Cheeky Spanking Stories

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Spanking is something I enjoy. The sting of pain followed by the realization that I really needed that. The pain brings immediate release. This book explores spanking and some of the relationships it takes place in. It is cheeky and isn’t afraid of sexuality. It dominates and submits for the reader. It is a wild ride.

The book Cheeky Spanking Stories is a collection of 23 erotic spanking tales. It is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The authors in this book include: Lucy Felthouse, Cecilia Duvalle, Craig J. Sorensen, Donna George Storey, Kiki DeLovely, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Giselle Renarde, J. Sinclaire, Elizabeth Silver, Kate Dominic, Elizabeth Coldwell, Maggie Morton, Evan Mora, Jade Melisande, Andrea Dale, Dorothy Freed, Cynthia Rayne, Shanna Germain, Thomas S. Roche, Adele Haze, Lucy Hughes, Isabelle Gray, and Rachel Kramer Bussel.


This book describes exactly why spanking is my kink. Starting with the story The Perfect Domme by Lucy Felthouse. Mia forgot her roommate had her brother stay with them. Wearing her SPANK ME hot pants opens the door for him to prove his skills. The stories follow the curve and keeps it sexy all the way to the last story Marks by Rachel Kramer Bussel about a couple of spanking kinksters at an adult resort trying to be discreet.

This book explores hot spanking with no regard to sexual orientation. There are a few hot stories about men submitting to their lovers (both male and female), and women dominating other women. My absolute favorite story was about anonymous spanking. Butch Girls Don’t Cry by Giselle Renarde was steamy hot. Used, abused, and absolutely willing, this girl gets more than she set out for when she ventures out of her apartment. The Assignment by Donna George Storey is another hot number. A freelance author digs into interviewing a pay-for-play spank daddy for an article. She discovers why spanking isn’t such a bad thing, especially when the Dom is an expert.

This book was hot I highly recommend it! Cheeky Spanking Stories can be purchased here and here.

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  1. fire says:

    ooooo sounds like fun! Can’t wait until I find some room on a bookshelf.

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