Check and Balance

I just need to vent right now about the shit day I am having…I know it is almost over but fuck! I am still feeling the aftershocks of today. I started out today like every other week day and I got a speeding ticket on my way to work. It happens, I was not really surprised. I hardly ever drive the recommended speed posted on those signs. $206 it cost my this morning and I was a bit late for work.

I got to work and put my food in the fridge. It was going to be a busy day with 4 discharges and 1 new admit on my unit. I am still happy to have a job, like the novelty of this employment hasn’t wore off yet. So I was pretty excited still about the day. I go into the kitchen an hour later and a client is just sitting down to enjoy eating my lunch. Ooops! I can’t actually leave my unit once my shift starts, so that sucked. Then I let a client borrow my pen. I knew it was a mistake but how far could she go? She lost it in less than 10 mins. I spend half the day scanning rooms for my favorite Parker pen…it was found later, but not until after some aggravation and me looking like a complete psycho looking for a particular pen when every desk has 10 of them. I am a nurse, some of us (especially me) get crazy about our writing utensils. I just want my own shit, is that so fucking wrong….fuck! Over a stupid pen! Then my lighter went missing. I eventually found it, after a bit of “Is that my lighter, cause I had one the same color” and “Isn’t that a weird coincidence?”. Then the end of the day finally comes and I try to leave work at the end of my shift and have to come back, not once but twice. The first time I forgot to hand off a set of keys, the second time I realized I forgot my phone. I finally get to Miguel’s job to pick him up. I am thinking that I must be square by now with the universe right? Wrong. I spilled my morning coffee all over the passenger side seat on the way to get Miguel and then I had to sit in it on the way home.

Okay at this point I am really trying to assess my situation. Something wonderful must be about to happen and the universe is on some ridiculous method of checks and balances. This is how it works right? (Don’t disagree, just nod with me). I know things have to stay balanced but please don’t hit me with everything on the same day. I have to believe that even the bad shit happens to allow for the good times. I need a stiff drink and a great fuck to make it all better. Please at least let my home life be pleasant. The minute I walk in the door I am greeted by the fact that I need to call the plumber out…again….to fix the same problem we had over the weekend with our washer drainage backing up into the house.

Can I get a fucking break please?

Breath. This too shall pass. I got the drink at least, lets see if the universe allows any other kind of reprieve… I’ll just be sitting here waiting for the good news. I know it is coming.


  1. Michael says:

    Here’s some good news…you made it through a terrible day. You have people around that love you and want good things for you. You are ahead of many people and good things are coming your way soon!
    Michael would like you read..Walter RussellMy Profile

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