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Take Me There -Book Review

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Wow! I have never read a book without gender parameters. This collection of stories was well written and made me re-think all my definitions of gender. I am bi-sexual by most definitions. This book makes me feel very tame in my sexual exploits. The stories are written without reguard to gender and yet every story is about that exactly. I don’t know how to explain it. In some of the stories I lost track of the characters actual born-with sexual identity and just went with the flow. This book is sexy as hell and it gives a no-hold-barred sneak peek into real gender-bending erotica.

This book is a collection of 29 stories published by Cleis Press. The book is edited by Tristan Taormino. She is an award-winning author, columnist, editor, filmmaker and sex-educator. I have to admit right here that this is my first taste of her work, but it won’t be my last. I don’t know alot of these writers. I am so thankful for the About the Editor and the About the Authors section at the end of every Cleis Press book so I find out more about these sexy writers! The book stories include:

  • Cocksure by Gina De Vries
  • Now, Voyager by Rahne Alexander
  • Hold Up by Ivan Coyote
  • All-Girl Action by Helen Boyd
  • The Therapist and the Whore by Giselle Renarde
  • Shoes Are Meant to Get You Somewhere by Dean Scarborough
  • On Hys Knees by Evan Swafford
  • Tel Aviv by Jacques La Fargue
  • Taking the Toll  by Kiki DeLovely
  • Dixie Belle by Kate Bornstein
  • That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of by Toni Amato
  • Sea of Cortez by Sandra MacDonald
  • The Perfect Gentleman by Andrea Zanin
  • Payback’s A Bitch by S. Bear Bergman
  • Femme Fatigue by Anna Watson
  • Small Blue Thing by Julia Serano
  • The Visible Woman by Rachel K. Zall
  • Somebody’s Watching Me by Alicia E. Goranson
  • Punching Bag by Rachel Kramer Bussel
  • You Don’t Know Jack by Michael Hernandez
  • Canadian Slim by Shawna Virago
  • The Hitchhiker by Sinclair Sexsmith
  • Out on Loan by Arden Hill
  • From Fucktoy to Footstool by Zev
  • Self-Reflection by Tobi Hill-Meyer
  • Face Pack by Penelope Mansfield
  • The Boy the Beast Wants by Skian McGuire
  • The Man wit the Phoenix Tattoo by Laura Antoniou
  • Best Gifts in Small Boxes: A Christmas Story by Patrick Califia

As you can see by some of the titles, some of these stories involve BDSM. These stories include clothing fetishes, fisting and sex toys. The cocks and pussies in this story aren’t always what they seem. The characters range from humiliated to triumphant. I am in love with the places these stories took me. While not every story appealed to me, it was all eye-opening kink. Some of which I had never dreamed to fantasize about.

Some of the stories read like confessions. Payback’s A Bitch was so short and sweet, about a man who starts on the top and ends up at the bottom. Another short story I loved was Small Blue Thing I loved that the author wrote a story like poetry spilling a little secret to my very surprised eyes.

The Therapist and the Whore had a character so honest I was shocked at the ending. This story about a butch dyke who sees a whore (who just happens to have a dick) and lies to her therapist, well… it was just sexy as hell! The twisting of gender in this story was enough but the characters had depth and left me wanting to read more about Manny.

Fucktoy to Footstool is another awesome story about a sub who serves his male Dom. To peek into his thoughts as he serves his master, so dirty. His thoughts as he gives his master a handjob with dirty boxers on his head and clamps on all his sensitive spots, just what you would expect from a good sub.

I want to tell you about all the stories, but let me instead tell you to buy this book. I loved the variety and kink within it’s pages. I highly recommend this! If you have ever wondered what happens when there are not boundaries to sex and gender, this book tells some stories that may satisfy your curiosity.

product picture
Book by Tristan Taormino
Format: Flexi Cover
Publisher: Cleis Press Inc.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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