Missing Him


I am missing my Miguel so much right now. Once a year he has to leave. This time seems more painful than I remember.

You know when they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. I really hate that saying but it is so true. I can’t even remember why I fought with him the Sunday before he left. I was angry and he was trying to enjoy just being together. I regret so much about that day. Now I can only think of the wonderful things about him. All the things we enjoyed doing together. The way he smells. The largeness of his chest and the warmth that it gives me. How nice it feels when he strokes my hair. The chills I would get when he pulled my hair so tight.

I have been remembering with much detail a night we had when I was so angry with him. I can’t remember why I was so mad but I remember I turned away from him in bed. After a few minutes he reached out and grabbed a fist full of my hair and tugged it so tight. He let go for a second or two and then pulled it again. He kept pulling my hair and I got chills all over my body. I think I started to moan softly with want. My anger melted away and all I felt was a need for his sex. That night our sex was so good.

This man that knows me well enough to know that pulling my hair will make me forget my anger. Him I trust to please me above all others.

I found this picture that he took just recently. Wanting to put some our new toys to use, one night he pulled out the lube and asked me to put my legs up. He pulled out the camera and this is what he did…

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  1. such a naughty picture! have u posted any pics before that are that naughty? love it! and yes absence does make the heart grow fonder. skype can be fun though.
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  2. Simone says:

    Very hot pic; VERY poignant words…

  3. Molly says:

    Sir and I spent 18 months living apart and in different time zones to add to that hell so I know just how hard it can be. I hope the time travels fast for you and in the meantime maybe you can give some of the toys a work out on your own. I know it is not quite the same….but maybe you can take some pictures to show him when he gets back

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  4. Mia says:

    Lovely picture!!! Hope the time passes quickly for you!!

    ~Mia~ xx
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  5. MrM says:

    That’s what happens when you know someone so well. They meld themselves into your psyche. It’s a horrible, wonderful feeling.

  6. We spent quite a significant portion of our relationship living apart. We know what it’s like to miss someone the way you miss Miguel. We also know how much it hurts to part on less-than-happy terms.

    Beautiful picture, though! What a gloriously erotic shot!
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  7. Phoenix says:

    Oh nothing like double the fun!
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  8. It is really hard to be apart. I am seeing m’Lady in just under a month – and it’s been nearly nine months since we were last in the flesh! *hugs*

    xx Dee
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