this toy free of charge from California Exotics in exchange for an un-biased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Transcending My (S)EXPERTations


This month from California Exotic Novelties I got something new from the Couture Collection, the Transcend Flexing Massager. I have reviewed an item from the Couture Collection before, the petite amourous.  I really liked that toy, but this is a wand. I was very skeptical at first. I have found wands are usually very powerful and hard to clean or rechargeable and not powerful enough. This is a waterproof, silicone wand, um what? Okay, but is it powerful? It should be, it takes 4 AA batteries!

Could it be that I finally found a waterproof, silicone and powerful wand…..?

I am in shock!

It met all my material safety requirements by having a silicone head and neck. The massager is PU coated plastic with an ABS silver plated ring. The head and neck are very flexible, yet firm at the same time. The box says it has a “flexible floating head for total dexterity”.  The box also said it is “thoroughly waterproof”. How is it waterproof, I thought? I immediately put it in a sink full of water and turned it on, it stayed dry inside. Amazing! Granted, it may not be so easy to clean with all the groves in the head and neck, but being waterproof is half the battle! I wash this with a nail brush and a sex toy spray cleaner. It could also be cleaned with antibacterial soap and water. The silicone does have a bit of drag, it has a matte silicone finish. So I only use silicone lubrication with this toy, since silicone lubrication will ruin it.









As you can see, the Transcend Massager is about 7″ long. The base is much wider than the 1″ across rounded head so it can stand on it’s end. The head is 4″ in diameter. The body has a nice smooth feel to it, and it fits nicely into my hand. It is a bit tapered so it is easy to grip. The bottom unscrews to reveal the battery compartment. It has an “o” ring in place to keep it watertight. Just make sure it is on right. The batteries are easy install and stay put in the base. The base can be removed for storage. The bottom of the base reveals the controls. The controls have an “o” ring around them, too.


The (ι) button turns it on and off. Their are 5 levels of intensity. The (F) button controls the patterns, their are 5 patterns. The patterns are variety of steady, pulsing or building at different speeds, you control the intensity with the (+) and (-) buttons. As you can probably tell, I like this wand. I store this in my toy drawer, and I whip it out whenever Miguel complains about a sore…. ummm, anything. It gives me an excuse to use it on myself when I get done with him. This toy delivers alot of variety for clitoral stimulation. I enjoyed testing every function on myself. It has a bit of a buzzy sound, but it is not too loud to distract from play. With 4 AA batteries powering this toy, it delivers a strong vibe. For massage, Miguel leaves his shirt on, so it doesn’t get caught on hairs. I imagine using a water based lubrication all over would end that problem, but we never have time for all that.

I am giving this toy 5 out of 5 stars. It is small and portable, strong and not annoyingly loud. It is a massager, and it looks like one. I liked the packaging and the performance of this toy. This toy is a winner!


I received this product from California Exotic Novelties free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.