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SheVibe has graciously allowed me to host a giveaway for the Tantus Beginner C-Sling, a silicone cock sling. It is more of a cock sling instead or a cock ring due to the size and shape.

This C-Sling is 2″ in diameter and is specifically designed to stimulate the external prostate. It is not meant for her pleasure, this is a sling for him. The contoured tongue should point down and back toward the anus, to gently massage the perineum. Use the Tantus Beginner C-Sling solo for masturbation, or with a partner for added pleasure. To use, place a small amount of water-based lubricant on the inside of the sling and slide the sling around the testicles, then the penis. I reviewed this cock sling last December, it is still Miguel’s favorite thing in my collection.

I am elated to be able to this Beginner Tantus C-Sling to one of my readers. Tantus products are designed to last a long time. This sling can be wore an extended time since it doesn’t cut off blood flow like most cock rings do.

Please note- to get this c-sling on comfortably, it must go on before any sexual arousal. Although getting this sling on has a bit of a learning curve, I highly recommend this product. I told Miguel I was posting this as a giveaway and he immediately got upset. I had to explain to him that I was not giving “his” toy away and then he calmed down….he likes it that much.

Enter to win the Tantus Beginner C-Sling right here or get it for yourself right now at SheVibe.

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  1. Yes, I have tried a cockring with my partner and lovers before. I recently introduced a lover to them too, and he really enjoyed the experience.
    NymphomaniacNess would like you read..Sex Toys and FashionMy Profile

  2. candace swoveland says:

    no i have not tried 1

  3. dv8 says:

    I haven’t tried one before.

  4. SubReiSkyeM says:

    I have tried one before, by BASIC and we weren’t super-impressed. It was made of jelly though, so that might be why. I wrote a review for it on my blog, too.
    SubReiSkyeM would like you read..Quote: Nietzsche #4My Profile

  5. Pandwhora says:

    No we haven’t use a cock ring, we’ve played with my toys but he doesn’t have any his own. I’d love to win this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Chey says:

    I’ve never tried one before, but I’d certainly like to! :)

  7. Jessica says:

    I’d never heard of a cock sling until today, would love to surprise hubby with one!

  8. L P says:

    This looks like a lot of fun, I’d love to try this.

  9. I was sent a cock ring to review once. I used it with a toy it was okay I’d like to try one with an actual guy though
    Jessica ( frellathon ) would like you read..While I’m Still Myself audio book reviewMy Profile

  10. Shadow says:

    Nope, not yet.

  11. TheSinDoll says:

    The Husband and I have used cock rings in the past, but never a sling. I think the sling would be interesting to use! The Husband and I have had some laughs when it comes to what has and hasn’t worked in bed. This looks like something I’d like to try!
    TheSinDoll would like you read..DroolMy Profile

  12. Raine says:

    I’m not entering, I’m single and have no reason to enter when there are others who would love it. If I did have a partner I would definately want this for him-it’s sucha simple yet cool concept. guys I know really enjoy having that area stimulated for a much more intense orgasm. Great giveaway, and good luck everyone!

  13. Biku Toria says:

    I haven’t tried one yet, but I’d like to soon!

  14. Sunnie says:

    My husband and I have tried one, I think they are hot and sexy looking.

  15. i’ve tried a few types of cock rings but never a sling before. i’ve been looking at this exact one!
    storm elliott would like you read..Couples outfitsMy Profile

  16. Brian says:

    I have used both and love both. In fact they are probably my favorite toy for solo and partner play.

  17. David A says:

    We’ve used them without much success. Willing to try it again.

  18. Louise E. says:

    I’ve never tried, nor has hubby…but would love to give it a go!

  19. Steve E says:

    Never used one…but sounds like fun!

  20. My partner has this in stainless steel and it is by far his FAVORITE cockring. He calls it “Metal Viagra.” Would love to try this version :)

  21. AliMc says:

    Interesting prize. Never used a sling before, curious to how effective they are.
    AliMc would like you read..More Than Just A DildoMy Profile

  22. john patterson says:

    no, but hope I will

  23. macho99 says:

    The lelo tor 2. I’m not huge but it doesn’t fit around my cock and balls! :(
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  24. Perversebisex says:

    Tried a few, always a fun way to keep a long night going. Those that have a few little additions to them really add something fun to a night.

  25. No, I have never tried one of these before, but it looks fun. :)

  26. Julie says:

    I love the tantus soft c ring. Its simple but works great and is apparantly really comfortable. i would love to try the sling

  27. Carly says:

    I’m female, but I’ve never had a sexual situation that involved a cock ring.

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  29. vanessa martinez says:

    never tried one but I’m open to having my bf use one =)

  30. olive says:

    My boyfriend isn’t a huge fan of cock rings (the idea of blood restriction kind of freaks him out), but I think he would really love the sling if he tried it. We’ve tried a few rings but none of them were really all that fantastic. Tantus is my favorite company, though, so I have confidence that they could turn this ring situation around for us :)

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