Hey y’all its me Karen Blue! I have been in the blogosphere since 2009, on this site since 2010, blogging books since 2014. I have four kids and I am a medical professional (aka nurse). I don’t identify as being a book nerd because I actual think I am pretty cool, (cool is still a cool word, right?). I do love books, but really being a bit nerdy is cool again, so who cares. I am a bit narcissistic, but I am funny too, so there’s that.

My mouth gets me into trouble sometimes. Look for my avi, I am everywhere. I comment on a lot on blogs, because I am a stalker lover of blogs. I know bloggers love comments and I am no exception.


I am very active on social media. I am almost always online via Twitter, (because iPhone). I have a BookTube Channel, check out my channel. Also, you can find me on Snapchat at Karen Blue.

I am Gemini and everything I touch shows it. Short attention span, awkward, and outgoing. I have a ton of projects going on right now, and I love challenges. This blog is only one of them. I am currently working on a book. I may never even publish it, but I am committed to writing the damned thing, for now anyways. I am an avid reader. I obviously love books.

I also ride a motorcycle. Here’s a picture of my baby…


Last year we moved into a new home in Connecticut and it has a book room! I painted it and made it my own. If you want to know more about my bookshelf makeover, click here. Here are some pictures of them as they look today.


25 Things About Me

  1. I love stationary and writing utensils.
  2. My favorite color changes daily. Today it is orange red blue.
  3. I drive too fast.
  4. I love shoes, but hate wearing them.
  5. I live in sunny Florida the frozen north.
  6. I love my bullet journal.
  7. I overbook myself more than I should, (check out my upcoming review list).
  8. I eat and walk faster than most people.
  9. It takes a whole lot to gross me out.
  10. I have a wicked sweet-tooth, mostly for things like gummy bears and twizzlers.
  11. I hate doing laundry but like mowing my lawn.
  12. I don’t like country music.
  13. The first book I ever read was The Secret Life of the Underwear Champ.
  14. My favorite fictional character is the vampire Lestat.
  15. I have a little yorkie named Buster, he thinks I am his mom.IMAG00017
  16. I was born in Florida.
  17. I drive a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
  18. I am an Army veteran.
  19. I am a nurse.
  20. I ran a marathon in 2005.
  21. My favorite movies are Fightclub, The Princess Bride, Great Expectations and Pride and Prejudice.
  22. I have never read any of those ↑ books.
  23. I am not shy.
  24. I am a bad judge a character.
  25. I love the snow.


KissinBlueKaren is a place about my reads, mostly. I like to talk about books because reading is my passion. I want to be a diverse reader and not get stuck on one genre or another. My goal is not to read more books, but to be more well read then I was before.

I tend to switch genres a lot, so expect variety here. I read mostly fiction. Here on KissinBlueKaren you will find some self-help(ish), cooking, science and memoir non-fiction books as well. This blog features reviews of Adult, YA, NA, Dystopia, Paranormal, Horror, Women’s Fiction, Sci-Fi, Romance and Thrillers.

My favorite reads are the ones that stay with me. The reads that make me question my reality or/and give good feels. I never know where they are going to come from, so I keep picking things hoping to be surprised. I love to engage with people and so leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by.

That’s it for now. I am sure I will be editing this soon, so check back for updates.

Edited 12/2/16
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