Beyond the Books is a weekly meme where I throw out a topic (mostly non-bookish), and you guys blog about it. Come back here and share the link to your blog post, and we all have fun learning about each other.

I will be posted on the new topic every Thursday at midnight EST. My weekly post will kick it off. Below I will list upcoming topics so you can schedule your blog posts ahead, but please don’t post before Thursday 12am EST, (and don’t forget to come back and add your post to the linky so everyone who plays along can see it, too).

 I have been looking for a weekly feature that is not another review for a while. I found Life of a Blogger on a blog I love to stalk follow called Novel Heartbeat. Sadly, I caught on a bit too late. I only got to participate about three times before Jessi @Novel Heartbeat posted her last Life of a Blogger saying goodbye. So this idea is borrowed from her, (with permission). I am going to keep this feature on Thursdays like she had it.


Please stick to the topic of the current week.


June 11- Stress Relievers
June 18- Maybe I’m Crazy. (share some “weird” traits that you may have)
June 25- I Collect These (pics are a bonus!)
July 2- Your Favorite Shows
July 9- Your Favorite Words (to say or write)
July 16- Which do you prefer, Pool or Beach?
July 23- Your Dream Career (or what do you do for a living)
July 30- The Real Me. (if you knew REALLY knew me, you’d know…)
August 6- Tell us about your Pets (or why you don’t have any)
August 13- Where I blog (pics are a bonus)
August 20- Favorite Game (board game, party game, hate games? tell us about it!)
August 27- If I had $1000, I would buy….
September 3- Favorite Teacher and why (this could be a mentor or teacher)
September 10- Worst reasons you ever bought/read a book
September 17- Favorite food, or share a recipe
September 24- Set a goal, and a plan on how to get there
October 1- Something you lost
October 8- The worst movie you ever did see, and why
October 15- 5 things you just can’t handle (gross things like ugly toes, teeth scraping on silverware, etc)
October 22- Something you found
October 29- An anti-bucket list: the things you hope to never do before you die
November 5- Bad habits. Share yours and why you won’t give it up. Ever.
November 12- Bedtime Routines (share yours)
November 19- I am most proud of…
November 26- Thanksgiving
December 3- Share your bucket list
December 10- Embed the cutest viral videos you’ve watched
December 17- Christmas Decorations*
December 24- List your favorite family traditions
December 31- The best piece of advice you’ve been given

January 7- Post three things that are currently inspiring you
January 14- Freebie
January 21- Favorite Products Beauty/Health* (got certain products you swear by, share um)
January 28- Something(s) You Won
February 4- Parenting tips (or what things should all parent do)
February 11- Do people in your real life know you blog?
February 18- Write a letter to someone you have an issue with
February 25- Scariest moment of your life
March 3- A Fear you have
March 10- What do you do with “me” time?
March 17- Why I started Blogging?
March 24- The things I miss about being a kid
March 31- Latest two blogs you subscribed to and why
April 7- What you’re addicted to, and why
April 14- Give us a tour of your town
April 21- A blog how-to. Describe a technical problem you encountered with your blog and how you resolved it.
April 28- Where do you fall in the birth order of your family? First, middle, baby, only? Do you think that affected who you are today?
May 5- Your thoughts on voluntary Euthanasia
May 12- Do you have any tattoos? Why or why not? Tell us about one of your tattoos and what it means.
May 19- Someone you admire and why
May 26- Best part of your day
June 2-Favorite room/space of your home
June 9- Online dating. Have you done it? How do you feel about it?
June 16- What’s your favorite physical feature or personality trait that you look for in a partner? (or what attracted you to your partner)
June 23- Funny and/or odd family traditions/habits*
June 30- Household items that you love and can’t live without*

*denotes suggested topics

I am going to try to stay ahead here with the topics list, so expect more topics to come up soon.


I would love to hear your suggestions for topics. I promise to give you credit.

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