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Say Please is a collection of lesbian BDSM erotica. The Introduction is written by the editor and contributing author Sinclair Smith. This is her first full length anthology. She was a contributing author of one of my favorite erotica anthologies, Take Me There. This book is all about control, exchanges of power, sex and gender.

The 23 contributing authors include some names I am familiar with and some who are new to me. The stories include:

  • Baseball Cap by Miriam Zoila Perez
  • First Ride by Wendi Kali
  • A Slap in the Face by Rachel Kramer Bussel
  • Housewife by Gigi Frost
  • Call Me Sir by BB Rydell
  • All of Me by Amelia Thornton
  • Taking Direction by Vie La Guerre
  • Black Hanky by Sassafras Lowrey
  • Spanking Booth by Dusty Horn
  • The Cruelest Kind by Kiki DeLovely
  • Going the Distance by Elaine Miller
  • Spoiled by Shawna Elizabeth
  • Gentleman Caller by Sossity Chiricuzio
  • Three Weeks and Two Days by Meridith Guy
  • Counting Love by August InFlux
  • Purge by Maria See
  • A Public Spectacle by D.L. King
  • The Keys by Anna Watson
  • Coming of Age by Dilo Keith
  • Not Without Permission by Sinclair Sexsmith
  • Feathers Have Weight by Alysia Angel
  • Strong by Xan West
  • Unworthy As I Am by Elizabeth Thorne

As I think about the collection of stories a few surprised me with the direction it took. These are not the lesbians I would imagine. They are strong and strange in their gender bending. I was a bit surprised to find that almost every Dom in this book had a “cock” of some sort. There was very few Doms who made their subs serve them orally without it. Most of the characters in this book wield cocks and get off on pain (giving or receiving). In some stories the gender shifts enough that I forget what the players originally were. The story Strong had me so confused when she says “my submissive is both my girl and my boy”. I forgot what’s what and just tried to go with it. This story made me feel alienated. There is a place that gender doesn’t matter, I just don’t know how to get there no matter how sexy it seems.

Some of the stories were so very sexy. A Slap in the Face was a story that really appealed to me. Jade and Amber love to make a public spectacle of their power exchange. They push the limits by shocking a bar full of people with their almost “taboo” exchange of power. Hot sex on the edge of getting caught in an alley, I loved it!

Coming of Age was a trio of fun. Barely legal, a girl wants the attention of a Dom and the experience of playing. She wasn’t expecting the competition of the full-time sub already there. This story is told from the perspective of the Dom. I loved how this book told stories from both angles. Unworthy As I Am was written from the sub’s point of view. This story told of wanting to please by being submissive enough. The sub thinks back on the relationship and then she gets her hearts desire in this tale of becoming worthy.

My favorite tale was Not Without Permission. This story was almost equal in it’s exchange of power. This story was written from the Doms perspective but showed such care and consideration for the sub, I was completely smitten by the TPE. The writing in this suggests some one who knows how to Dom and doesn’t miss the small details of her sub’s reality. “You said I could…” She hesitates. “You said I could come tonight.” The timing is everything in this story.

This book is not for those looking for “lipstick lesbians” whipping each other into orgasms, (as fun as that sounds…). This book is about the exchange of power between women, women who take on the form of what ever they want in the relationship. From my perspective it was a bit out of my comfort zone in some places. Shouldn’t fantasy be that way though? Pushing us to imagine a world where anything can happen.

Say Please is published by Cleis Press and can be purchased here and here.

I received this product from Cleis Press free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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