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I am a bit shocked about not winning the $550 million dollar powerball last week. You too?! WTF? I saw that some guy on the East Coast might be holding the winning ticket. He checked it on is way to work at a convenience store. Why would you go to work after winning that much money? I don’t think I would. I would be so distracted about all the ways that I think having cooler stuff is gonna make me more happy… Then again, I am really just guessing. Who really knows what they would do if they suddenly had that much money? I am sure every powerball ticket holder had at least a loose plan and a bit of hope. I don’t think I will ever really know. It is fun to dream about it. I know money can’t really buy happiness. But…

Miguel bought us a new bed. We had our bed less than five years and it was already giving us back pain. The new bed is memory foam which makes for a weird sleep experience. I woke up a few times and rolled over to discover that my body impression was still in the bed. This is gonna take some getting used-to. I have heard these beds are good for sex, I guess I’ll let you know… We did go out to the club this weekend. It was a really fun night. This past weekend was another Swinger Speed Dating night with my friend Rebecca Ammon at the club. We met a few new couples and partied with some good friends.¬†We ended up only hooking up with each other but it was still a really great night.

I starting my new job. I hate and love changes. I am just hoping for a smooth transition. We had a great weekend with the kids. We took them to see the Santa parade and then to the city festival. I feel pretty content with the way things are going here. I feel like I am just running out of time. Like it is slipping away. I started Christmas shopping so that might be the source of my angst. The clock is ticking….

Speaking of changes, I was hoping to put a Christmas shopping guide together for those of you looking for sexy gifts. I try to stay out of the whole consumerism loop, cause I really don’t want to get all wrapped up in that muck. I do advertise though to try to make enough money to keep this blog from costing me and I have definitely felt the impact of something I have tried and failed to ignore. I like sex toys. I think they make a great gift because it shows you care. Last year I put a list together naughty toys. A year makes a big difference, almost none of those toys made my list. I am only gonna give you my list of absolute favorites. Keep in mind that I have over 100 toys in my collection, these are the toys I love and use the most often.

Clitoral Toys- I have a love for waterproof toys that travel well. The quieter the better.

Rabbits- Rabbits are great for dual stimulation. I have a few favorites.

Cock Rings- The right ring can prolong orgasm (for him) and add pleasure.

Wands- These are a great investment.

  • Hitachi (I haven’t reviewed this yet either, but it is a sex toy every girl should have)
  • Transcend Flexing Massager
  • Smart Wand (I have heard the large is better, I liked the medium enough to recommend it)

Dildos- Just the ones I love the most!

Other stuff that I use a lot.

If you decide to get something using one of the links in my reviews or one of the links on the right, I would be truly grateful. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Matt Serl says:

    Great list of possible presents for my loved one!!!!!

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