Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am reflecting a bit today, as I am sure some of you are too. I am pretty lucky, no work today for me. I don’t cook. I haven’t made turkey for my family for thirteen years. I was somehow able to make a whole thanksgiving spread that year, with the help of vodka. I don’t remember much from that dinner. We have skated by for years letting someone else do the cooking. This year no one came to my aid, dammit! We obtained a 13 lb frozen turkey. I got home late from work last night and went straight to work on our turkey. I don’t really know what I am doing. I found the neck and after about an hour of poking around I located the giblets. I stuffed the stupid turkey this morning with an onion, carrots, lemon, orange, and any spices I could find that seemed appropriate. Miguel got a pic of me working in the kitchen. I could kill him for posting it on facebook. A slew of people tried to tell exactly how make the turkey awesome. I took some notes, but cooking bores me and I lose interest. This year the turkey may not turn out right, at least I tried.

Miguel is cleaning/organizing room by room. It is a bit entertaining to watch him try to motivate the kids. I am still in my pajamas. No work today. This is my last week. Last night was my last night at my job. I was gonna try to work on Friday too, but after last night’s hell, I completely lost interest. I start my new job the first week of December. My Mom is among the less fortunate and will be working her retail job today. Be nice to those people if you do some shopping today. I have done my time working retail, I am counting my blessings that I don’t have to work this year. My big plans for the day involve trimming the tree with the kids and messing up some turkey. We might go out later, I don’t know what the plans are. Now that I don’t have that stupid job I hope to be blogging more about our adventures. I hope to be having some more adventures.

I am so deeply grateful for my life with Miguel and the health of my children.

My heart is full. I got everything I need right here.


  1. Ben says:

    You are awesome, cooking or not! Happy Thanksgiving and Thank you for giving people a glimpse into the real life of swingers, it opened our eyes and makes life more enjoyable with each post you put out!

  2. Raine says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, relax & enjoy!

  3. Joyce C. says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Make sure you do some basting!!!! The turkey that is silly! :)
    Joyce C. would like you read..Hello Again!! Here’s Some Kinks That Turn Me On!!My Profile

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