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I got the Jopen Vr2 for review this month. The Vanity line from Jopen is something I have had my eyes on for a while now. The Vr2 is one of 12 of the luxury rechargeable silicone vibes from the Jopen Vanity line. The Vr2 is discreet, versatile, made with body safe silicone and comes with a large storage bag.

Materials: Silicone

Dimensions: 6.75”x 1.5”

The Vr2 has dual motors, one on each end with a dedicated control button. Each side delivers a different kind of vibration. The Vr2 is very easy to use with two one touch control buttons, one controlling each motor. The buttons are soft and silicone covered. A red LED light blinks while you have your finger on it and gets steady when you get to the highest setting. You have to hold the button down to change the setting or it will shut off. To turn it off just click the button once more. The vibration on this vibe is more buzzy than rumbly, unfortunately. The big end seems to deliver a stronger vibe, but only slightly stronger.

Since this vibe has dual motors and a unique shape, it has multiple uses. This vibe can be used for many erogenous zones throughout the body including: clitoris, nipples, neck, perineum, g-spot, anal rim, vaginal insertion. I do not recommend inserting this vibe anally since it has no flared base and could potentially get lost. The Vr2 worked perfect for me clitorally and as a g-spot toy. The smaller end of this vibe is flexible, so it has a bit of give when used for g-spot.

I found this vibe to be completely seamless. Since it is covered in silicone it has a slight bit of drag. I would recommend not using anything but water-based lubricant on this toy. A little bit of water-based lubricant and this toy gets nice and slick. The length makes this toy ideal for thrusting. I really had a hard time deciding which end I enjoyed more, they both had their advantages. It has a small charging port and comes with a charging cord. The volume of this toy is very low, and could be compareable to a cell-phone on vibrate.

The Vr2 is rechargeable and waterproof. I have fully submerged this toy and it stays dry inside. The volume of this toy makes it ideal for a bit of discreet bathroom play no matter how close your roomates are to the door. The charging port hole seals itself after you remove the cord. This means the toy can be submerged, so it could be used in the tub or pool. A 3 hour initial charge is required. The LED lights blink when it is charging and get white when it has a full charge. I have not needed to charge this toy since I charged it initailly. I have no idea how much play time it gets on a single charge and could not find that info anywhere. The control buttons offer a locking feature that is great for travel. Just hold down both of the buttons at once for about 4 seconds and they lock, to un-lock just hold them both down again until it blinks.

The packaging for the Vr2 was a bit less than I expected from a luxury toy of this price range. It is just a white box with a paper cut-out for the toy. It does come with a small insert, but it seems like more of an advertisement for the line than giving me info about this product in particuar. In fact the info sheet was wrong on where the charging port was.

Anyways, here is a pic of the packaging. This is both sides of the box, front and back.

I can say that at least the bag they offered was generously large. It is large enough for the toy and the charging port, and even large enough to carry some lube. The silicone of this product will pick up hair and lint so I highly recommend storing it into the box it came in or the pouch to keep it clean and lint free.

All the Jopen products come with a one year warranty and the option to purchase a ten year warranty, see details here. This toy is definitely made to last a long time, and it has displayed alot of power with only it’s initial charge. The care and maintenance for this toy is pretty easy. Since it is waterproof it can be cleaned with soap and water, a sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution.

I throughly enjoyed this vibe. I found lots of uses for it’s dual motors. I love that this vibe offers two unique sizes and a different feel on each side. This toy was great for g-spot, (did I say that already?). I just wanted to make sure I mention it again. I love a buzzy vibe for g-spot and this vibe delievered for me. My only complaint about this product is the price. I do not know if it is worth all of $146.99. The price on this vibe really makes it an un-fathomable purchase for me, since I just won’t spend more than $120 on any sex toy.

Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I was supplied this toy free of charge from Jopen in exchange for an un-biased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


  1. Scarlet Frankly says:

    Hi there KissinBlueKaren,

    Your review of the Jopen Vanity line is well informed and honest. My wife and I bought the V. 9 which is similarly shaped to, say, the nJoy 11 or Pleasure Wand. (Small g-spot targeting curled end and a much larger smooth round opposite end.) We both love it!
    As for rumbly vs. buzzy sensations for any Jopen owners that haven’t come across this yet, you can get some very nice pulsing and rumbling by turning on both motors at the same time. Vary the intensity of both to find that “resonant” point and the rumbling/pulsing will make you purr!!!

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  3. Edward says:

    Looks and seems very interesting and enjoyable…..

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  17. Joyce C says:

    MMMM! This does look and sound like a very fun toy!! thanks for the review!

  18. LinVenatoria says:

    Always was curious about the Jopens. I kinda want a rabbit from them

  19. Great review I was wanting the vr3 from this line till the new one came out the kegel exerciser who’s name I forget now draw a blank why don’t I anyway that’s now my coveted toy. I must save up for it.

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