What’s Your Average?


I saw a post on Facebook that got me thinking. A couple was saying they had only been with four couples after two years in the lifestyle. It got me wondering how many we have been with. I don’t really keep track of how many, but it made me curious enough to try and figure it out.

Right away Miguel claimed that we average less than one a month. I counted 44 months in the lifestyle. We painstakingly tried to recall all the couples we have enjoyed since we got into the lifestyle. The conversation was pretty funny. I don’t remember everyone’s names. Miguel actually remembered most of their names. I remember stupid details like “that couple with all the movies” or “that couple with the guy with the big tattoo.” (Hey sport fuckers, just to be clear, it is not a competition!)

We only counted couples and not single people. (I doubt either of us could really remember all the singles, there are quite a few.) We counted full and soft swaps. I wonder if our average looks like other people’s average in the lifestyle. Miguel was actually right that our number averages out to one a month.

Our average is one a month. Is that really average? I know some couples must be getting a better average than that. I am actually really surprised the number was not much larger. I can remember months with one or two hook-ups a week. Then again there are months when we didn’t play with anyone but each other. How often do average swingers play?

But really, how many couples have you played with? I bet your number, or average, has a lot to do with how picky you are, the places or sites you use to meet people, and how sexually aggressive you are as a couple.


  1. Michael says:

    We have enjoyed a very active lifestyle the past 6 months. Most of the couples we are with become repeat offenders. We generally like most people and find that we enjoy it most with other laid back friendly people who like to share each other. We are at 10 couples with many repeats in these last 6 and hoping to add another 10 in the next 6 months! We love variety but especially those who really enjoy good hard all night fucking. We do have a lot of free time and a nice boat for entertaining on. Hit us up. Karen, Miguel looking forward to more good times soon.

  2. Mrs. AP and I have met 4 men — one at Eyz — for dating, sex, or both in the past 18 months. Our schedules make dating difficult sometimes, but in the current case of Our Crush that difficulty is well worth overcoming. As for couples together, we don’t have any on our tally sheet. We just don’t swing that way.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  3. H.H. says:

    We’ve been a 1/2 open relationship for about two years now and Lo’s been with a few gals and more guys. (Can’t really keep count, but I’d say an average of 1 person every couple of months, except, when we’re on vacation. Then the numbers are anyone’s guest.)
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  4. yeah we don’t have that many. Ours were a tight group of select friends. of course we live in a small town so the odds of finding a club or event are nearly impossible
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  5. Hubman says:

    We’re at 20 couples or so in 4 years, so a new couple once every 2 or 3 months. We are picky, so there are couples we could have swapped with but chose not too. For us, and for numerous other couples we’ve talked with, another reason may be deliberate breaks from swinging- for a great variety of reasons, couples may choose to take a break from swinging that have nothing to do with swinging per se. Sometimes, other things in life are more important than finding a couple to play with.
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