The Original Wild G Vibe


The Original Wild G Vibe is California Exotics #1 selling G. It is a dual stimulation vibrator meant for g-spot and clitoral stimulation. It is large and girthy promising a full feeling on it’s rotating shaft, along with vibrating clitoral stimulation. Unfortunately, the clitoral arm is flimsy and does not give enough pressure to adequately satisfy my clitoral needs. On the flip side, the rotating head gyrated my g-spot in a way that I really loved. The Wild G was a win for me and has something to offer almost every woman.

Materials: TPE and Abs Plastic

Dimensions: main shaft 10″ x 1.75″ (5″ insertable), clitoral arm 3″

The Original Wild G Vibe has rotating beads that spin around and add to stimulation right at the level of my PC muscles when this vibe is inserted. The head of this vibe is rounded but girthy enough to require the use of lubrication for insertion. The shaft has a slight curve which lends even more g-spot stimulation when it rotates around. The material of the main shaft and clitoral arm is TPE and the battery compartment and control panel is plastic. TPE is compatible with silicone or water-based lubrication. This vibe runs on 3 AA batteries, the plastic cap screws off very easily and the battery compartment comes out for convenience.

The Original Wild G is easy to use and has a 5 button interface which includes a dedicated on/off button. It has up and down arrows on the buttons to increase or decrease vibration or rotation speed. It has three levels of vibration and three speeds of rotation. The beads are what rotate and the shaft bends ever so slightly bumping into my g-spot in the most delicious way. There are also three LED lights above both of the rows of buttons so you can see which level you have it on.


The beads don’t jam when I clinch them tight during orgasm and the shaft doesn’t stop rotating or “whine” like I have seen some other rabbit do when clenched.

The volume of this toy is minimal, but still loud enough for me not to call it really discreet. It is quieter than most rabbits I have tried, (with the exception of luxury vibes which are almost silent). The Original G vibe will be heard across the room, but can easily be drowned out with some steady background noise. Even a small fan might cover the noise of this vibe up, especially once it is inserted. Using only the clitoral shaft makes this toy a bit quieter as well, but then you miss out on the gently bumping of the g-spot that makes this toy so great. The original Wild G was able to hit my g-spot just right, and my g-spot is pretty high up.


The problem I found is that this vibe’s clitoral arm is pretty flimsy. It takes almost no effort to push this arm out of the way. The arm features three nubs on the inside, which are suppose to add stimulation to the clitoris and labia. The nub on the end would be really brilliant and flap on my clitoris making orgasm inevitable if only it didn’t move out of the way with the slightest bit of pressure. I tried just holding the clitoral arm where I wanted it, but this is not something I expected to be doing with a rabbit. The clitoral arm has a full sized bullet inside of it. For me the bullet doesn’t work without pressure. I didn’t like having to hold the arm where I wanted it. It was really the only way I could make this toy work for me though. The only thing holding the clitoral arm in place is the flexible TPE and the wires connecting the bullet to the main shaft. Too bad really, this vibe would have fared so much better with a more ridged clitoral shaft.

The original Wild G is waterproof for easy clean up. TPE can be cleaned with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. The packaging for this toy was a plastic clamshell with a paper insert describing the toy inside. It is not discreet at all. I store this toy in a plastic bag away from my other toys, since some materials do not play well with others.











I liked this vibe for it’s g-spot curve and minimal noise. I also loved that it is waterproof. I am pissed about the clitoral arm. The beauty of a rabbit is that it is designed to stimulated my clitoris and (hopefully) my g-spot at the same time. The fact that I had to hold the clitoral arm to create pressure there kinda sucked, but I am a spoiled customer. Some women may find the buzzy, flimsy clitoral arm is just enough stimulation, but I was disappointed. The g-spot bend may not be enough for some woman. So, although this g-spot bend worked for me, I doubt it will for every woman.  I was able to orgasm with this toy, over and over again. This rabbit won me over with the g-spot bend. The vibrations from the bullet are pretty powerful on their own, just not quite powerful enough for my spoiled clitoris. I think most woman will find this toy has plenty to offer.

The Original Wild G retails at $77.99

Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product from California Exotics free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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