Happy Rabbit, No Not Really

Happy Rabbit


Lovehoney send me a Lovehoney Happy Rabbit for review. It came in a very nice package and boasted being powerful, rechargeable, splash-proof, and quiet. I was really excited about it, but the toy fell way short of my expectations. I didn’t like this toy, not at all.

Materials: Silicone & ABS Plastic

Dimensions: 9.5″ x 2″ (5.5″ insertable)


Happy Rabbit

I am sure they had great intentions. I just wonder who they had in mind when they made this item. This traditional rabbit style vibe has a cute little face on the clitoral shaft and long (1″) skinny ears. The ears are flimsy. There is a clitoris sized gap between the ears and for the life of me, I could not get this thing to stimulate me. The whole clitoral shaft is almost too firm to bend and the angle is wrong for since it ore like stabs at my clitoris, which makes the ears bend uselessly. My clitoris may be picky, but I doubt most women will like the angle this toy has. The clitoral shaft vibrates too which should help the ears apply stimulation, but it doesn’t transfer well. I think the clitoral shaft was a waste, since it could have been better had the ears been a bit more rigid or shorter and closer to the vibrations.

Happy Rabbit

The shaft vibrates, and that is nice but the shape is kinda boring. This rabbit is made of great materials. The size is just enough girth to satisfy. The shaft feels hallow but firm and can bend. I just didn’t know what to do with the vibrating shaft. I don’t really want a vibrating shaft if it doesn’t hit my g-spot directly. The shape does nothing for me. The shaft has a slightly bulbous end and a slight curve. The smooth texture of this vibe did nothing to stimulate beyond penetration. I couldn’t quite get this vibe in deep enough to get the clitoral arm in direct contact with me. Even though I know 5.5″ doesn’t sound that big, the clitoral arm is just too short to reach.

Happy RabbitHappy Rabbit

I am sad to tell you that those are not the only problems with this rabbit, it is not really easy to use. I have played with rabbit at least half a dozen times and I still had to look up how to make the controls go for this review. It has a two button interface. The buttons are actually in the shape of and explanation point, which is kind of cute. The cuteness ends there though. The top button turns it on and scrolls through the 5 patterns. The bottom button turns on the clitoral arm and scrolls through the 3 speeds. The speeds are not that strong though. To turn it off it says to press and hold down each button. I swear this doesn’t work for me. I will hold them down for at least a count of five, both of them at the same time, and nothing. Then when I hold one button down, after getting extremely frustrated, it will turn off. I haven’t figured out why my toy is like that. If I just hold down a button for five-ten seconds it doesn’t turn off, only after I get frustrated with it. It could be a short or something. I don’t really care though, I just want a toy that shuts off when I tell I to.

Happy Rabbit

The Lovehoney Happy Rabbit recharges. The first time it says to charge it for 6 hours and that will give you 2 hours of uninterrupted play. The charging port is located on the back of the base. The light next to the port glows red when it is charging and green when it has a full charge. The port has a splash-proof cover to keep the motor safe.

Happy Rabbit

Like I said the packaging for this toy was deluxe. It came with a paper slip sleeve over a black box with a faint Lovehoney logo and the words ‘get happy’ on it. The box is nice and could be used for storage. I have found uses for it. Inside the box I found the toy in a plastic cutout with the charger, a small book of instructions, and the a black drawstring storage pouch. The packaging is discreet once you take the slip sleeve off.

Happy rabbit

In conclusion, I would not recommend this vibe. It has far too many shortcomings for the price. I should also mention that Lovehoney has an excellent 100 day return policy. That means you will never be stuck with a toy that you don’t like. Read more about it here.

Thanks to Lovehoney for allowing me to review this vibe.



Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


  1. David P says:

    We nearly bought this the other day and decided on something else. I’m glad we avoided it after all.

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  5. Lizzie says:

    I tried out the G-Spot Happy Rabbit had an almost identical problem with the ears. The tips kept poking me at the apex of my outer labia (far above the clitoris) and it was actually quite uncomfortable. It’s now languishing in a box under the bed …
    Lizzie would like you read..An erotica blurb in pictures: Flight to Oblivion – Captain Chris FeltonMy Profile

  6. OH I hate when a toy falls short of what I hope it will do. I have never really like rabbits since I paid over 100 bucks for my first one and got 1 use out of it. Granted it gave me an orgasm that caused its destruction when certain anatomy clamped down and stripped the gears.. ahem..
    Twisted Angel would like you read..Beating heart be quiet he’ll hear youMy Profile

  7. Sunnie says:

    Thats too bad and surprising! IT looks cute enough, maybe they put all the money/research into the box! And that would be frustrating for it not to shut off, especially if a kid came in and its making all kinds of noise in my underwear drawer! (Isnt that where all moms hid their toys?!)

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