Make Me Over Winner

The winner has been notified by e-mail. Just one for this popular prize, sorry. I wanted to give everyone of you this toy, it is just so cool.

The winner was Alanna. Thanks to everyone that entered and the onslaught of tweets on twitter helping to get the word out about this contest. BTW, Alanna won with a tweet…

But seriously, I may have to delete that option in the future. It makes me phone blow up since my twitter account is connected. I gotta think about it really, I feel popular for about a day and then I am totally over it. It is false popularity. Maybe next time the prize will be more exclusive, like you must follow me on SLS or something. Wouldn’t that be funny? I may end up sponsoring that contest myself!

I want to thank Babeland for sponsoring this cool contest. They have a LELO giveaway going right now if you sign-up for their newsletter via e-mail, plus you will save 10% on your purchase. Please help me to thank them for this cool contest by clicking the link…

One comment

  1. alanna says:

    Thank you! I just emailed you back (granted, it was a really… brief and excited email).

    Is there a way to disconnect your Twitter account from your phone? Maybe just temporarily?

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