I found this website a few weeks ago. It is a human sexuality map with all things sexual on it. The idea is that you can click it and save it to share and show off. I hate that it doesn’t save anything for later so I only listed things I want to try (purple pins) and things I tried and I liked (green pins). I think it would be pretty cool to have this map just hanging on the wall. It just wouldn’t match my Mattel decor though.


I would love to see your map, so feel free to leave the link as a comment.

Find out where I’ve journeyed
on the Map of Human Sexuality!
Or get your own here!



  1. Ok, we’re game. We only marked things we’ve done as a couple, and like you we only marked Likes and Want-to-Tries:

    BTW, if you really do want one of these to put on your wall, you can right click on your map when it’s up and select “Save As” to keep one to print. Your pins won’t show up, but you can put new pins in it once it’s on your wall or in a graphics program. Barring that, we saw something on the ToolBar box about being able to purchase the poster from them :D
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