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This book is a compilation of 18 stories by various authors edited by Violet Blue about fantasies coming true. The book is published by Cleis Press and is only 193 pages. The book includes an Introduction written by Violet Blue and an About the Authors and an About the Editor. Most of these stories are quick reads. These stories include urine fetishes, BDSM, stranger sex, and more. They are all written with the hetero couple in mind, although a few feature bi-sexual fantasies coming true. The stories and authors include:

  • Smell As Sweet by Heidi Champa
  • Bad Influences by Devyn Christopher
  • Internet Cafe au Lay by Kayar Silkenvoice
  • Silver Screen by Portia Da Costa
  • The Contender by Jacqueline Applebee
  • Sacred Places by Sophie Mouette
  • Counterpane by Alison Tyler
  • Waisted by Angela Caperton
  • Underpants by K.D. Grace
  • Red by Piper Morgan
  • The Hotel by Anika Ray
  • Underware by Kay Jaybee
  • All Shaved Up by Liv Olsen
  • New Day, New Life by Andrea Dale
  • An Age Play by Regina Kammer
  • Are You Sure? by Alexander Liboiron
  • Jenna’s Gambit by Jeremy Edwards
  • The Female Gaze by Rachel Krammer Bussel

I have to admit I didn’t like some of these stories. Some of them didn’t give enough of a back story for me to get to know the characters. They were not all written as couple’s confessions on fantasy and that was more what I was expecting. Some of them were written about lover’s that merely wanted each other and enjoyed the same kink. The first few stories had me looking back at the introduction to figure out exactly what this book to meant to cover. It was hard to get into some of the stories.

Smell As Sweet was the story of a woman that discovers her boss’ naughty secret panty fetish. She decides to play along and is given a new pair of panties everyday. The story was hot, but not necessarily a “couple’s” fantasy, since it makes no mention of them actually being a couple or what kind of love lives either of them have.

Red is the result of a husband confessing his Little Red Riding Hood fantasy to his wife. It gets pretty heated when they take the fantasy to a secluded cabin and she acts it out for him.

Underware isn’t written from the couple’s perspective at all. It is the story of a woman who sells cosmetics and lingerie. She becomes the couple’s fantasy and they fully act it out to her delight and surprise. Although it was almost the least believable of all the stories, it was interesting to hear what the third person was feeling in the threesome.

I did enjoy some of them immensely. I am glad I read to the very end because The Female Gaze was a not to be missed couple’s fantasy story. This story is about a woman who helps her husband explore a male sex fantasy. It is more hers than his but he goes along without a complaint. It was very well written with enough details about the characters and situation for me to enjoy.

This book was a January 2012 Naked Reader Book Club selection. I didn’t like this book as much as some of the other books from Cleis Press, but it does have some very sexy writing, by very talented authors. I think this is more personal erotic snobbery on my part than actually bad writing or editing. This book was suppose to be all about couple’s fantasies, it could definitely be used for couple’s to open the door to sharing fantasies with each other. I know I have dropped hints at Miguel in quite a few Cleis Press books by saying “Read chapter such-and -such, I thought it was hot!” Some of these stories have fueled new fantasies for us.


The Naked Reader Book Club


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Book by Various Authors
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cleis Press Inc.
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  2. Sunnie says:

    This looks good, thanks for the honest review.

  3. I love the Naked Reader program and also Cleis Press who I admire greatly for publishing outside of the norm. I had to pause my naked reader reviews as I’m so behind gotta catch up and then I’ll be back in it.
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