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I have been so curious about this toy since I first laid eyes on it. What would it feel like to have the Sqweel 2 working on my anatomy? FunWares was kind enough to send me the Sqweel 2 for review, so I don’t have to wonder anymore. This toy has a really unique concept for delivering clitoral pleasure via 10 silicone tongue shaped flaps that spin for clitoral stimulation. The Sqweel 2 is an updated version of Lovehoney’s “best selling oral sex toy”. There have been some improvements to the look and function of this toy from the original.

Materials: Silicone wheel and ABS plastic machine

Dimensions: 5″ x 1″, Silicone tongues are about 1/2″ wide and 1″ long

The Sqweel 2 brings a whole new sensation to clitoral play. It not a vibrating toy, but rather the Sqweel 2 is designed to lash at the clitoris in a way that mimics oral sex, only harder and faster. The flaps of silicone on the Sqweel 2 are bendable but made of solid silicone. The Sqweel 2 can be used on other parts of the anatomy for a unique sensation on other erogenous zones. I preferred this toy for clitoral play. I was really surprised that I enjoyed the way it felt and the different modes it offered.

The device has a two button interface. The buttons on the Sqweel 2 glow blue when the toys is on. Hold down the bigger (▶) button to turn it on or off and to scroll through the three speeds. The smaller (()) button controls the functions. It has three functions: forward, backward and alternating between the two every two seconds.


The Sqweel 2 runs on three AAA batteries. The battery compartment is located at the base in the back of the toy. It only takes about 3 seconds of slight pressure on the big button to turn this thing on, so I recommend taking the batteries out completely for storage and travel.

The Sqweel 2 is composed of 4 parts: the base, the removable wheel, the removable side, and a clear dome. The side piece with the indentions comes completely off for easy cleaning of the wheel. The wheel is removeable and made of silicone with a plastic ring in the middle. The wheel can be cleaned with soap and water, or a sex toy cleaner. There are a few different interchangeable wheels available which are sold separately. It has a locking feature which keeps the side piece from coming off when this toy is in use. The button slides and displays an open or closed lock, so there is mistaking it. The side piece cannot be removed when in the locked position. The slide lock does not keep this toy from being turned on or off. The plastic dome keeps the toy clean when not in use making this toy easy to store and keeping it away from hair, lint, and dust.

My experience with the Sqweel 2 was pretty awesome. I have to admit that it takes some experimenting and lots of lubrication. Since the wheel is silicone I slathered every tongue individually with water-based lubrication. At first, I used this on my clitoris with the flaps lapping at my clitoris in the first setting. My impression of this toy was that it felt different. Then I clicked the button and the wheel reversed, this setting was much better for me. I also enjoyed the back and forth setting on this toy. I really liked the unique sensation this toy delivered. I liked building up to my orgasm using the low, medium, and high settings turning this toy on my clitoris to enjoy it from every possible angle. I loved the tongue lashing on my clitoris.

Cleaning this toy is pretty easy. Unlock the side piece and remove it, then take the wheel off and clean it. The device itself is only splash-proof so I wiped it down with a sex toy wipe.

The packaging for the Sqweel 2 was not discreet, at all. It was a bit informative. The toy is housed in plastic and covered with a paper box. The box isn’t really good for staorage since it takes away from the discreet look of the toy itself and takes too long to get into.

On the back of the box

The Sqweel 2 is discreet in its design, but not in volume. I found that I could leave this out out and no one would really guess what it actually was for. I needed a lot of background noise to drown out the sound. There is no good way to muffle the sound of this toy either. I can’t hold it tighter or cover it with my hand. It goes at its own volume, which is kinda loud, and there is nothing I can do about it. This will be heard across the room and through a closed door.

The buttons are awkwardly placed right where I want to hold this toy. I inadvertently ended up changing the speed/direction at times due to where my hand automatically rested when I held this toy. That small inconvenience aside, I found the flapping tongue sensation to be a real treat.

The sensation this toy delivers will probably not be pleasurable for everyone. This toy is really unique but it may be too much for some women. Between that and the fact that the toy is so very loud, I had to take a star off. I enjoy rough oral, so this toy was very well received. The good news is that this toy does have a low setting, and you can control the pressure that is applied. If you press too hard on the flaps as it spins, it stops. I hardly had trouble with this as I just turned it to a higher setting. Using lots of lubrication helps to alleviate some of the drag the silicone can have on the skin.

The Sqweel 2 is available in either black or white and has four different interchangeable wheels you can purchase for even more variety in clitoral play. Purchase the Sqweel 2 at FunWares for a very good price.



Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product from FunWares free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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