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Struggling with the Swing


I have been wanting to blog about our last two hook-ups. The thing is that after thinking about the details, I have decided not to. There are some really good reasons for this…#1 reason, these folks read my blog. That puts undue pressure on my writing. I hate to fucking sensor myself. Sometimes it is not awesome that people actually read my posts. I hate the pressure of putting everything in a positive light. It is not all good, but it wasn’t all bad either.

One of the factors I have encountered with these last two hook-ups.


I hate it, but it happens. I have shared before about my struggle with jealousy. I don’t always keep my emotions in check. I am fiercely jealous. I don’t/can’t stomach the thought of someone enjoying Miguel without me being right there. I have had my jealousy rage almost out of control before. This wasn’t like that. This was like a slight oversight. No rules were really broken on purpose. We were in the same room per se, but…same room slightly out of my line of vision. No, that’s not cool. Also really not cool, when I make someone else feel something like that when we play.

I am really sorry for that.

It is not that he had sex with another woman. It has nothing to do with her really. The mistake I made last year was that I thought it was person specific. We play with different people almost exclusively. You can think/talk about it all you want. You can’t always control how you feel. One of the most important thing about swinging is communication. I am very grateful that we proceeded into the lifestyle in a way that didn’t make me feel threatened. I felt like I could have stopped at any point and just knowing that made me feel free to explore until we evolved into the a comfortable place. I didn’t really feel any jealousy until last year. Then I felt like we needed to stop right there. As a result, we took a time out. Since communication is so essential I shared what it was about it that bothered me.

I don’t like the way the last two hook-ups went. If I could go back, I would have done things differently. I can’t. I can’t fix the fact that I made someone else feel like that. I know it was not anyone’s intention. I still would have went out on the dates. I still wouldn’t change our lifestyle. I am actually really glad that I felt jealous. Fear fuels my jealousy. Here is what happens as a result of my fear, I become a more attentive lover. I want nothing more than to please and keep my love’s affections. It is not that I actually think Miguel would leave me for a swinger hook-up, that is just ridiculous! It is just that I want to share in every orgasm he has with a woman. I want to be there to enjoy it. So what! So this is how we swing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a little bit of jealousy, as long as it is communicated and not exploited.

Happy New Year!



I had a really great time last night out at the club. I was delighted to spend the first few minutes of 2013 kissing the love and my life in a room full of sexy people. We almost stayed in this year for new years eve, I am glad we decided to go out. This past year has been full of changes for us. It was great to get out and celebrate that 2012 is finally over. I am excited about the changes to come.

Something great already happened this year. I woke up today to discover that Red Region had named my site as one of the sexiest of 2012! There are 40 blogs on this list, and all of them are worth a read. Check them out and discover some new sexy sites this year. Thank you Red Region! This list rocks and I feel very privileged to be part of it.


I really, really appreciate it when people say they read my blog. It means my voice has an audience. I know the internet is full of people saying things, especially things about sex. I was thinking about what being sex blogger means. I think being a sex blogger has made me acutely more aware of my sexuality and for that I am so grateful. I am also really grateful to live in world with so many sexy bloggers.

I am starting my full time nights schedule this week at my new job. It has been years since I worked nights. My main concern is sleep. Wish me luck as I attempt this transition while the kids are out of school. I am sure they will allow me to sleep and not wake me up to break up stupid sibling rivalries. I am feeling strangely optimistic about the year to come. I know history has proved me wrong about this time and again but fuck it! I am feeling good and I am going ride this feeling out. New job, healthy kids, sexy man laying next to me. Life is good!

Happy New Year to all of you!

Q & A Swinger Style ~Lola & HH

Swinger Q & A

Lola and HH of mysexlifewithlola are hot bloggers with a very interesting lifestyle. I really wanted to include some hot bloggers in this feature. Mysexlifewithlola was most recently given a slot in the Top 100 Bloggers of 2012 (#35). They are a couple I have read about, fantasized about, and admired for a while.

They share their sexual exploits on the web. They have been playing like this for at least two years. Although they are a bit vague on all the details. I would really like to meet them in the flesh, but they play in a colder climate and there are a few states between us. The thing about their anonymity that is so intriguing is that this could be a couple you know. They could be your neighbors. This couple could be found anywhere in your community. They are a real sexy couple discreetly living out a fantasy sexual lifestyle.

While Lola and HH aren’t exactly typical swingers, they do enjoy sex with people outside of their relationship. There relations is a more one sided/open relationship known as a cuckold. Cuckolding is something we have run across in the lifestyle, although I have not mentioned it as such. It is close to swinging since their exploits do not lead to long lasting relationships or involve emotions other than lust. If a female wants to play and the man gets to watch, that is never really a problem for most swingers. This type of couple is usually well received in the lifestyle and can find plenty of action.

The way they meet people for play is not a shock to us. We have met some of our best hook-ups that way. The tone of the ad may sound harsh, but consider were this is going and you will understand the need for rules right from the jump. She spells her needs out perfectly. Even the lingo is typical of a swinger ad. Things like wanting to voice-verify and needing to see pics first tells me that this couples means business. Lola is a knockout that really has no problem finding men or women to play with. Don’t believe me? Just check out her calender….yes Lovelies, she is that kind of girl.

How did the two of you get into the lifestyle? Whose idea was it?

H.H. – First, I think we need to clarify a bit here.  We’re not exactly “swingers.”  Our kink is more Cuckolding.  To be more precise, Lo is, in the parlance of our times, a “hot wife,” though we are not married.  In our relationship she sleeps with basically whomever she wants, I don’t.  There are a few reasons for this.  First, Lo admits that she is not comfortable with my being with anyone else.  Second, I really feel no need to be with anyone else.  The question is how we got into this and I think we got into it because Lo (who is significantly younger than I) has a sexual appetite that exceeds my capabilities.  So, given that, and given that I’m very interested in pleasing Lo, I have no real need to have anyone else.  But, that said, I get a huge rush from hearing about Lo’s sexploits and/or sharing them with her.  I don’t really remember how we originally got into it, but it sort of developed naturally from Lo’s getting naked in front of my friends, hopping into bed with them, and doing other salacious things with people we interacted with socially.  When she saw that I not only didn’t mind, but enjoyed the flirting, we got a bit more serious trying to find her lovers and part-time boyfriends to keep her more satisfied.  

Lola – Baby, I was born this way!  


What was your first swinging experience like?

H.H. – We’ll I’ve given my point of view on this in the blog entry: “You Are The Best Thing – My Little Street Corner Girl.”  But here Lo can remark about it more from her point of view.  

Lola – Back seat of a car where I was penetrated in multiple places by multiple people. . . and it was all very hot and steamy until the copper showed up.   


How do you meet new people?

H.H. – So far we’ve met new people mostly through (sleazy as it may sound) Craigslist.  We’ve posted ads such as: 

Are you hard-up?  Are you handsome?  Hung? Healthy? D&D free?  Just need to get your rocks off on occasion and then split with no strings attached?  Well, then you may be for me.  I need a man who can come over on a moment’s notice, make me cum, and then leave on those nights when my bf isn’t home or is too tired for me.  I’m 1/2 of a Dec./May relationship (I’m Ms. May, of course) and my libido is too much for him to handle.  (Probably too much for you to handle too, but we’ll find out about that.) 

Musts: 1) Good-looking and fit (send photos to prove it); 2) Well-endowed.  (No need to show it in photo, but don’t fake it.  I’ll find out soon enough!); 3) Be reasonably literate (I want you to make me cum on the phone first.); 4) Be close by so that I can call you at 9, 10, 11, 12, or 1 for a quick one if I need it. 5) Be discrete. 

Must NOT: 1) Be looking for a relationship.  I have a loving man; I need more fucking; 2) Be disrespectful; 3) Interested in anything but sex. 

If this sounds like something you’re up for, then:  Send an e-mail with a pic (or four) and something about yourself.  Your pic gets mine.  If you like what you see, I will ask you to voice-verify.  If you’re good on the phone, then we can take it to the next level.




Within minutes we’d have 50 or more e-mail responses.  By the end of the day there would be hundreds to choose from.  99% of them were fake, ugly, didn’t follow instructions, illiterate, or disqualifying in some other way.  A small percentage of them were rude, saying things like, “Way too much work.”  Well, those guys have no idea what they’re missing.  And Lo certainly wasn’t missing out on them.  Once in a great while Lo would find a guy who was easy on the eyes, wrote a decent and interesting response, and voice verified in a way that made her want more.  

We’ve tried looking into other venues – swinger sites, swinger classifieds, etc. –  but for various reason we haven’t had much luck with that.  Interestingly enough, no one (or almost no one) has propositioned Lo via the blog.  Our readers seem to be more voyeurs than interested in talking to Lo on the phone or meeting up.  

Lola – We’re not really “in” a swinger life-style group and meeting people is really the biggest obstacle.  I can’t get my hands and mouth on enough of such couples.  


Does anyone in your family know you swing? Do your co-workers know? Has anyone ever tried to talk you out of your lifestyle?

H.H. – Certainly not anyone from our family (though there may be two or three people we could open-up to without judgment).  None of my co-workers know about my secret life with Lo.  Some friends know, but not all of them understand.  

Lola – I honestly think that when I tell people what I do, they either get freaked out so much that they don’t know what to say, or they are colleagues of mine in a field where, at least on the surface, the expectation is that we can celebrate and embrace all gender and sexual identities and expressions.  


What was your most memorable swing experience? Sexiest experience or most horrific hook-up?

Lola – None of them were particularly WOW!  And, thankfully, all of them were good.  Not one was horrific.  I’m still waiting for the BIGGIE!  (Or the 10 person orgy.)


Any pet peeves in the lifestyle? (things that are a major turn off/red flag for you two)

Lola – Allow me to list: 1) a person who can’t make eye contact; 2) a person with no opinion about anything; 3) a person who doesn’t insist on getting the bill, even when I’m willing to pay; 3) small endowments (of any kind); 4) Republicans; 5) people who hate their relationships, jobs, or reasons for being (without actually doing anything to change those things they hate); 6) people who kiss only with their tongues and not with their lips; 7) people who come on like they’re ready for this, but then back out; 8) anti-feminists; 9) wanting to do so many things sexually, but being in a place where that just can’t happen; 10) people who are not curious enough to inquire about my favorite subject – ME!  


Your advice to a couple(or single) new to the lifestyle?

Lola – Check in with yourselves and your partners frequently.  Proceed only when you feel like you and your partners feel safe, comfortable, and enthusiastic about moving forward.  This is not always as easy as it sounds.  Remember, this is supposed to be FUN.  

H.H. – Establish rules.  Be clear on hard rules vs. soft rules.  Follow the rules.  If rules are made to be broken, only break the soft ones, never the hard ones.  Does that make sense? 


I am always curious about the couples I meet and would love to give them a chance to share some of their stories here. I am going to be featuring a new established couple on each post. If you are interested in being a part of this Q & A just contact me and let me know.

Top Sex Blogger 2012


Thank you so much! I am #48 on the list of the Top Sex Bloggers of 2012!

Thanks to everyone who voted! I am floored that I made the list among such sexy sex bloggers. Thanks to all my stalkers here, on facebook, twitter and in the flesh. Thanks to Rori of betweenmysheets who puts this awesome list together every year. Thanks especially to you for taking the time to read this blog. (I still can’t believe there are more then two of you!)

Please check out the other awesome bloggers who made the list.


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100. YOU! As always, I want to leave a place on this list for ALL the awesome sex bloggers out there! So please leave a comment on Between My Sheets with your name/URL to tell us about your sexy blog!

I highlighted some of my favorites on the list. I wanted to also to contribute some blogs that didn’t make the list for whatever reason, but I would personally recommend.


Rebecca Ammon


Kira’s Slavery

Two of these are pretty new blog sites and didn’t make the list because there was a “age” qualifier. Please go and discover new blogs, comment and let these people know you were there. A lot of work goes in to making an entertaining/aesthetically pleasing place on the web. I don’t know how everyone else does it, but I think about my site on a daily basis. I care about what I put out there and I care about how it is received. My blog is a piece of me, for good or bad. It is really an honor that it was recognized for sexy. Thanks!

e[lust] #40

Photo courtesy of @iSlut_ of A Slut’s Memoir�

 Welcome to e[lust] - The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust].  Want to be included in e[lust] #41? Start with the newly updated rules, come back October 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates! I’d like to also direct your attention to a new Editor’s Letter that’s up. 

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On Women Who Like Sex - I like sex as much as any man I know. I am not a weirdo, I am not a slut, and I am not in any excessive danger.

Secret SecretaryThere she was in the reception room on my couch, lying on her back, legs spread, skirt hiked up over her torso, her hands frantically feeling between her legs. 

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Street Harassment: It’s everywhere, all the time

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Thoughts: Regarding Limits In BDSM

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Welcome to e[lust] - The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust]. Want to be included in e[lust] #40? Start with the newly updated rules, come back September 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

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“I can’t orgasm without a vibrator” So What?Embrace it. Bring it in to your partnered sex life. Be happy that you can achieve orgasm whatever way that works for you.

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