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Hey Lovelies! I got a busy day today. We are headed to a fetish club tonight but before all that fun happens I need to get my nails done. I hate trying to find something to wear to these events. I have to confess I have put on a few pounds recently. I am not feeling very sexy. Fetish gear is “required” for this event so that kinda sux.

(the next day)

I totally got interrupted trying to post this. We ended up not going to the fetish party, we went to Eyz Wide Shut instead. I wore this…






I friggin love this corset dress, although it is a bit hard to sit down in it, lol! We had a great time last night, but we didn’t stay long. We passed out a few cards, but we didn’t hook-up with anyone. We probably could have but we didn’t get much sleep last week and we both were tired pretty early. It sucks trying to catch up on sleep on the weekends, it cuts in to our party time.

I have a ton of reviews to do now. I have things from FunWares, Babeland, Eden Fantasys, Cleis Press, Erotic Toy Town and Big Teaze Toys…just waiting for me to review. I would be a bit more on top of these except, now I am working full-time. Not that I am complaining! I love my new job. I know that sounds weird, but I actually look forward to going to work everyday. I am a bit hesitant to give more details about what I do. I doubt any employer would be cool with me writing about my sexual exploits on the web.

I also love my hobby. I am so elated when I have packages come in. I actually have a little routine when I get new toys. I have a little staging area for toys I need to play with. It is great when those toys include Miguel’s help. The book reviews take a bit more time. I want to give each item a full review. I am not the type of person that will review something I haven’t actually read fully, or a toy I didn’t use. I got a toy back in December called a Fleshwrap, it is a toy meant to go around the scrotum and base of the cock. The thing is that Miguel’s testicles don’t dangle. He hates when I talk about this, but he has great tone on his nuts. They stay really close to his body. As a result he couldn’t manipulate this toy on his person. I wrote the company and admitted we couldn’t use it. I didn’t feel right trying to review something when we didn’t even play with. I know some other reviewers reviewed this using pics of it on dildos and such, but I didn’t want to go that route. I am not saying they were wrong, just that I didn’t want to do it.

Speaking of other reviewers….I hope you have had a chance to check out my blogroll. I love being a part of this community of reviewers on the web. I have felt snubbed by some of them. Some don’t agree with my reviews, or maybe it is the fact that I write smut about my sex life. We all have our opinion, I choose not to hate on somethings. I try to imagine what it would be like not reviewing sex toys. Am I some sort of amateur since I can still see the good in some toys that other people don’t like? I prefer to believe I am more crafty, and less of a sex toy snob than some of my peers. I have hated on some toys, but I think my reviews are more positive than some. That being said, I still read most of their reviews. Most of them have valid points, I just didn’t see it that way. Maybe I will get there some day, too. The truth is when I buy a sex toy, I want to hear the good and the bad. Still I gotta admit, it is pretty cool to review sex toys. I feel privileged to be part of the community of reviewers.

I am figuring out that I need to be more picky about certain companies to work with. One company I was working with had a $350 minimum for pay out for commission…ridiculous! Terrible when it was right there in the fine print. Sucky that I will never see the commission that I earned from that company. My time is so fucking limited right now, I need to be careful to only review for companies that have a number I can aspire to reach. In case you didn’t know it, I do make some commission when you click the links on my site and buy something from those companies. It is a small amount, but every little bit helps. Right now I only advertise for companies I believe in. I trust them to send you quality items, at good prices. All of them offer discreet shipping and billing.

OMG! I almost forgot to mention that I am soon to have some of my stories published. This is not really as big of a deal as I am making it out to be in my head, but…. Eden Lit is publishing a book and a story of mine is going to be in it! I am not sure which one, or if it is more than one even. I am so excited to be a part of it. Even though I get no royalties I hope the book is a big success! I will give you more details when I get them. I need to write blurb about myself “two or three sentences, summing up your whole life” for the About the Authors section… pressure there! What the heck and I am going to say?

Oh geez! I ramble on and on when I should be talking about toys. I guess I need to get back to my reviews. I just wanted to blog a little about my glamorous life as a sex toy reviewer/nurse/swinger/soon-to-be-published author.


  1. Trebchelle says:

    Loves the ramble! Congrats, chic!

  2. BlueKaren says:

    I am wearing a collar in that pic. I friggin love that collar! The ring is so big though that the leash I bought to match it couldn’t even fit the ring. It feels really nice on too.
    Thanks for liking my rambling blog Chic!

  3. Does he have a workout routine for his balls? hehe. gotta tease.

    are you wearing a collar in that pic? from what I can see it looks cool.

    and I like it when you “ramble”, it’s not rambling, it’s showing your a real person. I enjoy the variety in your blog.

    can’t wait to buy the book btw. CONGRATS!
    storm elliott would like you read..This blogger loves Eden! Bloggers join in!My Profile

  4. Great tone to his nuts. Seriously the best thing I’ve ever read. Yay for being a published author :)
    Jessica ( frellathon ) would like you read..In My MailboxMy Profile

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