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Friday Night at the Club

Eyz Wide Shut

So we went out on Friday night to Eyz Wide Shut and we went as a soft swap couple. We drank and danced and had a great time. Fridays at the club are sort of hit or miss and the club was not packed with people we knew. I gave the DJ my preference for songs and hit the dance floor. Sad to say that most of the club had voyeurs and not too many people were bold enough to dance. I didn’t really care if I was the only one out there at times. I love to dance. After a few really good songs a sexy chic in a black dress came out and danced with me for a bit. She danced close and we kissed a few times. Miguel did what he does best and went over to talk to the guy. This couple was very sexy. I think this was really fate, they were soft swap only as well.

This couple was alot of fun. They sat and chatted with us for quite a while. We did go outside with them a few times. She bummed a cigarette and we talked about quitting and how sometimes it just sucks. I am still vaping, but I must admit that I bummed a cigarette too. I just needed a reminder, cigarette smoking is part of this routine I have at the club. Hopefully not anymore. The cigarette tasted awful honestly. I don’t think I will have another.

Eventually, we finished our drinks and headed over to the lodging side together. We ended up in a private room, just the four of us. Some how we have never been in this room. I swear I thought we had been in every room. Anyways, it was a small room with two beds side by side and lots of well placed mirrors. We got in the room and all took our clothes off. She started out by sucking her man’s cock, and I sucked Miguel off. She had an amazing body. This girl was pretty amazing. She was so sexy and sensual.

We had some great girl/girl play. She licked and sucked my pussy so well. She had a neutral taste and I enjoyed playing with her and eating her pussy as well. I could have swore that they said they were “newbies” but she had no shyness about her. She explored every bit of my pussy with her tongue and then she went back to fuck her man. Miguel ate out my pussy while she kissed me and played with my tits. There was alot of touching and stroking while we all had sex. She even ate me out while her man fucked her from behind, Miguel had a nice view of that. Miguel fucked me so good. I got on top of Miguel at one point and I was going to use a toy on my clit. It ended up that the toy was completely dead. How the fuck? Oh well! I was so mad about the toy that I threw it across the room. (I didn’t break it, thankfully) I got off plenty when Miguel used his finger to rub my clit while he fucked me. I reached over and rubbed hers while her man fucked her. I think her man ended up coming on her beautiful tits, but the details of that are a bit foggy. We both came home exhausted and I fell right to sleep. I know we all had a great time.

A Good Day and Sexy Night

Eyz Wide Shut

Yesterday went so well, it make all the week’s toils worth it. We took our new car for a long trip with all the kids in tow. It felt so good to not have to worry about breaking down. Those of you that have ever had car issues can probably relate. We just had a great family day and my heart was full. Last night was one of the funnest nights I have had in a while at Eyz Wide Shut. The place was packed by 11pm. Last night we headed out in very good spirits and we didn’t get home till after 3:30am. Time seemed to go really fast on the club side. We chatted with everyone we could and we almost headed over to the lodging an hour early. I had a feeling that we should wait and my hunch turned out to be exactly what we needed.

When we finally did go to the lodging side we were accompanied by two couples. We had a little bit of a problem finding a room and we had one but they were already in Lover’s lane by that time. As soon as we walked in the door there were the couples already naked and ready to play. The girls were laying next to each other on the couches with the guys on either side. Miguel and I picked a spot next to them. I was wearing a black corset top and some jeans. I ended up not even taking off the corset but i removed everything else. Miguel stripped down completely like the other couples so they were all in the buff. We were right in the doorway of the entrance to these two common rooms. Every time a new couple (or couples) walked in one of the guys would say “Oh by the way, there might be naked people in here.” It was pretty comical.

I just happened to have two clitoral toys with me, so I got to work immediately in fishing them out of my bag to put them to work. First I had my new Mia, and I worked that on the “new” couple. This is a couple we had talked to for a few Saturdays and we shared an interest in LELO toys. I knew she might like the Mia, since she was pretty impressed with the Liv her husband bought her. This Mia is one from the re-designed line and it’s vibrations are pretty impressive. Shaped like a lipstick, it is pretty and a very effective clitoral vibe. This girl was so cute with a sexy curvy shape on her small frame. Her breasts were so full and beautiful I started there and played with them a bit, and then I went to work on her clit. She was very “neutral” tasting just like the girl from the other couple. I licked and sucked her clit and I tried to work her clit manually, but my nails do not allow for rough play. I got the Mia out and made it do all the hard work. After jacking her clit for a few minutes I guided her hand over to the toy and she took over.

Moving down the line, to the other girl who I knew needed a bit of power. I brought out the Life by Leaf for her. I am pretty familiar with this sexy bitch and I know she likes it rough. I didn’t have to worry about hurting her. I licked and sucked her clit, then I put the Life on full blast and applied steady pressure on her clit. About 30 seconds after I applied the Life to her clit she squirted all over. It shot about 3 feet out and drenched the floor. I had about a five second warning when she said, “I’m gonna squirt!” It was pretty cool to watch! It would have sucked to be showered by it though. Only when I heard chuckles all around us did I realize what an audience we had. She wanted to do it again with the Life on her clit but I was pretty ready for some action myself so I guided her hand over to the toy and moved over to Miguel.

Scenes like this make me so glad we chose this lifestyle. I got fucked every which way, somehow we fucked on both sides of these two couples. Hands were outstretched and there was some cross groping going on making the sex so much hotter. As if seeing the couple next to you was not enough to turn us on, reaching out and stroking them made it feel real, and was such a fucking turn on. I was on my hands and knees getting it from behind with a great view of what the couple next to us was doing. Miguel was fucking me so hard and putting so much pressure on my ass, it was hard to fall over but I did pretty good staying up. Then Miguel would have me flip over so he could fuck me missionary style. He tried to get me to go on top, but I protested and he finished off soon after. My thighs were seriously wasted from dancing for like 4 hours with hardly any breaks. We were both completely spent afterwards.We ran into more friends on the way out, with an invitation to play some more. We just could though, I needed food!

The ride home was a big blur of lights and Taco Bell. We walked in the door to find a sick child with my Mom and it’s back to reality.

Sex and the Game Changer

I am almost sad it is Sunday already, but I am really looking forward to get to sleep at a decent hour tonight. We had a fun filled weekend but I am so exhausted now. I need a few days of to recover. Friday I started a new job. I am pretty exited about it. Friday night Miguel and I went out with the Hey Jealousy couple again. We started out bowling, then we played some pool at the bowling bar….then we went to their house.

I was so turned on, feeling really good from all the alcohol, and I sucked Miguel off in the car as we drove to their house. When we got inside the girl went right to the kitchen to make some drinks. I took my coat off and met her in the middle of her kitchen. I kissed her all over and slowly helped her out of clothes. I wanted to taste her. I got on my knees and licked and sucked her clit while the guys watched. Her breasts were so fucking perfect I wanted to devour them. This girl is no stick figure, she is perfectly proportioned. All curves and soft, I loved her body. She has a nice all over tan and long blond hair. If I had a type she would be it. It is really no wonder her fucking Miguel evokes feelings of jealousy for me. I want to be Miguel fucking this girl.

We moved over to bedroom and the guys got into the action. This time I didn’t bring any toys, I wanted so bad to make her get off. I had her lay on the bed on her back and I licked her slit. I finger fucked her and rubbed her clit. Then I moved over so Miguel could take over. Her man licked me and finger fucked me to orgasm. I was so done with foreplay at this point and I told the guy to put the condom on so her could fuck me. I was ready for cock. He put the condom on and I told him to fuck me good. I was on my back when he got it in. His style is different from Miguel, he took his time with slow strokes in and out then¬† speeding up for a minute and back to slow strokes. I know he was trying to redeem himself from last time, but I just wanted a good hard fuck. When he tired out he asked me to get on top. I got right up and sat on his face. I was so fucking hot I fucked his face with Miguel and the girl fucking right next to me. I rubbed my wet pussy all over his face until I was almost there. Then I straddled his cock and fucked him with no mercy. I got his cock and I milked it with my pussy. I came so good, then he came too. Miguel and the girl fucked for a few more minutes and then it seemed that we were alll done. I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom to get dressed.

The guy got dressed as well and we went outside so I could have a smoke. I assumed that Miguel and the girl were dressed and making small talk. I felt an urgency to hurry up with the cigarette so we could get back inside. When the guy and I walked in, we found Miguel laying back on the couch and her sucking him off. I walked over and grabbed my coat. I was fully dressed and for me the play part was over. I am still fuming over this. Later Miguel explained that she didn’t want to have him leave without him cumming…again. So like me, she feels that if the guy doesn’t cum it feels like something is wrong. Same room is something we have always agreed upon. I could barely watch when he came in her mouth. Another 2 minutes and we probably would have missed the whole fucking show. It really made me sad and mad. He broke the rule. Miguel, who made up the rule. I wonder how he would have felt if it had been the other way around.

I have pondered if I had ever done this to him. Miguel freaked out once when I kissed a guy and I was 10 feet away. He wasn’t so subtle about how he felt. The fact that there was a curtain between us infuriated him. As if I fucked someone and he was not invited. I have been careful not to forget that. I didn’t think we would recover. I was scolded the whole way home. That was two years ago. Fast forward and this is now twice that I thought we were done with the same couple and they kept going after I left the room, almost as if on purpose. I feel sick just thinking about it.

I am a jealous person. I am just built that way. The fact that someone like me could entertain a swingers lifestyle is something of a small miracle. Miguel re-assures me all the time, and still my insecurities creep in every once in a while. This is something of a game changer for me. I have to reflect and wonder…is it just me? Did Miguel have a moment of weakness and forget? No, I don’t think so. He never drinks as much as me, he is the driver. He is always more sober and more in control of himself. If it had been me on the couch, we would never see that couple again. I just keep seeing it in my head. Maybe I should have said something right then. I looked at the guy and he just shrugged, as if to say “Oh well!” I wanted to cry. I put my coat on instead.

We went to Eyz Wide Shut last night and the other couple was there. I don’t know what everyone else is thinking, but I have no intention of hooking up with them again. Miguel and the girl are still going on as if nothing bad happened. Miguel just popped his head out and told me about something about what they experienced last night. I guess they are still texting each other. I have tried to express to him how this made me feel, if I really said what I am thinking it might end up in a fight. I don’t want to fight. I don’t think he realizes the blow my ego has taken. He has done this twice now. The first time it was probably me, now I see that I need to address this. I know some would say I should shrug it off. This is just sex, and we are swingers after all. I can’t just shrug it off. I need to pause and address this before I continue. I feel like my trust has been violated no matter if it was by accident or omission.

I am just ranting now, sorry. We are suppose to be this really secure couple and we don’t fight. Those that really know us, they know that’s not true. I pout and cast silent storms when I am upset. After years of blowing up and screaming I just get quiet now. It is better that I don’t scream and say things I will probably regret later. My tongue can be razor sharp. I think we are going to be a soft swap couple for a while. Probably, this is no big deal and we will recover to play another day. Hopefully, it will truly be same room only next time. About the worst thing a swinger couple could do to each other is break their own rules. I talk about it here because I don’t have very many outlets to talk about these kinds of problems. I just need to vent and tell the whole story. I need to really put this into perspective so I can start to get over it.

Off to a Sexy Start…

Eyz Wide Shut

I have so much I want to tell you. Our New Year’s Eve went off splendidly! We met up with a group we usually meet at Eyz Wide Shut. One of the couple’s we party with was having a gathering at their house with food and drink. It was a pre-Eyz party for everyone. After a few hours of greeting and drinking, and a bit of playful kissing and fondling, we went like a convoy to Eyz. I was really feeling joyful. I think everyone was happy about saying goodbye to 2011.

When we got to Eyz Wide Shut we found the parking lot almost completely full. There were hundreds of people there. The place was packed. Everyone was drinking and dancing. There was alot of flirting going on….I think everyone I have ever met at Eyz was there, people I hadn’t seen in months and all the regulars. There was a slue of new people, as well. We met alot of people that Miguel had talked to online before, but never met in person. One couple we sat and talked to for a bit we ended up meeting a few days later for drinks. We technically didn’t hook-up with anyone else on New Year’s Eve. We both make out with a few people. At the end of the night though, it was just Miguel and I having sex with each other, which was fine with me. I didn’t really want to risk ringing in the New Year with bad or awkward sex. It seemed right to toast 2012′s first moments surrounded by swingers, amongst my favorite people in my favorite club.

So yea, the New Year got off to a good start. Miguel and I had some excellent sex before leaving the club. I almost drank too much, I say almost because most of the night is kind of a blur, but I didn’t over drink and wake up hungover. It all worked out, made it home safe and made some new friends.

The next day Miguel was busy answering texts from the sexy couple we met at the club. Seems a bit strange to try to make a hook-up after meeting them at a place where we could of hook-ed up right? Not really, considering the night’s importance and the fact that when the club is that full it is sometimes hard to get a room. (Flash back to Halloween weekend) It actually wasn’t over crowed when we went over but I think we got extremely lucky. We finally met up on Monday night. We me them at a pool haul. It ended up being just a vanilla date. We will be meeting them again though, I am sure. There was a lot of flirting and I think we all clicked really well. The odds of four people getting together and all of them being attracted to each other are pretty low, so every time it happens I think it is a small miracle.

Last night we had a date with a couple we have known for a few years now. We don’t see each other that often but we have a few mutual friends. They are a soft swap couple. The first time we met we played spades and got our asses handed to us….it was definitely time for a re-match! They invited us over for dinner, spades and orgasms. What a fun night we had. We ate some steaks. Mouth watering, perfectly cooked steaks. Then we played some spades, we played better this time, but we still lost. It wasn’t by much though! Then they got busy kissing and fondling. Miguel was taking pics and I was taking my clothes off… He entered her from behind and I kissed her. She had her hands all over me and brought me to orgasm with her fingers. He stopped fucking her and we tried to incorporate the Tango into play but in the end it proved too frustrating and I gave up. Besides, we had plenty of cock there and a dildo is rarely as good as the real thing, especially when it is wielded by an inexperienced fucker like myself. He pulled the lover’s couch over,(they just happened to have in their living room), and he bent her over the side. She had me lay back on the bottom of the sofa with my pussy in her face. The angle gave her man access to her and he fucked her doggy style while she ate me out. Miguel came up beside me and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked it while she brought me off with her tongue.

At some point, I knew it was too much for her to concentrate anymore, so I slid off the couch and had Miguel get my bag of toys. I really wanted her to get off good. I couldn’t get my hands at a good angle to reach her. Instead of asking them to change positions I handed her the 7 function power play bullet so she could work her clit. She climaxed good with the aide of her lover’s pounding her from behind. Miguel and I used the other end of the couch to fuck. We were missionary at first and then he had me turn around. The lover’s couch is such an awesome piece of furniture, allowing for so many positions and theirs was so comfy. Miguel came real good fucking me from behind while they moved over to the big couch. His cum mixed with mine was running down my leg when we finished. I ran to the bathroom to get cleaned up and I could still hear them fucking out there. They finished a few minutes later and everyone was halfway dressed by the time I returned. It was a hot night.

This week isn’t even over yet! I am looking forward to a very sexy 2012!

The Double Standard


One of the greatest perks about being a swinger is getting two girls and one guy together. A FMF mix is almost every guys dream. This is not always so easy to accomplish. The single female in the swinger lifestyle is called a “unicorn” for a reason. They are so rare, they are almost a myth. The single male on the other hand, they are very common. Dime a dozen, take your pick. I know this is every guys dream, and almost every female in the lifestyle has had a liason that was just the girls playing and the guys watching. I call this the girl/girl. This is a newbie play and it used to irritate me to no end.
Why, you ask?
I’ll tell you…
There is alot of pressure to perform when people are watching. Since this is something requested/fantasized about almost exclusively by newbies there is even more pressure to make it perfect. In this situation it almost always becomes about giving that newbie female pleasure and she is almost always not going to reciprocate. I am not a paid performer, I do this because I enjoy it. I want to get off too. I really enjoy a women who has a neutral taste. If you spend anytime with your face in pussy, you may understand this. If not, well. Some women have a non-neutral taste. It lingers and can be smelled on everything that touches it. There is really nothing she can do about it. I am neutral. The rare times I have not been neutral there was something out of whack with my body….pregnancy, yeast infection. Miguel was able to tell me right away. There is no way for me to know if the girl is going to be neutral unless Miguel asks the guy outright. This is not always something that comes up, but boy it does cross my mind. I swing both ways but I really am a lover of cock. There I said it!

Plus, women are so fucking weird. The single females we have played with almost always have a secret agenda. They either just want me, just want him, or want us to be exclusively with them. Our lives are too hectic to have an exclusive relationship with any one person outside of each other. I am so over the single female with the secret agenda that I have given up trying to find a normal one. I don’t even look. There is got to be something rotten in Denmark if I see a single female on a website or at a club. There is always something “wrong” with that person. I dare you to argue with me on this point!

The single guy, on the other hand… He is probably just tired of trying to deal with crazy chicks. Most guys have no problem hooking up with a couple. He just has to be polite and know his place. They don’t mind being used for the night. I have never had a single guy get “jealous” that we were hooking up with another couple. They don’t care! The do always try to get me to hook them up with a friend, but that really doesn’t bother me as much as a crazy chick stalking Miguel. I always tell them that we keep the unicorns for ourselves, if we had any we would.

Maybe I am the selfish one? When we hook-up with a single guy, it is mostly all about me. I am a bit narcissistic and selfish. I fully admit that. But there was a few times, well….When we first started we never tried to hook-up with guys that swing both ways. I think we even had a bit of a stigma about it. But now, well we don’t mind it so much. Miguel has always had an open mind and even though it is not really his preference, sometimes he does things because he knows I like to watch. It is all just sex right? I know most guys would never consider it, out loud.

Why is this such a double standard?

I don’t think it is a big deal if guys perform sex acts on each other. It turns me on actually. Does that make me weird? Don’t answer that, actually I don’t care! I think most girls would want to watch two guys. I never got to see real penetration, but it is on my list…

Really, cause I want to know. This poll is anonymous I promise.

6-Some Fun!

Miguel and I headed out to Eyz Wide Shut on Saturday for their Halloween Party. Swingers have the best Halloween parties. The place was packed with sexy people, most were in costume. Miguel and I were dressed up as well.

We both agreed that we needed a full swap for tonight. We don’t usually head out with an agenda other than to have a great time, this night was different. Last week we met a couple at the castle, this week they showed up at Eyz to meet us a again. As soon as I saw the guy I knew we had our play couple for the night. I really like this couple. She is a blond super fun and very sexy, a bit on the wild side but not overly aggressive. She almost reminds me of a porn star, or what I think they would be like anyways. He is very handsome as well and he has a devilish smile, very sexy. I wanted him bad and I told him as much. I made sure to keep tabs on where they were all night, no way we were going to miss playing with them!

A funny thing happened though, another couple that we had previously soft swapped with were there. She is a brunette. They are a very sexy couple, (read all about our last hook-up with them here). We have had much fun playing with this couple, but they were only soft swap. They obviously wanted to play with us as well, so we had a bit of a dilemma. We danced all together to get everyone a bit acquainted. I knew the first couple was down to play. I spoke to the man in the soft swap couple and he said they had never full swapped but that she was very interested in a full swap with us. Okay we had our players, so we headed over to the lodging play.

The details are very clear to me. The place was packed so we had to wait a few minutes in the hall for a room. The room we got had a bed and a lover’s couch in it. I had Miguel bring my bag of toys but we didn’t use any of them. After a few awkward moments everyone stripped down and the fuck fest began. The blond and I were still wearing our stockings, her in white thigh highs and me in lace top fishnets. I can only really tell you my part here, there was so much swapping going on it was hard to keep up with everyone…

I started out by sucking the blond’s man off. I really wanted him. I laid down to give someone better access to me and then I was laying back and I had the guy eating me out and fingering me to orgasm. I looked over and Miguel was playing with the blond -fingering, eating and then fucking her. The brunette and I were making out and her man was eating her out. I laid there for a long time while the players moved around me. Despite Miguel’s best efforts to get over to her, the other guy got to fuck the brunette first. The girls came up each one to me kissing sucking, eating, fingering. I was in heaven! At one point I had four people on me. The brunette found her way down to eat me out, she has such great oral skills and I tried to suck her man off at the same time but I could barely concentrate on it. Yes, She is that good! I fucked the blond’s guy first, then the brunettes man. He is so sexy but he seemed a bit distracted by his chick. I had to remember that this was their first full swap. Although the brunette was a bit used to playing with others with him in the room, he was not. I really didn’t wanna take anything away from him getting to watch her, and I got a feeling we will get to play with them again.

Miguel fucked me after that. I could tell where Miguel was at all the time because he really fucks hard and with him there is always the sound of bodies slapping at a furious pace. The brunette and I played and kissed for a long while, then she went to fuck her man. At this point, Miguel was laying on the lover’s couch with the blond sucking his cock and her man was fucking her from behind. That was such an awesome sight with the big mirror behind them. The brunette was riding her man in a slow orgasmic fuck. The blond had to stop for some reason and I got on the edge of the couch and laid back so he could fuck me. Miguel watched and cheered me on. Then he had me flip over so he could get me doggie style. I sat up and looked at myself in the mirror. Damn, I am turned on just thinking about how hot it looked. I love getting fucked from behind.

There were used condoms and wrappers all over the room. I am pretty sure everyone sucked and fucked each player. This was our first full swap with two couples at the same time. It was hard to pay attention to everyone and I would really like to play with each of these couples again, individually. A 6-some is something I didn’t even know was on our list of things to do, but I can cross it off now anyways! This Halloween party was pretty with legendary, I can’t wait for another chance to play! Yesterday I was still so turned on thinking about the 6-some I couldn’t stop playing with Miguel. This resulted in impromptu mid-day sex and a blow job. (I really love sucking his cock!)

Happy Halloween Lovelies!