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1. If your lover was turned on by forced feminization would you participate (giving or receiving)?

2. When you have sexual dreams or fantasies that are aggressive or cruel, does it worry you?

I don’t have dreams that are aggressive or cruel, so I can’t say for certain. I don’t know if I could be dominant. I would like to, I think about it a lot but it doesn’t seem to be something Miguel would be interested in. My fantasies are all about Miguel dominating and me enjoying the show.

3. Tell us your hottest filthiest fantasy, right now, in 100 words or less.
This is the fantasy about your desires that you probably never share, maybe they even go against your morals, or are societal taboos.

Right now my filthiest fantasy involves forced feminization. I would love to find a nice manly guy and dress him like a girl. Then make him suck Miguel’s cock while I watch. I would love to see Miguel fucking his face and him on his knees gagging on it. Then I want to watch this guy getting reamed anally by Miguel while I masturbate just out of reach. I fantasize about Miguel looking me in the eye while he fucks this guy. In my fantasy the guy cums while Miguel fucks him.

4. Which super hero would you like to have sex with? Why?
a. Aquaman
b. Superman
c. Wonder Woman
d. She-Ra

C. She-Ra was not violent enough and Aquaman is probably into water-sports. I don’t like the Clark Kent personality of Superman. I would pick the amazonian princess Wonder Woman. I bet she likes it rough!

5. Knowing there’s a hot young couple in the adjoining hotel room, would you press your ear against the wall to hear the action on the other side?

No. If I want porn I just go on the internet.

6. Do you think the lure to live out sexual fantasies or have sex frequently is amplified by technology? Briefly explain.

Technology has certainly added to my sex life and helped spawned some new fantasies. With the addition of sex toys I can get off with or without my lover. The internet has become a part of our sex lives as we meet lots of new couples on it and learn about social functions with like minded couples. I am sure it would be much harder to find people like us without the internet. Also, watching porn and reading about other people’s experiences has helped to broaden my scope of sexy when I see or read about something new that turns me on. Technology for me means I can have/get sex at the click of a mouse or button. I think it is amplified by technology, but I don’t think it is a bad thing.

Bonus: Describe your fantasy life in three (3) words.

Sexy rough exhibition


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  1. fire says:

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  2. Excellent answer to #6. As we believe that modern technology and sex go hand and hand, we’ve enjoyed reading others’ takes on this question.

    And Aquaman’s predilection for watersports made us laugh. :)
    Jack and Jill would like you read..TMI Tuesday: May 29, 2012 – It’s just a fantasyMy Profile

  3. i love Aquaman being into water sports, that’s hilarious and right on the money, it probably distracts him from his lame powers of talking to fish ;)

    htmit :)
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