Namaste Harmony

The Namaste Harmony by California Exotics is a rechargeable clitoral toy. The Harmony has a familiar wave design that I love for clitoral stimulation. It is ergonomically designed to be comfortable in my hand. The Namaste is made of safe materials and provides strong vibrations.

Materials: ABS plastic with PU Coating and Silicone covered button.

Dimensions: 5″ x 2.25″

I was really impressed with the strong vibrations that the Namaste provided. I think I read somewhere that this vibe was not powerful, but that just isn’t accurate. The strongest vibrations can be felt at the tip, which makes it perfect for pin-point vibrations. The shape is also good for broad stimulation if you turn it top side down. There is a seam on the side that adds a bit of texture if you turn it on it’s side. I didn’t mess too much with that since the strongest vibrations are at the tip. This vibe recharges with a USB cord which can be plugged into the computer or into the wall (when you have the USB adapter). It has three levels of vibrations and then 5 variations of pulses, waves and escalations for 8 different functions. The silicone covered button has (8F) on it for 8 functions. Touch the button once to turn it on and then you can click through the 8 settings. Hold down the button for a few seconds to turn it off.










The white side of this vibe is magnetic and can come off for a somewhat quieter play session. When the white side is attached it vibrates against the plastic body of the toy. I am not sure what the reasoning is for this side to be detachable? Underneath the white cap it is solid black. The Harmony is not the loudest toy I own, but it is certainly not the quietest either. Even when the white side is not attached it still has an audible buzz that would be heard across the room, and maybe even through a closed door. The sound is somewhat diminished when pressure is applied but not enough to make this toy very discreet.

The Namaste Harmony is NOT waterproof. The white cap is the same velvety smooth PU coated plastic and may add a more seamless side to those that desire that flat surface for play, (too bad it adds so much volume!). Under the white cap is also where you find the USB charging port which is also covered by a silicone flap protector. The USB plug-in is pretty standard and may be the same one you use for other electronic devices, (camera, Bluetooth, phone). The button will light up purple when it is on, but doesn’t seem to indicate low charge or light up when it is charging. This could be a major problem if it turns off suddenly during play.


The toy didn’t come with any instructions other than what was on the box. The box says it take a 1.5 hour quick charge but it didn’t say how much play time it gives. The toy came charged and ready for play out of the box. The box was not very discreet but it did have lots of info about the toy. Inside the plastic clamshell the USB cord was tucked safely away. I liked the packaging of this toy. The whole line of Namaste toys by California Exotics comes in the same type of packaging.


The great things about this vibe: rechargeable, powerful, ergonomical design, body safe materials, great price point.

The bad things about this vibe: not waterproof, kinda loud, no instructions in the box, no indicator light for low charge.

I liked the Namaste harmony. It reminded me of my bCurious vibe, but it was much stronger. All the toys by cal Exotics come with a limited warranty, the details can be found here. I love to see a company stand behind their products. I found the Namaste Harmony to be a good rechargeable vibe for the price.

The Namaste Harmony can be purchased at HedoVibes.


Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

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