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Pure Wand

I have been wanting a Pure Wand for a long time. My love for clitoral vibrations has kept me away from this toy. I was thinking maybe I wouldn’t love it. I was wrong. For any girl with a g-spot, I recommend the Pure Wand.

Materials: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 8″ x 1.5″ (1″ on the smaller end)

Weighing in just over 1.5lbs, the the Pure Wand was originally intended for p-spot play. I am sure this toy has lots to offer the p-spot. The different sized ends means you can use this toy for a variety of play: thrusting, p-spot, and g-spot. I was skeptical on how great it would actually feel for me. This heavy chunk of metal has a bit of learning curve. I was patient while testing it. I tried a few different positions and then OMG! Pure Wand hits my g-spot like no other toy can.

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The Pure Wand is just genius. I doubt any toy on the market can rival what this toy does for my g-spot. The Pure Wand is not something I reach for to quickly get me off, it is a toy I use when I want a drawn out session of sensation. I prefer the smaller end for g-spot thrusting, it actually mimics what Miguel can do with hands. With the Pure Wand I can control the tempo, strength, size of the pressure applied to my g-spot. For a larger thrusting sensation I love the larger end and the way it feels on my vaginal entrance. Also, the material of this toy is great for temperature play. Even at room temperature the Pure Wand feels cool. Put it in hot or cold water for extra sensation. When I combine this toy with a clitoral toy it is awkward. The weight alone is a bit awkward, but oh so worth it! I squirted the first time I used it, and I never squirt so that should give some sort of idea of how amazing this toy is. The combination of correct g-spot pleasure and clitoral stimulation (from any clitoral toy) is my idea of heaven.

The Pure Wand is a large heavy toy. The curve is actually a full 10″. The steel is smooth and seamless, except for a small spot in the middle on the inner side of the curve where the name njoy is embossed. It is easy to clean with soap and water, boiled, cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, or placed in the dishwasher. Stainless Steel is compatible with just about any lubricant. The Pure Wand came packaged in a really nice black box with a white paper sleeve on it. The outside is non-descriptive and discreet with only the word njoy on it written in silver. Inside the box, I found a small booklet about njoy products and care and maintenance of my Pure Wand. The Pure Wand is a toy designed to last a very long time.

I fretted for a long time over the price of this toy. It retails at over $100. Could a toy with no motor really be worth that much? I poured over the reviews of this toy, looking for the bad and the good. I am so glad I went ahead with purchasing this toy for myself. It provides a sensation I have not experienced with any other toy. I have not regretted purchasing the Pure Wand for myself, not one little bit.

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