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Same Room or Separate Swinging?


We went to the club last night and met a bunch of new couples. We participate in Swinger Speed Dating at the club whenever it is possible because it is a great chance to meet new people. There were a bunch of new couples at the club. (by new I mean new to me, not newbies) Rebecca Ammon hosts this event once a month. She always supplies a list of questions. The first question on the list last night was “Are you full swap, soft swap, seasoned or newbies?” We found a few newbies, but most of the couples were seasoned sluts experienced in the lifestyle. We found more than a handful that were not only full swap, they were full swap that played separately.

One of our “rules” is that we never play separately. Call me old fashioned but this for us is a hard limit. Most of the folks that have asked me personally to play separately were males that had problems performing with another man in the room. This is not what these couples told us drove them to play separately. The main reason these couples said play separately was that they found themselves distracted with their partner making noise next to them.


That is half the fun! Knowing Miguel is right there watching me, looking over at him. That is the biggest turn on. Seeing his face as he is enjoying himself. I am usually so caught up in what I am feeling during sex with him to enjoy this sight. I must confess that watching him enjoy himself has spurned many masturbation sessions for me and made it really easy to go from normal to completely turned on in order to test out various toys. (I have an awesome hobby) I just don’t think I could ever do this without him there. If my being turned on has ever driven Miguel to come sooner, well I think that is an even bigger turn on.

I have to admit that at first, in my early days of the lifestyle, I assumed that swinging separately was so sort of evolution of swinging. First comes voyeurism, then exhibitionism, then soft swap, then full swap, then playing separately. In that order. After meeting and talking to literally hundreds of swinger couples, I have found that this is not correct thinking. A lot of happy swingers find themselves very content at various levels and have no desire to move on to the “next” level. There is nothing wrong with this. People may assume that all swingers are like this, or that all swingers do that. The truth is that we are all similar in that we like sex, and then really anything goes from there. Miguel and I found this to be absolutely true right away. That is exactly why we have our hard limits and rules for swinging. Breaking any of our rules is not going to get us to the next level, it will get us fighting.

To be fair, I did notice that these couples did not start out swinging. The few couples we met that played separately had one thing in common…they all were an established couple for at least a few years (if not a decade+) before they decided to explore the lifestyle. We have never met a couple completely new to swinging that played separately. (other than a few that were actually in a poly relationship, but that doesn’t count) Does relationship length before swinging determine if a couple will end up playing separately? I guess Miguel and I dodged a bullet by getting into the lifestyle right away, while we are still relatively young and new to each other. This actually beings to my mind “key parties” of the 70′s that hosted to older couples. Ewwe! That is not for us.

Q & A Swinger Style ~Fifi & Edwin

Swinger Q & A

Fifi and Edwin are a couple that has been in the lifestyle for over 10 years. They have a webcam website ( where they offer pictorials and cam shows for paid members. They also have loads of movies that were shot with consensual swinger couples. We have actually never played with Fifi and Edwin but we know a lot of the same people and play at some of the same places.

They are open about their lifestyle on the web and even host swinger “orientation” classes at Caliente resort and Eyz Wide Shut. Although nothing like experience can prepare you for the lifestyle, being able to ask questions from people that have probably been there/done that is very reassuring. So many people are curious and just want a peek at what it is we do, why we do it, and how we meet new people. Most swingers are friendly, social people. Fifi and Edwin are picture perfect typical swingers. They enjoy a healthy balance of work and play and have found a way to share their love of the lifestyle with others. Miguel and I don’t get out as much as these two, but in all fairness they don’t have kids living at home anymore like we do. They have nine children between them. So the fact that they even made it out of the house…like ever, gives me hope that this too shall pass.

We are seeking committed couples who like to dance, touch & play. Couples who take care of their selves, are in love with each other, love to create their own fun but lead a balanced life always spark our interest. We are also looking for couples to join us in our private weekend adventures as we explore taking pics together and looking for that special couple for our first video together.  We are an educated, happily married, no pressure couple that loves to dance and live in the moment. We have a positive outlook on life; we are easy to get along with, and great fun to be around and party with! Look for FifiandFriends on FaceBook and MILFifi on Twitter and YouTube.



How did the two of you get into the lifestyle? Whose idea was it?

 I (Fifi) have been a swinger since age 27, so it was my idea.  As I would listen to my wonderful husband (Edwin) discuss different affairs that he had in his previous marriage, he will tell me different stories and places he had been, how he felt about it, etc.  So, it just stayed in my mind after we gofifi3t married.  A few months later, I brought it up again and it was just a conversation, not that I felt Edwin was going to have an affair behind my back or anything but it was something that played on his mind – why he did things, so it became a discussion on many occasions and I finally said to Edwin…”I think I can solve this – you need to be a swinger” . From there it took off, we were married in September 2000 and we started swinging together every weekend since the old Pleasure Palace (PP now Eyz Wide Shut) opened its doors in December of 2000; when there were 5 owners and we got to know several Sams and of course Andrew & Susan too!  

What was your first swinging experience like?

 It was a full swap mind blowing re-memorable (played over and over again) fifi5experience at Pleasure Palace.  There were two beds in the same room and the more experienced couple invited us over to share their bed.  I (Edwin) asked Fifi first, “what would you like to do”, her reply was “if we go, we can never go back”, and my reply was “Let’s Go!”  Now here it is twelve years later and this year (2012) we started teaching lifestyle101 classes at EWS, Caliente and via our private adventure website as part of the Adult Seminar network.  These classes are for new couples who are interested in getting involved in a lifestyle, where the possibility exists.

How do you meet new people?Attachment-1

 We meet folks every day on the internet and every week at various lifestyle clubs, nudist resorts (Caliente), private parties, and on many many lifestyle vacations (Hedo-Jamaica , Caribe-DR, Cruises, etc) every year.  Our circle of quality friendships has grown over the years.  We also have a very simple and fun adult business where we help other couples learn how to Pay for their Play time and more important Fund their weekly private adventure FUN times together.  We just returned from a Lifestyle Cruise on the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas, along with 1800+ other couples.  We will never ever be the same again!  Since we believe, the mind should work like a parachute (it works best when open) going forward we will only vacation with other lifestyle (open minded couples) folks.  We are organizing a new FifiandFriends lifestyle vacation (Dream Pleasure Tours) starting in 2013 and we plan to continue this tradition every year.

Does anyone in your family know you swing? Do your co-workers know? Has anyone ever tried to talk you out of your lifestyle?fifi

 Edwin’s family all know about our lifestyle choices and some of my family does too.  We use to be very open with family and close friends but now we try harder to be more discrete on what we are doing or where we are going.  Most Monday mornings at the gym, when folks ask us how our weekend was, we simply reply with…”our weekend, you want to know how our weekend was? Well take your best birthday weekend and multiple by ten that was our weekend, how was your weekend?”  Our standard reply to most non-lifestyle folks is that “we are both very happy and more in love today than yesterday.”

What was your most memorable swing experience? Sexiest experience or most horrific hook-up?

 Driving to South Florida for private penthouse parties and realizing on the way home, we never made it to the dance floor?  Since we have been swinging together every weekend since December 2000, we have a very long list of memories that will last a lifetime.  We share most of private adventures during our weekly webcam shows from our private members-only web site (

Any pet peeves in the lifestyle? (things that are a major turn off/red flag for you two)

 Our fantasy is that everyone knew just how awesome this lifestyle can be especially when exploring with your best friend and lover too.  Therefore, we always approach an encounter or evening out with one simple rule, to have a good time together no matter dynamics are in play.  We never ever try to over analyze this lifestyle; if it flows we go and if not, we simply move on.

Your advice to a couple(or single) new to the lifestyle?

 We all have regular real life jobs, families and various demands on our time so this lifestyle should be about FUN not work.  Do your best to flee from drama (other people’s problems) and if it is work, why do it…make your own sunshine and make if FifiFUN!

I am always curious about the couples I meet and would love to give them a chance to share some of their stories here. I am going to be featuring a new established couple on each post. If you are interested in being a part of this Q & A just contact me and let me know.

Saturday Night Done Right -Part 2

Eyz Wide Shut

It was still pretty early in the night. We left their house around 9:30 and picked up a cake before heading out to the club. We arrived at the club in almost record time. The owner of the club took care of the cake when we walked in. The place was packed, everyone was enjoying the music and drinks. I was a bit overdressed for a night out, wearing jeans and a black tight shirt. Normally I wear a bit less. This did not go unnoticed, and more than a few couples commented on my attire. I gotta say that I was much more comfortable then usual. Being more comfortable I wasted no time getting my drink on before spending half the night dancing my ass off.

The club had a contest going on. They handed out 20 fake bills at the door to everyone upon entrance. They said to give them to the ladies. The contest made me extra motivated to make friends with everyone that I thought might have some money left to give me. I had collected a lot of paper money. Most of it from strangers. When it came time to see who the winner was a few couples came up at the last moment and added their money to my stack. I was delighted to find out that these folks recognized me from my website. I am not normally so damn social at the club. Saturday night was a perfect mix of loosing my inhibitions due to alcohol, celebrating good times, and really enjoying good company. I ended up placing 3rd and winning a cute butt plug which I promptly gave away to someone who said they recognized me from my website. The other winners were one of the birthday girls and a sexy blond who was also dancing her ass of that night.

At some point, I was outside with a bunch of people. Some one handed me a microphone. (Please don’t ever give a drunk gemini a microphone) It wasn’t on (thank god!) but we all enjoyed some “You lost that lovin feeling” karaoke impromptu style. Yes folks, it was that kind of a night. Drinking and debauchery, embarrassing crooning out of tune. I was totally that kind of girl on Saturday night!

The club was celebrating it’s 3rd anniversary. Every year on this night they pick a new Mr & Mrs Eyz Wide Shut. The couple that wins gets free membership for a year. This year they gave chips out to the regulars and then they let the audience decide who should win. We received a chip, but we didn’t win. It felt nice to be nominated. I really had a great time at the club. I am really looking forward to the New Years Eve party there. Last year it was crazy fun! Hopefully I will not be working that night. Next weekend is swinger speed dating with Rebecca Ammon.

So we drank, danced and flirted throughout the night. When it came time for us to go next door, we choose to play in the big hedo room. The room was packed and I literally had to move people over so we could have a place to play. There were quite a few couples just watching. People may think that in an orgy room it is all no holds barred fucking going on. The club is not like that at all. People are very respectful and would only join in if they were invited. The hedo room is a great place to play if you like to be watched. There are beds all over the room. I grabbed some towels and made us a space. We both stripped down and I had Miguel sit back so I could suck his cock. It didn’t take me long to get him nice and hard due in part by the view he had of couples fucking all over the room. Miguel reciprocated by licking my pussy as I laid back on the bed. Miguel and I also put on a bit of a show. I was on top fucking him at first and then he stood at the edge of the bed and hammered his cock into me as I laid on my back. He came with a grunt into me. We were both completely spend after that. It was a very good fucking night.

I went and cleaned myself up for the second time that night before we left to make the drive home. Last Saturday was one of the best nights we had all year. It wasn’t just the sex. It was being with so many people who enjoy the lifestyle. We are really lucky to be enjoying a sexy swinger lifestyle.

Saturday Night Done Right -Part 1

Adult_Dating_-_International_Swingers_Symbol_125x125_thumb.jpg 1265090033

It would be really hard to replicate the fun we had last night. It is a rare thing to have so much sexy fun in one evening. We had a date planned with a full swap couple that we both really like. It was also a friend’s birthday and my favorite club was celebrating it’s anniversary. At first it was a bit of a dilemma, but then we just opted to do both! We went out Friday as well to the club and it ended up being a good time. We only went to the bar-side on Friday and I am pretty sure we missed out on a swinging good time with some new people.

We headed out for our date a little after six pm. We picked up some drinks on the way over. This couple had a nice place with a fun evening planned. We chatted and ate before we got to the sex. It seemed a really easy transition for us with these two. The guy came up and sat next to me on the couch and Miguel went over to the other couch to sit with her. He kissed me and we made out all over the couch. He was a really good kisser and he took his time licking and nibbling me. Necking is something anymore with a guy as they all seem in such a hurry to get to it. I was delighted with all the kissing and couldn’t stop giggling like a little girl. I was giddy with all the oral attention. I removed all my clothes between kisses and he removed all of his. I laid back and he ate me out. I looked over and Miguel was licking her pussy making her moan. Miguel and the girl didn’t have enough room to fuck on the couch so we all moved into the bedroom.

Us girls both laid on the bed and the guys went to work on us. I came and came to the point of leaving a bit of a mess on the sheets. Both the guys gave me a little break and went to work on her. The guy fucked her from behind while she gobbled Miguel’s cock. It was really hot to watch her moaning into Miguel’s cock as she was getting hammered from behind. The guy had great stamina and no problem keeping it up while he fucked her doggy style and then turned his attention to me. Miguel went to work fucking me while the guy fed me his cock. The guy directed her to suck my clit as I sucked his cock. It felt so nice to be sucked and fucked at the same time, I moaned on his cock as the guy fucked my face pushing his cock deep into my throat. Tears ran down my face as I came all over Miguel’s cock.

After a few minutes Miguel moved and the guy took his turn fucking me. His cock hit me just right and I screamed out. I have no idea how Miguel and the girl where getting it on during this time, I was so distracted by the cock working on my g-spot. He was on his knees with my feet on his chest, his cock was hitting me just right and I came over and over again loud enough for their neighbors to get an earful. The guy fucked fast and wore himself out fucking me after about 30 minutes. He asked me to get on top and we switched places. Miguel and her were in the same position next to us and Miguel came loudly as she rode him. Miguel and her sat and watched us for a while remarking about my ass and how it looked for his cock to be sliding in and out of me. I clenched my pussy muscles tight, but wasn’t able to make him cum for me.

We stopped when I was thoroughly exhausted. I shakily walked over to the bathroom and cleaned myself up a bit. We moved into the living room and got some more refreshments. I checked my phone and found that I missed a call from a friend at the club. I called him back and he asked if i could pick up a cake for our friend n our way out. We probably could have kept gong with this couple, they were a lot of fun. I had made a promise to a friend though, so yea, I guess we really have to go to the club now. Miguel and I got dressed and thanked them for a lovely time.

……to be continued



I have been aching for Miguel all week. The plan was to go to work and then we could have sex when I got home. I hate that we are at a place right now that we almost have to schedule sex. My work schedule sucks for us. He is sleeping when I get here, usually there is a child sprawled out on my side of the bed with him, and I am sleeping through our mornings together. The work week is finally over. I am in weird place right now, working a job that is only temporary. I assure you it feels more like a sentence (jail). I go in every day with the best intentions. “Tonight I will not loose my cool, I will do a good job and treat every patient as if they are the only one.” Tonight I had broke the recent record for work load, not just for myself, but for the whole establishment. I kept my promise tonight despite the unfair work load. I am mentally exhausted. This is just temporary. Can days just fly by so I can wake up from this nightmare and start my new job?!

As soon as I got the details of my assignment at work, my heart sank. The idea of coming home to get a bit of nookie seemed hopeless. I hustled my ass of to get done tonight and I left work just a few minutes later than normal. I envisioned Miguel sleeping when I got home, maybe I could make him re-think his slumber when he found me naked with my mouth around his cock. I drove home in such a rush to see him. Tonight I don’t have to feel bad about waking him up. My need for him is greater than the rest I will interrupt. He can catch up tomorrow.

There were no sounds in the house when I opened the door, everyone but me was asleep. I walked into the room and stripped off my clothes. He rolled over just waking up and pulled his pants off. I got on all fours and crawled up to him as he laid back on the bed. His cock tasted just as good as I thought it would. His reaction, of a sharp intake of air followed by a sigh, was just what I needed. It has been six days since I felt his cock. My need for him was overwhelming. I sat up to get some air and he took the opportunity to get up and come around to the other side of the bed.

He got himself into position and I guided his cock in with my hand. He fucked me all over the bed. He used his hand to strum my clitoris till I was shaking and moaning, breaking the sound curfew. It has been too many days since we had this. I dug my nails into his back and pulled his ass into me as we fucked. He moved me into positions giving him the best access to my clit. In the end he kept firm pressure on my clit giving me just what I needed, along with his gyrating cock, for a spontaneous orgasm. I came all over him, my muscles clenching him in involuntary spasms. He came into me with a moan right then that told me he needed this as much as I did.

It feels so good to be thoroughly fucked. Finally.

Now I am ready for the weekend.

A Swinging Good Time


I had such a good time Monday night out with another swinging couple. Things just clicked with this couple. J and K are great hosts and they made us feel right at home with them. We have met this couple on two other previous occasions, both times I was out of commission. Monday night I had no such issues and I knew going in that we were going to have a sexy fun time.

I brought with me a bag of toys, as I usually do when there is any kind of attraction between me and the female. K is a smokin hot vixen with long blond hair and a very sexy body. J is equally sexy and I couldn’t wait to fuck them both. After a drink and little small talk we all went into the bedroom. I stripped off my clothes and pulled out a strap-on and inserted the Fuze Wilde. I approached K and we made out standing up. My black silicone cock awkwardly hanging between us, the guys were behind us on either side of the room just watching. I explored her mouth with mine and my hands found her nipples and eventually my fingers wondered down to her pussy. I am a bit picky about women, this girl I could hardly wait to lick.

I maneuvered her over to the bed and I got on my knees between her legs. I licked her slit and sucked her clitoris before inserting two fingers. I instructed Miguel to get the lube out of the bag. I slathered my cock up and inserted it into her pussy. She responded with a moan as I reached under to turn on the vibrator. The Fuze’s flat base buzzed away on my clitoris and labia as I fucked her. The guys moved in closer. J laid back on the bed beside us and Miguel stood next to us on the other side. I fucked her for a few minutes and then J suggested she turn around so she could could suck his cock as I fucked her. I grabbed her hips and fucked her doggy style. I can see the allure for guys fucking doggy style. Her ass looked so good and her hips gave me something to hold on to as I tried to thrust into her. I grew frustrated after a few minutes though. I didn’t get the pleasure of the cock being thrust into me and I wet and ready for a good fucking. I took off the strap-on and she redirected her attention to Miguel while I took my place sucking J’s cock.

There wasn’t any awkwardness in this hook up. We all fucked and sucked each other. It was hot being there and it still makes me wet when I think about it. At some point, She and I were both on the bed on our backs next to each other. Miguel was fucking her and J eating my pussy, she sucked on my nipple and we made out. I was drenched at this point and J fucked me till we were a sweaty mess. She got some of my toys out to fuck me with them while the guys rested. J took a little break while I sucked his cock on my knees while she fucked me with the Tsunami? Miguel sucked her pussy while she worked the toys on me. The silicone cock filled my hole and worked my g-spot. She turned her focus back on Miguel and J put on a fresh condom on. I rode his cock really enjoying the view next to us as Miguel fucked her doggy style until she wore him out. I was a dripping mess having cum more times than I can count. J’s cock slide around inside of me and we fucked until I had to stop. I laid back on the bed and caught Miguel removing the condom so she could sucked him off again. She worked her mouth on his cock until Miguel came, she swallowed it all. I worked the Fresh on my clit as I watched and she came back over to me. She used a glass toy to fuck me. The cool glass felt so soothing to my now thoroughly fucked hole. J sat next to us to watch and encourage her to fuck me. After I came really hard we both focus on J’s cock. She got mouth full of cum and she then she kissed me. Her mouth was full of his cum so I got a good taste. I remarked on how much how much his cum tastes like Miguel’s and she agreed, their cum was tasted almost exactly the same.

I actually had some more firsts with this swap. First time I swapped cum with another girl, first time I fucked a girl doggy style with a strap-on, first time I used so many toys in one sex session, first time I came so many times with another couple. It was a really good time. I actually brought my stripper pole with me as well, but we didn’t get a chance to break it out. We also talked about getting some photos. Maybe next time….