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This is a collection of wild one night only encounters, collected and edited by Violet Blue. These stories are not about relationships, although some of them are about the one that got away. The one that almost got away, anyways. These stories read like good fantasy erotica, some are on the edge of dangerous. These are sex stories most of us only dream of.

There is a certain freedom in a One Night Only encounter. You can be the person in control, or be taken and not have to look your lust in the eyes the next day. These stories tell us of unbridled lust that is not fit for relationship and commitment. Think of that one person in your life (or fantasies) that you wish you had one night with….this book is a collection of those type of stories.

This book is 209 pages, published by Cleis Press. One Night Only includes an Introduction by the editor, Violet Blue, and an About the Authors and About The Editor section. The book contains 19 stories, most from familiar authors of erotica.

  • Seeing Stars ~by Alison Tyler
  • Chasing Fate: Exige ~by Kev Henley
  • City Girl ~by Emerald
  • Subway Subterfuge ~by May Deva
  • Performance Art ~by Cynthia Hamilton
  • Let Sleeping Dogs Come ~by Chrissie Bentley
  • Hole in Your Pocket ~by Donna George Storey
  • Maid Service ~by Jan Darby
  • Chasing Jared ~by Heidi Champa
  • Breathing ~by Daniel Burnell
  • Whore ~by D.L.King
  • Just a Little Trim ~by Kristina Wright
  • Three Pink Earthquakes ~by Thomas S. Roche
  • Belle de Soir ~by Austin Stevens
  • The Spoiled Brat ~by Lily K. Cho
  • An Audience of One ~by N.T. Morley
  • Chocolate Cake ~by I.G. Frederick
  • Tournament ~by Abby Abbot
  • Rock Star Rewards ~by Rachel Kramer Bussel

My favorite stories in this book featured a bit of risk, and one night only. Just a Little Trim actually takes place during the day in a Salon, with a man highly desired by the staff. The stylist gets really inventive with a bit of privacy in the shampoo area.

Subway Subterfuge takes place in a crowded subway over many days. Their eyes meet and the chase is on. This story is hot and full of the thrill of the chase and the mystery of a stranger. It doesn’t get to full blown sex part but their encounters are still so erotic…the story was hot!

My favorite story of One Night Only lust was written by D.L. King. A chance encounter with two strangers at a hotel bar, both attending different conventions. This story is so hot! “You’re one wet slut, aren’t you?” he said as he buried two fingers inside my vagina and assumed the same rhythm he was using to fuck my ass. “I can feel myself fucking you.” The best part is who these people actually are, he thinks she is a whore and he gets a big surprise.

I have to admit I didn’t love every single story. Chasing Fate: Exige about a guy in a stolen car who sees a girl he used to know, was a bit of a stretch. I think the lust for that story was too wrapped up in the type of car they were in and not enough about the sex. Hole in Your Pocket was another story I couldn’t quite get. To me it felt like the author assumed she knew my fantasy, about the one that got away. My fantasy doesn’t look like that, I wouldn’t have attended his wedding to someone else.

Most of the stories were pretty hot. Obviously, with this many authors One Night Only sex is not going to be the same for everyone. I enjoyed the variety and the way the characters were able to just be adventurous. Who knows, this book may even inspire you to have an erotic no-holds-barred encounter of your own!

You can get this book at Cleis Press for $14.95.

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I received this book from Cleis Press free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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