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The good folks over at Cal Exotics sent me the Silicone Butterfly Kiss this month as part of the Sexpert program. This is the silicone version of their world famous number one selling butterfly. Unfortunately, I hate this thing. I have heard all the rave reviews and I was really excited to get it. But this toy was so far from what I imagined, I am not even sure where to start.


Materials: Silicone (massager) & ABS (cap)

Dimensions: 7″ x 1.25″ (2.75″ insertable)


Silicone Butterfly Kiss

To be fair, let me mention the good points before I dissect this toy and tell you why I hate it. It is made of body safe silicone. Prior versions of the Butterfly Kiss were made of jelly or TPR, which are inferior materials to silicone. This version is a much highly quality material for about the same price as the original. The Butterfly Kiss is waterproof, which is always nice. If you have a low or shallow g-spot this might provide enough stimulation for you. The pop of the bulbous head might be just the thing for you. If you have a thin labia or a clitoris that protrudes (prior to stimulation), this toy might be a great fit. Those little antenna might be enough to send you over the edge. Also, it has a good price point at less than $30 retail.



This toy has two motors, one in the shaft and one on the butterfly shaped clitoral portion. I had no idea this thing had two motors. It takes 2 AAA batteries for power. Granted, that won’t give me a lot of power, but the silicone of this toy absorbs so much of the vibrations on the butterfly it was ridiculous. I have an expectation that a rabbit style vibe will deliver vibrations (or something) to the clitoris, this vibe didn’t.

The butterfly was clearly meant to deliver something awesome. The wings of this butterfly are meant to rest on either side of the labia while the antenna tickle the clitoris. The body of this butterfly could provide deep rumbly vibes when pressure is applied, but it doesn’t. The antenna are really flimsy and don’t carry vibrations like they should. I tried applying pressure with the butterfly on my clitoris but it has a dip between the wings, where the body is, that just doesn’t allow me to get good pressure there either. My best bet was to totally smash this thing into my labia and pray the vibrations would travel to my clitoris. I found this vibe’s butterfly really frustrating. I am about medium, if you are a bigger girl, (or have bigger labia) forget getting this vibe to hit the clitoris. It can’t. Also, the butterfly portion has visible imperfections in the mold. It looked cheap.

Silicone Butterfly Kiss

Silicone Butterfly Kiss


It looks kinda cute. I could see what they were going for. The shaft is short with a bulbous head. The shaft vibrates. Lots of woman love a bulbous head that provides a pop. Some may love a bulbous head with vibrations like the ones the Silicone Butterfly Kiss provides. I wanted more. I wanted the bulbous head to hit my g-spot. I looked at this toy and thought that the head is meant to provide pressure and vibrations on the g-spot. The problem is that it doesn’t. For me at least. It doesn’t provide good pressure for g-spot. I’m sorry, but it has to be said. This thing couldn’t possibly hit my g-spot right. I need pressure. I need firm pressure for g-spot orgasms. The thin shaft is just too flimsy.

The base unscrews to reveal the battery compartment. On the very bottom of the toy is the one button, which is used to turn it on and scroll through the speeds. The button makes an audible click when it is depressed. It has three speeds. Just three. Loud, louder, and loudest. The noise this toy emitted was distracting. I absolutely hate loud toys. A loud toy that can’t distract me enough with it’s vibrations is unforgivable. This toy can be heard through a closed door, down the hallway, into the next room when it is on high. Use it when you are alone, or with a partner who doesn’t mind the noise.

The vibrations on the shaft were actually pretty powerful. The saving grace with this toy is that the shaft’s bulbous head could be used to stimulate the clitoris or it could be used internally, whichever you prefer. I wish this thing would have worked for me, but it didn’t.


The Silicone Butterfly Kiss can be cleaned with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. It is waterproof so at least clean-up is easy. If you decide to try this toy, use only water-based lubrication. The box it came in said Silicone Butterfly Kiss and had a big picture of the toy. It is not very discreet but it is small enough to be used for storage. The Silicone Butterfly Kiss can be purchased at HedoVibes.

Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  1. VaNessa says:

    Oh wow, I bought the TPR version as an experiment in rabbit vibes, and I too was disappointed. Sorry to hear this version wasn’t fun either, but at least it’s a material you can sterilize- I can’t even give mine away!

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